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A furious Suarez from his collar at 140 euros worth of Barcelona home court player jerseys, the referee also let him off the field, after replacing the New Jersey back to the field. As the time of the match was at the end, Suarez left the field in advance.The official website of NFL | rams quarterback Coach: | football competition Sam Bradford (Sam Bradford) may no longer be the first choice for the Saint Louis rams in the 2015 season. As the former top player, he played 16 games in only 2 seasons. So far, he has only handed over a 18 - 30 - 1 - draw failure. In the past two seasons, he has been reimbursed for the injury to the cruciate ligament in front of his knee, and the team's patience has been gradually worn out. ??????????????????-???????Jeff Fisher?????????????????????????????????????????????|??????????????????????????????????? cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ??????????????????? At present, the goats have been unable to endure the continued playoffs, and they hope to make a change as soon as possible. Bradford is a talented player and he has proved his ability to lead the team in a healthy way. However, Fisher is reluctant to put all the chips on his health, and the team is hoping to cash in the talent and break out in the next season. now, there are quarterback Sean Hill (Shaun Hill) and Austen Davies (Austin Davis) in the RAM array. They also have the chance to attack the position of the first half quarterback. But more likely, the RAM will try to find a new face, a new hope.Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) this season, although already 30 years old, but still won the NFL this season to punch the ball mawang. Before the interview, Peterson told reporters that he is now the best league running back, when asked who is two time running back, he told us that Sunday game across the Seattle Seahawks veteran horse Sean - Lynch (Marshawn Lynch). Peterson said that the two runner in the League was him. Although Lynch only scored 417 yards in 7 games this season, Lynch, 29 years old, had at least 1200 yards in every four seasons in the past four seasons. Lynch on Sunday against the Minnesota Seahawks Vikings in the National League wild card race on the first play of Peterson hope, hope to meet him. , "I remember participating in the NFL draft with him. We trained together in Arizona, and I knew he could not ignore it later." Peterson said, "his nickname beasts mode is for a reason: he is very powerful and fast. His lateral movement, his direction, his vision is great. Even if he didn't play many games this year, I still think he was the second best runner in the league, no doubt. "Compared with Lynch, I'm faster. I don't think he can change quickly like me, but his lateral movement is amazing. Lynch returned from his hernia surgery. He attended all the training this week, but Peterson missed his second training this week because of a back injury. Peterson said he was ready to go all in to play in the match on Sunday. Coach Mike Gilmore (Mike Zimmer) also said he would not have any restrictions on Peterson. "This is the playoffs." Gilmore said, "he is ready. It feels very, very good. "The official website of NFL | San Francisco 49 cornerback Wright | request leave football Shareece Wright has had enough of the 49 people in San Francisco this year. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported on Monday, according to people familiar with the matter, the career guard entered the fifth year's corner guard, seeking 49 people to trade him or cut it off. didn't enter the list in the three match of the season. He seemed very unhappy about the failure to enter the competition. He expressed this sentiment on twitter, but then deleted the content. It is reported that every game that does not enter the list will let Wright lose 21875 dollars. 49 people signed Wright in March this year with a $1 - year contract. He spent the past four seasons for the San Diego lightning started 27 games, but the 2011 show in the current round of lightning to start Weitelameien angle (Tramaine Brock) - Bullock and Kenneth - Ikel (Kenneth Acker) after a chance to compete. unless the other teams are interested, it is not necessary to ignore the 49 people asked by Wright to put the horns aside.

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