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Prospective NFL official website | NL wild card: Seahawks @ Vikings (defense articles) | football The Vikings have very strong punching abilities, and they have been able to give the rival quarterback great pressure to pass the ball throughout the season. The combination of Iverson - Griffin and Anthony - Baal contributed 14 times to the team. Griffin also had 16 quarterback collisions and 44 rushing shots, and he covered a large area of defense, which can both pass and run. Of course, Griffin's excellent performance is only the most brilliant of the Vikings' powerful defensive defense. The entire season, the Vikings gave up 48 hits, 65 quarterback collisions and 227 rushing passes. The Vikings told Russell - Wilson with data that we were here. The Vikings in the two round of the selected line guard Eric Kendricks has become the main gate line of the team, 92 tackles to lead the team, as a rookie in the League at the beginning of this year, will be able to grow into the team, Kendricks's future is worthy of attention of fans. Travel guard Harrison - Smith is the absolute leader of the Vikings defensive line, although due to a wrist injury missed 3 games this season but he is still the highest rated safety, little miss sackin he is Di cheap nfl jerseys free shipping nghaishenzhen Vikings on the defensive. Have excellent ability to transmit the defensive line and rushed, so stable quarterback, later in the season started the Seahawks offensive but more careful. since two years ago the Seahawks won the super bowl, the once mighty detonation Legion began to split, but several defense key figures also have to stay in the team, did not let the defense in the history of the name of the complete dissolution of pai. The team defense group leader Kam - Si Le money because of contract issues and team bukekaijiao, but was later able to return in time to participate in the competition, but this line has been in, this soap opera is far from over. The defense group Seahawks, it will have to mention the front edge of the Seahawks defensive. Specifically, is the two member of the Seahawks defensive end Michael striker Owen Bennet and Clif ivlli. The regular season was as high as 89.3 and 87.2 Bennet and ivlli is the outer edge ranked sixth and eleventh defenders. The two people were far better than 1+1=2, with two people playing 22 times, 32 quarterback and 99 quarterback. Not only did they perform well in Chong and Chuan, but also two people in the lateral runaway race were excellent, and two of them scored the best 5 in the league, 8 and 7.6 respectively. A combination consisting of Bobby Wagner and K.J. White line combination is union make people more assured, two people together with the 230 holds and 6 manufacturing dropped the ball, can be regarded as the most reliable gate road, the Seahawks defensive. Of course, the Seahawks said there is a person I must mention is ace cornerback Richard Sherman, since 2011 to enter the alliance, there is not a cornerback to challenge "although the Cardinals offensive coordinator Harold Goodwin (Harold Goodwin) - Peterson said running back Adrian (Adrian Peterson) of "no problem", and "will participate in the training, but the Cardinals official injury report showed, Peterson did not play. has a back injury kept him out of training so far, it seems better than expected and serious injuries. Last week beat Jaguar in the game, Peterson rushed 20 times the ball for 79 yards, before being traded to the Cardinals played after 6 games, the 129 red ball for 448 yards and 2 touchdowns. injured ribs running back Keweien - Williams (Kerwynn Williams) on Thursday to attend the training limited. The other Cardinals running back in the array is D.J. Forster (D.J. Foster), Eliza (Elijhaa Penny) - Penny and Hill Branson (Branson Hill). John Brown (John Brown) and line guard Duhem Buchanan (Deone Bucannon) have not been trained.on Wednesday, Losangeles goats chose to carry out the fifth - year contract option for the defensive intercepting Aaron Donald (Aaron Donald). On Friday, Houston Dezhou people followed, giving their own defensive stars the same treatment. Dezhou executive Jed Klauni viand selection (Jadeveon Clowney) fifth year contract options. The hand is the top of the 2014 draft. Dezhou's choice to carry out Klauni's fifth year contract is not surprising. Last season Klauni made a great contribution to the Dezhou people after recovering. has been plagued by injuries in his first two seasons after last season, clowney breakthrough performance, starting 14 games, made 6 sacks 55 tackles. He stormed the playoffs against Oakland in the wild card battle to complete dominance, several times to break into the Raiders defense and made 1 complete backcourt steals, this performance let people put him and his teammates J.J. watts (J.J. Watt) compared. Whitney Moshe Ruth (Whitney Mercilus) is still at the peak, w regression and in the next two seasons clowney will continue to play after the defense of Dezhou people have reached the playoff level and should be able to the Denver Broncos competition AFC defensive group name no.. now if the Dezhou management can solve the quarterback's position, then the Dezhou people, of course, have a chance to become a strong competitor to the United States Championship.even-even soccer equipment network Adidas company to join the Spanish club Real Madrid team jointly launched the 2016-17 season home court New Jersey, Gareth Baer, · Marcello, · and Kareem harmes; Rodrigues · Benzema and other stars to a new successful season - twelfth European club history. Cup and thirty-third League crown attack. the continuation of the traditional classic white since 1902, compared with the past few seasons a slightly dark white shirt on the new season, Real Madrid home court. The New Jersey reappears the classic white lapel, and the blue Adidas victory three stripes appear on the side of the body, bringing a new visual experience. Blue is also one of the most important colors of the club. New Jersey with recycled polyester crafted, due to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, reduce the impact on the environment, play a major role so as to improve sustainability projects in Adidas and protect the environment.

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