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The New York jet team has a new coach. They appointed former Arizona Cardinals defensive coordinator Todd Bowers (Todd Bowles) as their new coach. Bowers plans to sign the contract on Wednesday morning. The jet team just sacked the league's top defensive coach, Rex Ryan (Rex Ryan), and hired a coach with long defense. It seems very puzzling. And Bowers is going to face the air of the jets in the past few seasons. Bowers took over the Miami dolphin team at the end of 2011 and returned to the east side of the United States. This season the Cardinals lost several defender still staged crazy rush and aggressive defense is why Todd was spotted. At t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping he same time, the jet fleet is very appreciative of his leadership and his unique insight into the potential of the players. is in the jets and Atlanta falcons won the competition, while the falcons currently only aim at the Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quin (Dan Quinn).It is reported that San Diego lightning is currently looking for the right deal sent his No. three pick. the United States time on Saturday, reporter Michael gehrken (Micheal Gehlken) reported that the transaction will be given appropriate lightning as long as the number three pick in the draft. gehrken pointed out that the transactions are favorable for the majority of the team, but he also reminded that this is lightning has been the habit of lightning trading their number one draft pick in 2001 and 2004. In fact, is not the only team lightning will often own high picks the 2 hands, the lightning in front of the team, is also the Tennessee Titan and Cleveland Brown are seeking to trade their high picks. so the winner of this year is not Titan to choose everything is still unknown.even-even soccer equipment network as we all know, in order to improve the team's income, the Premier League teams sponsored open sleeves. Many of the Premier League teams have signed new sponsorship agreements with the sponsors, but some teams like Manchester United have not. According to the news we got, the Tottenham team won't have a sponsor ad on the sleeves this season. This is theThe official website of NFL | Beckham: 2 people against me is not used | football After having a stunning rookie season, Odell Beckham Jr, the New York giant's Odell, knows that Odell needs to do more in the new season. recently told the New York local reporter Jordan (Jordan Raanan) - Rena said: I really expect opponents to pay more attention to the new season, but this is not useful. last stage, Beckham has been a regional double defense and offensive coordinator treatment, let him in different formation in different array position, the result is a giant in the 6 game of the season averaging 29.2 points in the final, we won the rookie wide receiver 9 touchdowns. We find where Beckham's confidence comes from, and if the opponent tries to stop him, then there will be more opportunities for Victor Victor to recover from injury. (Cruz, Cruz). Beckham said: we have Vic and Reuben, for our performance you make double or prepare a remote safety in the backcourt is very difficult, I think this is not good for them. last season Beckham finished 1305 yards of the ball, so this season to see how the opponent's defense against him.

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