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the Tampa Bay Buccaneers no two round pick Roberto Aguayo last season (Roberto Aguayo) poor performance when sit idly by. in his rookie season in the football alliance Aguayo performance is the worst, 31 free kick shot only hit 22 times, hit rate of 35 in the league who completed at least 3 shot to play Hands ranked first. The pirates at the weekend signing former New York jets kicker Nick Falk (Nick Folk) to compete with Aguayo in training camp. General manager Jason - Lecht (Jason Licht) in the evaluation of Aguayo is outspoken. "look at the data, he didn't perform very well last season," Lecht said. "He wants to make progress, and he has to work hard to do this. We still have confidence in him, but you always have to make the team better. " how many times have we seen NFL coach and management so direct to give his players a bad comment? This will be seen as the admitting he has made a mistake. Falk was the most accurate kicker in the history of the jet, and the pirates signed him not only for a kicker in the training camp. Now , Aguayo before and after a competition to keep many people think they can have many years of position. Unfortunately for the pirates, their gambling has not been successful, but they have found a good alternative to themselves.The official website of NFL | Payton - Manning - Chapter cheap nfl jerseys free shipping fourth: 1 | Rugby The draft of NFL's draft is directly referenced to the previous year's record, that is, the worst team wins the top prize, and the Super Bowl team wins the last signing. Indianapolis's Pony won only 3 - 13 in the 1997 quarter, so they automatically won the 1998 pick of the draft. San Diego lightning 4 wins and 12 losses, the second sign. for two of the worst teams in a thousand things wait to be done, pick a team is expected to stage a comeback quarterback is the priority among priorities in reconstruction work. There is a famous saying about the talent show on the river and the lake, which is not a quarterback, and is it used to choose a kicker? Although Randy Moss and Charles Woodson is a once-in-a-lifetime outstanding talent, but the reality is that Payton Manning and Ryan leaf had locked the very best and the second. Ryan leaf and Manning age, is a typical heavy hand quarterback, the 1997 season NCAA he led the Washington State Cougars won ten District Championships, and led the team after a lapse of 67 years for the first time reached the rose bowl. Leif and Manning are very similar, broke a big ten record, he is the Washington state town of Pullman, the little prince, popularity just like Manning to knoxville. When Manning lost the Heisman Woodson story widely circulated, but few people will remember, Leif scores ranked third. Polian pony general manager Bill (Bill Polian) said in describing Manning and Leif: I have to find out which one is more delicious ice cream, vanilla or chocolate. 's report on Manning's scout has been written in a column: the precision of the pass, the clever passing of the pass, the wide field of vision, and the ability to deal with the media. But there are many shortcomings in the column: poor explosive force, slow speed, and doubtful arms. and leaf gift was opened, the university teacher Mike Preiss Leifer (Mike Price) have added to their love will appreciate: there is no doubt that he is the best. Strong arms, great vision, super confidence, he can understand the game well. Both from the data and in his game, he is the best. A lot of teams in the trial, Leif arm received a lot of praise gift, called him a rocket arm or cannon, Manning in the arm talent lose some. But when Manning university graduates had blossomed into 1 meter 96, 105 kilograms of standard figure, Ryan Lee's Bimanning 3 cm high, but the weight reached 118 kg, was slightly lower than Manning. But the outside world for Leif some negative rumors, think he doesn't abide by the team discipline, some character is always act with undue haste, Manning boy's image. After graduating from college, Manning took part in a lot of interviews and programs.The official website of NFL, ram and defensive tackle Michael Bullock's contract in 3 years, football wo Losangeles ram and one of the inside defensive frontline players renew the contract. rams and Michael Brockers (Michael Brockers) have been renewed for 3 years. The contract is worth $33 million 125 thousand, of which $17 million is fully guaranteed. 's stay in Michael is a priority for our team, said Jeff Fisher, the chief of the goats. Defensive frontline has always been important to us, and Michael has made a great contribution to our defensive team since we picked him. We are excited about his continuing career with us in Losangeles. Bullocks was selected at fourteenth in the 2012 draft, the last year of his new rookie contract, with a salary of $6 million 146 thousand. Bullocks has not yet become a star pass pass player, but he is very stable in the aspect of anti running and can continue to play. He has launched 57 consecutive games for ram. , 25, is a key member of the strong defensive front of the ram lineup this season. With Aaron - Donald (Aaron Donald) still on the back of the rookie contract, the RAM will be able to keep the defensive combination in the next few years. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | Bill consider re signed Percy HARVIN | Rugby last week with Buffalo Bill wide receiver Percy HARVIN (Percy Harvin) completed a 3 year contract. Although last season because of injuries HARVIN completed only 5 games and because on the sidelines and did not get the contract should pay in the injury during HARVIN who broke the news about retirement, but Bill clearly wants his 2016 season return. The general manager of Bill, Doug Whaley (Doug Whaley) - on Monday expressed the team for HARVIN's plan, as far as I know, health is the key to ensure your body well, HARVIN weekly training efforts, but has not reached a certain level, which makes him very puzzled, he question your ability, with the injury he into the injury list, he may learn more, at least for now he wants to come back to play, rather than retire. 27 year old HARVIN in the past 4 years, completed only 28 Games from the Minnesota Vikings to the Seattle Seahawks and the New York jets until now to stay at Bill, he was one of the league's most dangerous player, the 2015 season he finished 19 catches for 218 yards and 1 touchdowns, after being injuries, but should pay attention to 16 times the ball which is in the first three games finished.

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