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New York jets currently still in the lobby Ryan Patrick (Ryan Fitzpatrick) fize, but other candidates also have selected quarterback. had previously been in contact with Robert Griffin III (Robert Griffin III). Although there was no possibility of completing the contract, they also contacted San Francisco's 49 people, Colin Capet Nick, but at the moment it seemed very hard to succeed. But the jet does not want the first place of the quarterback in the new season to be given to Brice - Patti (Bryce Petty) or keno Smith (Geno Smith). The recent ESPN reporter has shown that the jet is hoping to sign Cleveland Brown's quarte cheap nfl jerseys free shipping rback Josh - McKoen (Josh McCown). It is reported that in February this year, jets and McCain have been in contact, they released in McCain, it seems that Brown is bound to do so, such as a few weeks but also need to jet. McCain is 36 years old this year, 8 games on the season starting 1 wins and 7 losses, completed 63.7% passing rate for 2109 yards and 12 touchdowns and 4 steals.Cincinnati tiger's defensive cutting German Steele's Jersey has reached a high price recently. This campaign is actually to support child cancer research fundraising, and raised a total of 400 thousand dollars in a week. Steele's 4 year old daughter Lal (Leah) had only a 50% chance of survival because of 4 neuroblastoma in July. , due to the tigers' defensive cutting and injuries, Till was put on the list of the 53 people in this team. This week, he can play against falcons on Sunday. Steele said on his Instagram: "there's never been a weekend I need to go up and leave my daughter." The tigers have helped the sales of the Jersey, including the Cincinnati children's hospital. (if not the tiger's fans have contributed $100 to the event, the team's supermarket will provide other options.) The saints' coach, Sean Payton (Sean Payton), bought 100 shirts and donated them to children at the Cincinnati children's hospital.Barcelona 2017-18 season before the Champions League training clothes used a combination of dark red and orange, the new training clothes have a unique pattern in front of the chest. It mainly uses black and ultra deep red design elements. The shoulders of the two sides to the sleeves have an orange streak through it.The official website of NFL | Steelers cornerback geersen may be due to injury | football season , according to local media reports in Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Steelers are considering whether to make this year's two round of cornerback Senkui Liz Gleason (Senquez Golson) undergoing shoulder surgery, and once surgery means that the new season. Gerson had participated in the training camp to the team did not spontaneously report any injuries, but he felt his shoulder was injured during a spring training team officials at the end of the mini camp after informing. The team then put it in the list for physical reasons. Gerson is a cornerback smaller, height 5 feet 9 inches, 176 pounds, but he for the ball to smell quite sharp, ability to destroy and steals the ball very well. But after the Steelers traded for Brandon (Brandon Boykin) - Boykin eased as pressing danger.

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