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Drew Bracey (Drew Brees) was born in January 15, 1979 in Austen, Texas, USA (Austin, Texas). The height is 183 centimeters, the weight is 95 kilograms, the field quarterback is played for the NFL New Orleans saints. Bracey's career is very brilliant, and he is one of the top quarterback at NFL. Bracey played in Purdue University (Purdue University) in the university period. After spending a dull season, Bracey got the first chance in the second season. With his growth, Bracey became the team leader. Brisbane has the opportunity to participate in the 2000 NFL draft, but he chose to give up this opportunity, he went back to school and completed my studies. When Bracey graduated from Purdue University, he created ten major league names (Big Ten Conference), including the total number of passes (11792 yards), the number of passes (90), the total number of yards (12693 yards) and the number of successful passes (1026 times). Even more surprising is that in the September 25, 1999 Purdue University match against Northwestern University, Bracey had a 99 yard pass. After getting his bachelor's degree in industrial management, Bracey announced his participation in the 2001 NFL draft. In the 2001 draft, which was once considered must be selected in the first round of Bracey but has not been able to wait to read out his name, until the second round, Bracey was selected team of San Diego lightning. Bracey became the first quarterback of the lightning team in grade two. In the 2002 season, Bracey started 16 games, and led the lightning to win 8 wins and 8 losses. The start of the 2003 season made Bracey return to the bench. In the cheap nfl jerseys free shipping 2004 season, after the lightning team selected Philip Rivers (Philip Rivers), Bracey's main position seemed to be in danger. But Bracey managed to keep up with the pressure. In the 2004 season, he led the blitzkrieg to win the 12 season and 4 defeat in the regular season, and he entered the playoffs as the western United Nations champion. As a result of that season's excellent performance, Bracey's first career in the career bowl. After the end of the 2005 season, Bracey became a free player and he was not ready to return to the lightning team. But the lightning team finally gave Bracey a privileged player contract, which will be at least at the end of the season. Bracey maintained a high level in the 2005 season. Unfortunately, Bracey's injury in the last match against Denver Mustang in the regular season ended him in a season's battle. After the season, the lightning team gave Bracey a $50 million 5 - year contract. But in this contract, only a $2 million guarantee contract is available in the first year, and the rest of the contract depends largely on his performance. Bracey was dissatisfied with the contract, and the lightning team was the same.2016 regular season thirteenth week race day and night Panther 〉 @ hy 〉 〈 〈 broadcast address; in the past 5 seasons, the Carolina Panthers and the Seattle Seahawks have /1 months of December regular season against the League (19 wins and 5 losses, 79.2% winning percentage). This two NL team has played in the League of nations represented in the past three years, the super bowl, but only the Seahawks scored forty-eighth Super Bowl champion. At the same time, the two teams met in the playoffs for two consecutive years in the division series, the game would have been better to meet all the old and recent grudges. Seattle Seahawks currently 3 wins to lead the National League West difference, and locked the NL playoff, this will be their fifth consecutive trip to the playoffs. In last week's game against piracy, Russell Wilson had only 1 yards of pass data in the first half, and the game ended with a very embarrassing 38.8 pass score in November. After entering December in the home court of the "fat" is difficult to overcome, since entering the union after December 1st in Werwilson century link court made 12 wins 2 of the negative record of excellent (including playoffs). In December, the home of the big demon was well deserved. , and the Carolina Black Panther is also one of the December kings. In the past 18 games, in December /1 months, the Panthers took 16 of them, 509 points and 307 points. Last season, the league's most valuable player Kim - Newton give a perfect quarterback answer in the final 5 games: 15 touchdowns, only 1 interceptions and 119.4 pass score; by road rush scored 3 touchdowns. Almost helped the black leopard win the unbeaten performance of the regular season. It almost helped the black panther to win the fiftieth Super Bowl. This season, the black leopard is also likely to advance to the playoffs. broadcasting platform: Guangdong sports sina sports Tencent video PPTV music vision sports Iqiyi 100 view Ali sports NFL Chinese website commentator: Zhang Yunafter a season of struggle, the Super Bowl runner up Seattle Seahawks players is to overcome injuries at the primary goal of the offseason. Robert Turbin, a substitute, was recently selected for hip surgery. In the interview, Turbin revealed that the operation was successful and recovered well and would not affect his schedule of the new season. in the past few seasons, the Seahawks running back position was very optimistic about Kristin - Michael (Christine Michael), but the talented young ran Wei always failed to prove himself in the game. Tulbin, on the contrary, can always grasp the limited time to play. It is shown when Ma Sean Lynch (Marshawn Lynch) needs to rest, or when the team passes the ball. The last year at the age of 25, Turbin will enter the rookie contract next season, he hopes to seize the opportunity to stay in the sea. For Turbin, the primary goal is to catch up with the offseason training camp, if absent because of injury reasons, his position is likely to be replaced by Michael.The official website of NFL | Raiders want to rebuild | football running back with Murray to the season this season, the Oakland Raiders hope that they will win a little more this season. And at the moment, 1 - 11, they will face San Francisco's 49 - man team this Sunday. The Raiders also gradually focus on the upcoming off-season and free players to choose as their goal of reconstruction. The ground attack this season surprised, thought that in the offseason Maurice introduced Jones Drew (Maurice Jones-Drew) combined with the renewal of the Darren McFadden ground will give a boost, but the results of the two season just passable, no longer have the courage. But the Raiders' ground attack was not useless, and they also found the hope of the future - La Tevez - Murray (Latavius Murray). , in his only playing time, Murray scored 166 yards for the 14 time, 11.9 yards for the ball and 90 yards for a time, and 6 times to catch the ball 35 yards. They are also the biggest contributors to this season's only victory. He scored 112 yards and 2 times in the first quarter of the match against the Kansas chieftain, giving the attacking badly needed firepower and giving the team the hope of rebuilding. boss Toni (Tony Sparano) sparano in CSN Bay Area Network said in an interview: I appreciate Murray rushed the ball, but I only saw 14 red balls, I expect to see more red ball. , according to the analysis of professional rugby interview, Murray is regarded as a fulcrum for the future of the Raiders. There will be little chance for Mike Faden and Jones Drew to return to next season, leaving Murray and Reece Marcel Reece. They are likely to sign a veteran or sign a golden age star. With Derek - Carle as the team's future quarterback, the Raiders are sure to upgrade his weapons. Many of the simulations next year are expected to be the first choice for their Amari Cooper or Kevin White (Kevin White). The running back position might have introduced DeMarco - Murray (DeMarco Murray) and ray rice (Ray Rice) and Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson), or le Sean - Mccoy Trading (LeSean McCoy) or the signing of Mark Ingram (Mark Ingram). But in any case, Murray should be their future hope. Murray himself said: there is no doubt that I will show my strength. I'm ready to deal with the heavy responsibilities. I have no pressure.

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