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The official website of NFL, former Jaguars coach Bradley, NFL defensive coordinator to become a lightning nest Losangeles lightning won the battle for Gus - Bradley (Gus Bradley). , the former Jacksonville Jaguar coach has been chased by many teams after being fired, but now he has agreed to join the lightning as a defense coordinator. has a number of excellent players in the lightning Bradley for him to play. overall pick Joey botha (Joey Bosa) outstanding rookie season, made 10.5 sacks in 12 games, more importantly, the data does not reflect the interference opponent he has been torn cover players quarterback. although Melvin - Ingram (Melvin Ingram) is going to be a free player, lightning can use a privilege label for him. Ingram has made 18.5 escapement in the last two seasons. In addition, the second defense has three outstanding cornerback, Casey - Hayward (Ca cheap nfl jerseys free shipping sey Hayward), Jason Fleet (Jason Verrett) and Brandon (Brandon Flowers) - Vladimir adams. lightning still holds the first seventh - position draft in this year's draft. Bradley's performance in Jaguar is not ideal. He was fired in two games of the regular season, and he won 14 wins and 48 defeats in Jaguar. in the Jaguar, Bradley is the Seattle Seahawks defensive line build. In 2009 he became the Seahawks defensive coordinator, the Seahawks defensive group opponents averaged 356.4 yards (twenty-fourth in the League), is giving up 24.4 points per game (twenty-fifth in the League). In his final season as the Seahawks coach, the two data were 306.2 yards Haiying (fourth in the League) and 15.3 points (first in the League). if Bradley can create similar defensive performance in lightning, lightning is sure to be a playoff competitor in the new season. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.hawk defensive end Chris Lang (Chris Long) donated her entire season's salary to the community, so he became the NFL player union 2018 Byron White community MVP prize winner. In this way, he helped his own fund get an extra $100 thousand. Lang has donated six game wages to help his alma mater set up a scholarship, which makes him a community MVP for the third week of this year's regular season. He eventually donated all his year's income. "In my tenth years of my career, I want to repay the community that gives me a chance to play," he said. "Equal education highlights the future of the people of the United States." "both I and my wife are keen on education, and we believe this is the road to equality and advancement." The Byron White prize has been in the hands of the Hawks for second years, and the winner of the award last year was Malcolm Jenkins (Malcolm Jenkins).retaliates are usually convicted of fouls, but the hands-on is usually fined. according to the "Chicago Tribune" Prague - Biggs (Brad Biggs) reported that the new England patriots linebacker, the new deal to Ayers (Akeem Ayers) by kicking on Sunday at the Gillette stadium in Chicago bears offensive guard Kell long (Kyle Long) was fined $8250. The part of his kicking was Lang's groin area. The referee did not see Ayers's opponent's action, but they said he had reacted - he pulled Ayers's feet. And Lang has therefore been referee throw yellow fouled, but Ayers was not punished. kicking incident occurred in Ayers captured and killed the bears quarterback Jay Cutler (Jay Cutler), and he was lying on the ground, he kicked Lang, Lang grabbed Ayers's leg.The official website of NFL | Johnson: glad to retire in Detroit | football to the 2016 season, it will be very difficult for Detroit lions to renew Calvin Johnson (Calvin Johnson), but recently the super star has expressed his thoughts. Johnson is paying $24 million next season. He was asked if he would finish his career in Detroit this week. He said, "I am so happy." , the 30 year old Johnson, has been in a clear season, but still has over 1000 yards for sixth years. Johnson said, "I will think about this problem again at that time. When that happens, there will be an answer. Now I only care about how to deal with the saints in New Orleans. The contract between and Johnson is going to run until 2019, so the team has the opportunity to adjust some of their income, but there is no external connection in the league. It is worth the team to spend 24 million dollars a season.

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