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The official website of NFL | guard Grab J was forced to retire early because of a neck injury | football Ben Grab J (Ben Grubbs) seems to have ended his career in NFL. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported on Monday, according to people familiar with the matter, that the former professional bowling champion who played for Kansas City last season may have been unable to continue playing because of neck injury. Grab J was injured in the neck of the October last year, leaving him out of the final nine games and two playoffs in the regular season. The Sheikh later cut him out on the grounds of a physical examination, which means his injury is a long-term problem. last offseason chief in a five round of the show from the New Orlean cheap nfl jerseys free shipping s saints traded to Grubbs after he signed a 4 year contract for $24 million. Grab J began occupation career in Baltimore crow, then as a free agent with a big contract if the saints. He used to choose a career bowl twice.quarterback Ben Rothlisberger (Ben Roethlisberger) in Pittsburgh Steelers 38-35 victory over the Oakland Raiders game in the second time this season after the midfoot sprain halfway. Albert Brill (Albert Breer), a reporter on the NFL official network, reported that Big Ben would be absent for at least a few weeks. optimistic people will think the team in eleventh week in the bye week is a godsend and hope to substitute Delhi - Janice M. Vidal four Jones (Landry Jones) can help the Steelers in the next game against Cleveland Brown. Such a large version may be able to return in twelfth or thirteenth weeks. was more optimistic about himself, and he said on Tuesday that he did not think he would be absent from the game. "Bye week time is very good, but I still don't think I will miss the next game," Rothlisberger said. "I'll watch the recovery every day... I can walk. I do not run or such things but do sensible things, do the doctor and trainer asked me to do, such as ice with wounds, let the pain disappear and rest, let the wound healed." Steelers coach Mike Tomlin (Mike Tomlin) told reporters Tuesday the "very small" chance of starting, but said "we are expected to be played without him." although no one doubts the toughness of Ben Ben, but the sprain of the foot needs time to recover, otherwise the injury will continue and will continue to affect his performance this season. One might want to return to help the Steelers to keep game playoff contention, but he is very not be allowed out in the next game.The American brand "First Twelve" has released their Copa 2015 "El Barrio" leisure T - shirts in fashion. As a strong dealer in football's beautiful sport, this time they brought two new items in black and pink. The pictures displayed here are all from their latest 2015 spring / summer clothing album.The NFL website | Jet Service Coordinator: need to change | football New York jet's special service team has done badly this season. In the match against the New York giants last week, the opponent returned to the attack Dwayne Harris (Dwayne Harris) to complete the 80 yard back attack. It also revealed two problems: the 1. team's discarded kicker and the submachine were bad. The 2. teams have misarranged special service tactics. in addition, the jet's special service team was blown 3 fouls throughout the game, including one offside start, one offside and one hit kicker. At present, the team's Secret Service Coordinator is Bobby April. He said in an interview that the team would have changed in this match with Tennessee Titan this week. Apri said: we need to change, this week we may use a number of different players. The jet opportunity used some players in the offensive and defensive teams to help the special team. According to the ESPN statistics, the jet's special service team is expected to score only thirtieth in the league.

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