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The official website of NFL, Joe - Thomas Brown criticized the Cleveland management in football nest Cleveland Brown has lost his whole game, they are still looking for how to get a victory to the United States Sunday they left Jiefeng Joe - Thomas (Joe Thomas) could not help out tucao. Thomas told reporters: you have to lie on the bed for what you do. The bed is more Brown lost his right tackle Mitchell Schwartz (Mitchell Schwartz) and the three occupation center bowl Alex Mark (Alex Mack) both become the free player. lost to Pittsburgh Steelers game, Brown's offensive line opponents completed 8 quarterback sacks. Thomas said, "we have lost many good players. Those who lost may be the best players in this position, but this is our strategic plan for the rest season, and the decision we made ourselves. Obviously they are making personal decisions because they are so-called experts. Brown is currently 0 wins and 11 losses, this season they pick 14 players, 12 of them have been in the team list, this adjustment takes time and patience but not everyone has such pat cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ience, occupation career for 10 years Thomas has missed only 1 games, every year he can enter occupation bowl, six elected the best team. ? The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | Titans tackle Hill rape prosecution | football According to media reports, Tennessee Nashville, Atlanta police recently received a woman's lawsuit, claiming to have been Tennessee Titans tackle Saimi - Hill (Sammie Hill) violence, the police are from the woman there to collect relevant information, at this stage there will be no foreign report. Tennessee Titan coach Whisenhunt Ken Whisenhunt said on Monday afternoon that the team had heard about the incident and will make a statement soon. Soon after, a team spokesman said: we have received a police notice, will fully cooperate with the police investigation work, and we have already talked about Sammy and will continue to collect evidence. and Hill's agent Blaine Ravi (Brian Levy) to keep silent about the matter. Hill has participated in all 13 matches of the Titan team this season, and Ray Horton, a defensive coordinator, praised them: he had 85% chance to win every confrontation, if he continued to work hard, he had the chance to become a professional bowl player.The official website of NFL, assistant defensive coach Brooks died in crow nest football A member of the group in Baltimore crow lost coach for the team's longest serving. assistant coach Clarence Brooks (Clarence Brooks) died of esophagus cancer at the age of 65. Brooks announced his illness in December last year, making this illness the most difficult thing I have ever experienced. He was absent for the first time in his last season's coaching career, and later he was no longer a defensive frontline coach. Brooks was then crow coach Blaine in 2005 (Brian Billick) Beilicke incurred under attack as the defensive coach and in this position for 11 years. The crow's defensive front made a great contribution to the crow's victory in the 2012 season. crow manager John Harbert (John Harbaugh) called Brooks the greatest defensive front coach he has ever worked with. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.NFL official website | tiger top receiver Green determined to miss the next game | football The Cincinnati tigers will play with the Indianapolis pony without the most dangerous pass targets. The team announced Saturday afternoon that the state of A.J. Green (A.J. Green) fell from a war of doubt to the determination of the absence. The explosive outfit had a concussion in seventeenth weeks of competition. He had limited training on Thursday but missed Friday's training due to the injury. 's loss of Green has been a great impact on the tigers, and they are still looking for a team history for the first time in the playoffs. When the last tigers challenged the pony, they were 0-27 zero in the seventh week of the season without Green. When the quarterback Andy Dalton (Andy Dalton) lost the most safe target on the field, their mission became more difficult again. NFL lost in one of the best foreign took over, Dalton had to rely on exon two receiver Mohammed (Mohamed Sanu) thanou. However, there are 7 Thanou receiving yards less than 30 yards in the past 8 games, in the past 6 games without a touchdown catch. In a seventh week, 3 times for a 54 yard catch thanou. despite losing Green reduced the tigers to win fame, running back Marshall Falk (Marshall Faulk) on the official website of NFL program that does not mean that the number one wide receiver lost game finished. Falk reason is Dalton too many times toward the direction of Green that passes in a cocoon around oneself. finally, rookie runner Hill (Jeremy Hill) is the best chance for the tigers to win. Since ninth weeks, Hill has led the league with a 929 - yard number of punches. He was stubborn, and he was able to finish the ball with the flushing style of his body against the physical confrontation, which had made the tigers in the second half of the season powerful. The offensive coordinator, Hue Jackson's attack team, has to rely on the rookie again.

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