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The official website of NFL | Ingram hope and renewal | Saints Football , the New Orleans saints Mark Mark Mark team has already expired this season, but he doesn't want to go to another club when he enters the free agent market. Ingram said: I am looking forward to a new contract, hope or saints, they picked me on the show, I love New Orleans, I hope in this. Ingram also said the saints also wanted to leave themselves. this season, Ingram shared 226 carrying the ball 964 yards, 9 touchdowns and finished, the three is the occupation career high, should pay attention to Ingram and because of a shoulder injury he missed three games. In spite of this, Ingram's single - game 74.2 - code number of propulsion codes can be ranked eighth in the league. is too disappointed because o cheap nfl jerseys free shipping f the early performance of his career. The saints didn't fulfill the team option of Ingram's rookie contract for fifth years, so Ingram will become a free agent in March. NFL famous reporter Ian - Labobote (Ian Rapoport) in October last year when the saints said, let Ingram will try the water in the free agent market, after all, 25 years old is one of the best players in grade.Miami dolphins running back Arian Forster (Arian Foster) in the preseason for the first time with the ball straight arm shoving his rough and 16 yards. The Atlanta Falcon's first round show, Keanu Neal (Keanu Neal), is the victim of this movement. What's worse, Neal got hurt because he missed the tackle. Neal had to leave the game in the second quarter of the season, but he returned to the dressing room with his own strength. Neal did not return to the game, and finally the Falcon 6-17 was lost to the dolphin. hawk chief, Dan Quinn, said after the game, "it doesn't seem to be a serious knee injury." But Friday's MRI examination showed that Neal's knee injury was serious enough to require arthroscopic surgery. His specific injury needs to be determined during the operation, and the falcons announce that he will be out for 3 to 4 weeks. Falcon in the new season for the rookie safetys have high expectations, regardless of how long he was absent for the second defense is to attack the falcon.Carlos Rogers (Carlos Rogers) season and as successful as the Oakland Raiders plan. The Raiders announced that the Kangle was put into a list of injuries due to his knee injury, which meant the end of his season. In San Francisco, Rodgers was laid off 49 people after the Raiders in 1 years contract signed him as a part of the offseason shake up plan. Rodgers had only played 7 games and had a bad performance on the spot. He had only finished 2 pass defenses, 35 grabs and no cross - pass this season. The professional football focused net has placed him in all eightieth of the corner guards in the first eight weeks of the season. The 33 year old cornerback will be in the next offseason once again become the free player. The Raiders signed running George - Atkinson Sans (George Atkinson III) into the 53 - People's list to fill Rodgers's position. In running back Murray (Latavius Murray, Gaius) due to a concussion will miss the next game, Atkinson will become Darren Mcfadden (Darren McFadden) and Maurice - Jones - Drew (Maurice Jones-Drew) No. three behind running back.Carolina Black Panther has received a lot of damage recently. According to their reports, Starr Lotulelei Star has suffered a leg fracture and will be absent from the playoffs. last week against the Arizona Cardinals in the wild card race on to Trevor hurt his ankle in November, had also hurt. The 320 - pound player has contributed 67 in 2 seasons so far, of which 25 are completed in the 2014 season and 5 quarterback. lack of his Panther defense will not be able to pressure the pockets, which will give Russell - Wilson (Russell Wilson) more opportunities. Panther had to let 34 year old Colin Kohler (Colin Cole) and 33 year old Edwards dervan (Dwan Edwards) to replace the position of rotation.

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