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Philadelphia hawks and Washington red skin have locked up their quarterback. for a few hours Tuesday, the eagle and Sam Bradford (Sam Bradford) renewed a short-term contract. And red skin Kirk - Cousins (Kirk Cousins) was labeled by the team for non exclusive privileges, making other teams unable to pursue koxin. , an unnamed source said, Bradford's 2 year contract including the time of signing the full protection of $22 million. in the bet next season under new coach Doug under the leadership of Pedersen, the 28 year old Bradford can continue to progress and keep healthy. if Bradford can stay healthy, then a year later, he may get a long-term contract. If he can't stay healthy, the eagles will pay him $4 million bonus before Bradford will be laid off in March 2017, Bradford to pay the remaining 4 million guarantee amount, and bear him on the salary cap on 9 million 500 thousand money (money is not in the team personnel salary still occupy the salary cap). If cannot test Xinsida growth stage and red contract, so after the 2016 season will not owe red cousins salary. But in the current situation, to test Sibiao Xin privilege label, is also advantageous to the player. Cousins, a 27 year old, has a one-year contract worth about 19 million. If cheap nfl jerseys free shipping the contract is renewed in 2017, the red leather will pay 21 million 900 thousand dollars a year for an average of two years -- close to the highest annual salary of NFL of Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) 22 million. usually, the team seldom pays his highest salary when a player only plays the high performance of a season. Therefore, although the Red hope now and Starr into symplectic a multi-year contract, but Cousins and his team hope to wait, with the passage of time and the arrival of the contract privilege label, capital will become large. the two sides have ample time (before July 15th) to talk about a new contract. Cousins thought that a reasonable minimum price should be 44 million dollars Guarantee -- almost assuming that the red skin should give koxin plus the privilege tag again, the two years' expenditure of the team. even if the situation is the worst for Cousins himself, he will be the top 10 quarterback in the first 10 of the 2016 season. The next season, only emphasized Newton (Cam Newton) and Drew Bracey (Drew Brees) to earn money than cousins - two people will have 23 million and accounted for 20 million. Of course, given the details of the contract can not be completely known, we do not know how much salary next season - Sam Bradford. although other teams can use two first round to sign a contract with Cousins (plus a contract that cannot be matched by red leather), he has actually decided to stay in the 2016 season.the last game this Sunday is very important for the Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Vikings, and packers linebacker Jack ray - Mathews (Clay Matthews) feel the need to do to enhance the game. , the 6 professional bowl player thinks he needs to become more influential. He explained: "I need to find a way to make myself more influential on the court, which has nothing to do with my skill and the level of golf course. No matter whether I have 1 or 0 grappling in this game, I should be the most destructive one. " if Mathews had the last time he met the Vikings in Minnesota, he might be able to help the team win the crown of the north. A review of the twelfth week race, Mathews finished 6 grapple online after blocking Adrian Pidesen (Adrian Peterson) 2 times, let Pidesen the game only completed 13 times for 45 yards rushing performance.The official website of NFL | often cry at night DImax Achilles to talk about "love" | Rugby the last time we saw a letter to the Seahawks running back Fred Jackson, today we look at an article outside Demaryius Thomas took over the Mustang to pay tribute to his mother, published in Player s Tribune ("the great baseball player Derek Jeter founded, for the players to sound the new media platform). Thomas was born in December 1987. He was 1 m 91 tall and weighed 104 kilograms. In 2010, he was selected by the Mustang team in the first round of 22 place. It is the best foreign player in the league. We may only see the scenery on his presence, but he also has a little known and bitter history under the scene... to mother twisted cans are everywhere, and it was at that time that I began to feel bad. When I was playing in the yard when I was young, I could see empty cans everywhere, so when I was very young, I was wondering why people always drink so many soda drinks. in our hometown, the children always grow up very fast. So it didn't take long for me to figure out all this. Look at those white powder, those little holes that can be pulled away, and more, I noticed the familiar faces and their empty eyes. - what are the cans they use. our backyard has a small trumpet, people always get in and out there, and my mother and grandma don't often pass it. They always keep me away from the car. I have figured out that it was a little poison nest, and that grandma was running all this behind. But I pretend that I do not know, that it does not happen. but one night at the age of 11, I had a terrible dream. I felt terrible and felt something big. I said to my mother so. I was a good child of my mother. She had me at the age of 15, so we were not very different in age and could even be happy to play basketball together. We often play one to one in the backyard. I grew up in a much smaller environment than a lot of low income black areas. You can probably guess that drugs are everywhere, and all roads outside are dirt roads. My mother thought we could survive only by doing those (illegal) things at the time. but I have a bad premonition of , mom, I think there's a bad thing to do, she told me that everything was OK, no problem.even-even soccer equipment network Nike company in Moscow Spartak Club launched a new team in the 2015-16 season home court and Jersey, in the upcoming season, the club will remain faithful to tradition, innovation performance colors and symbols with Nike football Spartak classic combination, symbol of the club has a glorious history ready to meet the challenges of the future. away shirt is white, with the same design and the home court Jersey, red shorts and white socks.

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