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The official website of NFL | Bauman do not worry about the impact of Kelly | defensive football San Francisco 49 linebacker Nawoluo - Bauman (NaVorro Bowman) returned from injury this season, completed 116 tackles, has been close to the level before injury. Bauman said: I was doubting whether I could reach the previous level, and now I saw my progress. I appreciate the respect of the other players in the League for me, which is important for the recovery from the injury. The season, 49 people hired former Philadelphia hawks coach chip Kelly (Chip Kelly) as a coach, his arrival on both ends of the floor will cause a certain impact. But Bauman is not worried about the impact. He has a lot of confidence in the new coach: we have a low performance this year, but we will overcome it and the future will rebound. Kelly's offensive system will increase the defensive team's playing time. Previously, players had complained about Kelly's way of coaching, but Bauman didn't worry: we will try our best to make the opponent's attack team stand faster. This is the standard we set ourselves.For starting quarterbacks Brown laid off earlier this week, veteran Josh - McCain is still very concerned about the team's next. He thinks Gary Paule is an ideal choice. I cheap nfl jerseys free shipping f Brown is not able to convince Bailey chick with their 2017, No. twelve for the first show substitute Tom Brady, they may be faced with 49 people, bears together shill code to grab the human predicament. Although the next month Toni Romo trading more eye-catching, but Gary Pohle is a better choice to minnows. VS Paule Gary Romo although the cowboy has clearly expressed the wish to properly handle by the contract, and it is listed as the offseason priority, but his trading will affect all aspects of the team. The 37 - year - old veteran was a strong competitor to MVP before two seasons, and his next contract was obviously not inclined to be with the rebuilt team. The Denver Broncos had expressed interest in a few other Romo, while quarterback insufficient teams have been settled: the Cardinals signed Palmer, Dezhou people have to wait at least half an Oswald Arrakis Wyler season, before Smith signed 4 year contract. 's well known "fragile" attributes, coupled with the strong intention of the team, may have to pay a price for his contract. The prospect of the deal is not optimistic. If the cap is Romo the fourth consecutive Super Bowl away over the age of 37 (TB, PM, TB quarterback) so that his limit may be "perishing before victory", the beginning of the season ending injury career retired. In comparison with , Gary Paule's contract seems to be more cost-effective. The Patriots knew he left his 2017 offseason is unlikely, so in advance will be in his capacity as the two round of the show to show up, so as to obtain greater value in the transaction. The transaction if he left the team, Jacob Bulisaite will become a successful host, Brady started on the bench up the ball. Two young chick's quarterback Bailey becoming the team important chips in the transfer market in. The transaction was at , as the hawk GM Thomas - Dimi Tov said, "lack of a quarterback team, a minute and a second look for the future of the team." The 49 and Brown's team have fallen into a round of search for the qualifying first quarterback. The NFL website author Mike said that if the draft of this year, a few missing only four points minnows spend their hand on a high priority to choose the first round pick, North Carolina or the University of Notre Dame Clemson quarterback, is losing the basic. Like last year's quarterback, GF and Wentz failed to lead the team into the playoffs, not to mention the draft of this year's situation. In recent years, countless examples have shown that the way from the university to NFL is far from flat - the young quarterback wastes resources, and the mature quarterback creates opportunities. How can be more effective in rebuilding the team? With a glass genus 〉NFL's official website, the lion will let Amir - Abdullah served as the starting running back in football nest The lion was one of the worst in the League last season, so it was surprising to see them not picking up the race in the draft. But general manager Bob - Quinn (Bob Quinn) said he was very confident about the current team's running guard. After the Quinn show, Amir Abdullah (Ameer Abdullah) will still be the first run of the lion. Abdullah left early in the second week after a foot injury last season. The lion believed that they had to guarantee Abdullah's health, not to replace him. Abdullah and Theo Reddick (Theo Riddick) can be qualified for the one or two runner, Zach Zenner Zach and Dwayne Dwayne (Dwayne Washington) will be the replacement of the two 53 people's list. Mike - Burton (Mike Burton) can pick up the burden of the whole guard. Quinn didn't feel like asking for more. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.|[photos]-2014 national handball women's handball championship contest | hand Technology Co According to hand curved rod base word [2014] No. 16 documents concerning the implementation of "national handball fitness testing and technical contest notice", also the 2014 National Women's Handball Championship held in Liaoning Shenyang Boye training base in March 25th. This is the China Handball Association for the first time in recent years with formal special technical features of the organization display contest, including: the first three steps after the three step shot, peripheral supporting shooting and goalkeeper handball throwing, to unify thinking, renew the idea, then learn to guide national coaches ball core technology opponent, recognition of basic technology standardization, reflections on innovative training methods and means. under the unity and cooperation of all the committees of the association, the organization and management of the technology match strictly and orderly, the judges scored fair and accurate, the referees were conscientious and conscientious, and the athletes' attitude was positive and serious, and achieved good expected results. The list and results of the top eight and top four players will be published as follows: click the results to publish

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