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Our football equipment network Puma company in Slovakia Football Association (SFZ) in Bratislava announced the Slovakia national team in the 2016 European Cup Home Court New Jersey, national team player Marek · Hamm Sieck, Skrtel, Martin · Vladimir · Weiss mathus and · Khoza participated in the New Jersey palecek promo shoot, the national team will be wearing the New Jersey unveiled in 13 this month, with the Swiss team in a friendly match.The official website of NFL | pirates Coach: put the rest of the game when the playoffs | football young Tampa Bay pirates still have a chance to enter the playoffs with the leading quarterback jenss Winston (Jameis Winston). The team is currently 6 wins and 6 losses, in excellent condition, the natural target was to win a wild card. Coach Smith Lowe (Lovie Smith) said in an interview, the tea cheap nfl jerseys free shipping m will need every game remaining as the playoffs. Smith said: in the past 4 games, we have 3 wins and 1, which is a good sign, and now we have 4 games left. In order to enter the playoffs, we need to attach importance to every game and regard each game as a playoff game that can only win and fail. In the locker room, we all believe we can do it. The Atlanta falcons at a low ebb, the wild card seats for the pirates is not far away. in the last month of the game, the pirate race is not difficult. They will be home against the ups and downs of the New Orleans saints, on the road to the league's worst attacking and wounded battalion of Saint Louis ram, home against Chicago bears, and may last week to ensure that the first seed after the main truce, the Carolina Panthers. Of course, if you want to enter the playoffs, the pirates have to expect the Minnesota Vikings and Seattle Seahawks in a team off the chain.according to the The Associated Press, the Cincinnati tigers have signed a new quarterback in the free agent market - Taylor - Wilson (Tyler Wilson). Before signing Wilson, the tigers just lost their 1st quarterback quarterback Jason Campbell (Jason Campbell), who suffered elbow injuries in pre-season training. tiger's quarterback quarterback cullough AJ- (AJ McCarron) will miss most preparations for pre-season because of shoulder injury. Therefore, tigers still need a four point guard to deliver artillery shells for the players in pre season training. The main quarterback Andy Dalton (Andy Dalton) briefly appeared in the first match against the tigers in the pre-season match. From the current situation, he will play longer in the second match against New York jet. Wilson is the Oakland Raiders in 2013 fourth round pick last season, most of his stay in the team as a sparring. He was cut off by the Tennessee Titans last week. Luckily, Wilson's unemployment period was not more than a week. [related news] tigers locked the main force of the quarterback, Dalton, 6 years, 96 millionThe official website of NFL | pony boss: progress | Clark football with the negotiations Indianapolis pony boss Jim Irsay said on Saturday that negotiations with the team's trump quarterback Andrew Andrew (Andrew Luck) have become serious, and IL is trying to renew the contract before training camp starts in July. In March NFL team boss conference, irsay said he hoped the new contract in July 4th and will, signed a value of 9 digits. , when he met with the media on Saturday, said the negotiations went smoothly. We have made progress. My premise is July 4th. I don't think this date needs to be seen as a deadline. We should be able to sign a new contract. Before you have succeeded, we have some problems to solve. This is a complex contract. This is a contract for both sides to ensure that we can build a great team. pony signed a long contract with T.Y. T.Y. (T.Y. Hilton) and Anthony Costanzo (Anthony Castonzo) before the start of last season. I think I remember signing his last contract in the training camp (with Payton - Manning), yel. Obviously, we enter the training camp before we will hope to complete the contract. Sometimes when you start training camp, you're in the pre - season, and you can still sign a new contract. if the two sides are unable to reach a consensus, the LAK will finish his last year's new rookie contract. He had 15 passes in the last season, but he had 13 turnovers, and he missed 9 games last season.

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