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before the start of the third week competition, let's look at the third week team's strength on the ESPN official net. Denver Broncos this week ranked ranked 1: Change: +1 thank Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning). Jules Thomas (Julius Thomas) is the first complete catch 4 touchdowns in the first two games players in the history of the mustang. this week, the Seattle Seahawks rank: 2 ranking changes: -1 2011 season for ninth weeks, the Seahawks for the first time by more than 8 points to lose the game. Russell - Wilson (Russell Wilson) was 16-1 at home and only 9-8 at home. Cincinnati tigers this week ranked: Rank 3 changes: +2 Philadelphia hawks this week ranked: Rank 4 Changes: - this week, the new England patriots rank: 5 ranking changes: +2 rank: Carolina Panthers this week ranked 6 changes: +5 San Francisco 49 people this week ranked: rank 7 changes: -4 for the new s cheap nfl jerseys free shipping tadium, this is undoubtedly the worst opener. The 49 have won at least 13 points at the end of the third quarter and have won 37 games in a row, but this week was reversed by the bear team. Next week against the cardinals. Green Bay packaging production week ranking: 8 ranking changes: -)Cincinnati tiger chose to continue training on Christmas day, and they also returned to the two core players: quarterback Andy Dalton (Andy Dalton) and A.J.- A.J.- (A.J. Green). Two people were absent from training on Wednesday at the local time. The two people are not well at the moment, but this week is scheduled to come on. Dalton was suffering from the flu this week, which also caused him to be in a flat state. In the rest day he chose to rejoin the team's training, the official will also rule out his name from the injured list. At present, the flu will not affect his plan this week, but whether it will affect its performance is still to be observed. out of hand Green left the arm in advance in a match with the Mustang. X light showed no harm to his arm, but Green said the injured part still felt pain and affected his training to a certain extent. Related people said that Green was only a little injured in his arm muscles, which would not affect the game this week. My team and Green are hoping to win over the Pittsburgh Steelers in this week, to win the division title.New Orleans saints fans in Chicago because the bear home court team boss George MacAskie pushed the bear (George McCaskey) was arrested. recalled that the 58 year old saints fans pushed Kasich to the stool on the basis of reporters on the scene, the police and the bears. MacAskie had to go to the stadium to seek help from security personnel. When left in his wheat, the fans still follow and pushing, MacAskie will be pushed to the ground after a bear's fans will be the saints fans uniform, after the saints fans were taken away by police. After , MacAskie didn't ask for a medical examination, and it was clear that the health was unobstructed. So what's the problem with the bear's dressing room? This event gives us the impression that one person can sit on the side of the room where the boss is in, and the eyes of the stadiums and stadiums must have a problem. Or do bear fans really can't watch it as a saints fan to beat the boss?The official website of NFL | outside the Seahawks over Baldwin: do not want to wear the number 24 shirt | NFL rookie Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin (Doug Baldwin) love the Seahawks this year's draft pick in the draft, the Seahawks including three running backs, but for his coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) have a request. Baldwin said on Twitter: the respected Peter Carol, we are excited about the new teammates. But there is one condition. No one will wear the No. 24 shirt in the future. 24, of course, is the number worn by the recently retired running horse Sean Lynch (Marshawn Lynch). general manager John Schneider (John Schneider) confirmed on Saturday that Lynch had not officially submitted the decommissioning documents, but Carol said Lynch was determined to retire. His current situation is not a problem for the team. Baldwin No. 24 is not used for rookie request is Lynch in the role of the Seahawks rise to the top teams in the affirmative, but also shows the significance of Lynch for the Seahawks in the locker room. we suspect that this request is not to prevent Lynch from changing his mind and announcing a return before the formal submission of an decommissioning document. We guess so.

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