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The official website of NFL | giants wide receiver Cruz said he has been 100 per cent | football New York giant Victor Victor Cruz took the season off in the middle of last season, which resulted in a reimbursement for the season, which has been recovering since then. The Victor season has been recovering. As a result of the good recovery, Cruz has not been placed in the list of physical reasons for the giant, and his training is increasing. Cruz took part in all training on Sunday and Monday night. He said in an interview with reporters, "I feel great. My knee has been restored to one hundred percent. Sunday's training is the longest physical training I've had in such a long time. Before that, the coaching team kept controlling my participation in the training sessions, and Sunday was the largest number of times I participated. Cruz continued to add: I feel very good. I got up this morning, no injury, no pain, no swelling, nothing, I think I've come back full of blood. ??????3????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? But the giants coach Tom Coughlin (Tom Coughlin) but in the words of Cruz reveals absence al cheap nfl jerseys free shipping l the preseason, he said: this (let Cruz pre-season) and there is not much need, he still need to step by step, he's step-by-step back to a good point, but his attitude is very good, not afraid of injuries. Our pre-season games brought him to let him participate in the warm-up before the game is also a reason, although he did not play, but at least on the sidelines, his spirit and thoughts into the game atmosphere, as for his next step we have to go slowly.with the Carolina Panthers wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin (Kelvin Benjamin) of the season, the team had to give rookie receiver German - Fenqiesi (Devin Funchess) more pressure, and the four star Panther quarterback Newton Kamm (Cam Newton) seems to have something to say. has learned that Newton has been trying to help Devon grow fast. Newton said: "he needs to learn to grow at a different pace. I will help him. I'm very confident about him. He will do it soon." German finished 2 times in the pre - season match against buffalo Bill and pushed 53 yards, but he was on the sidelines against the Miami dolphin. simply means that German will take a year to grow, and Newton's advice may help him but want to be the first of the league, that's not so simple.The white home shirt has four bold black stripes in front, and the two sleeves have black stripes. For the start of the new season, there is a V collar in the collar, and there is a Saint George portrait on the back of the neck of the neck - the club's guardian dragon. Black shorts, socks are white, this is the four striped shirt for the first time use many years later. The club's initial acronym SCCP (Sport Club Corinthians Paulista) can be seen on the back of the sock. Away Jersey is Jersey mirror version: home court with white stripes on black background.The official website of NFL | Payton - Manning - Chapter eleventh: the great | football team Author: Fang Ling, NFL Chinese columnist 's great team, this is a very difficult word to explain. A lot of people will think that the more stars, the better the team, after all, the great team is also a great player, but this is not right. A great team, have a good coach, a real leader has the ability of quarterback, and the role of a good group of players, like the new England patriots. In fact pony also have all of the above factors: Deng Ji - wise coach, Manning, Harrison, James, the great quarterback frency: outstanding player. , but if we sort the importance of these three factors, then the old pony will always be Manning, Harbin, Zhan, Fu et al. Second and Deng Ji's defensive team are the last. And compared to the four years of the three crown, really a great patriot, their ranking is always will be, Bailey Cheik 〉 〉 the role player. and the structure of the role players, the pony will be him, he, he, he, he, he, and him, and Bailey Cheik's Patriots will be them. until the beginning of the 2005 quarter, the pony has become a completely different team. Manning no longer stubbornly brushes data. James and Harrison will not always be a pioneer. In the light of its general trend, according to the circumstance, at some point, the pony pass offensive weapons like the same collective outbreak quickly cut The heavenly maids scatter blossoms., neutral, passing can be served, Harrison also became a wedding dress, draw fire to create opportunities for his teammates. The defensive team grew more and more toward Dungi's favorite feature, using cutting and escapement to change the game. The special service group is often bullied, but they always finish their tasks at the critical moment. The great team, it should be the way it is. a small story, the 2005 quarter of the sixth week of the Sunday night competition, the first festival of the first festival of the ram was 17 points, the attack group is anxious to be upset. A red area attack, Manning constantly change tactics, continuous use of three passes attack, are not completed, 3 points free kick to the end of the attack. After the end of Saturday, bear and Manning mumbled we should play some road attack, Jihuo Manning finally unbearable outbreak, pointing to the nose shouted hey Saturday! Well?? I had a fast pace attack, do you know? Once we have to hit the ball, you just have to protect it. Don't talk nonsense! Which know Saturday Manning win the red neck not to yield a step, coarse, tuomohengfei, until Glen came to settle disputes in arresting. although the mouth does not budge, but Manning was still willing to listen to good partner advice, then increased in the Red Pony rushed the ball proportion, a major reversal of shoudaoqinlai. Finally, Manning and Saturday.

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