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Robert (Robert Turbin) - Turbin last week in the Seattle Seahawks against the Saint Louis rams 10 minutes before the game was called to coach when full health, because the first full guard Derek - Coleman (Derrick Coleman) when the warm-up hurt my feet. Although never played full health, but Tulbin still enough to let the Seahawks rushed the ball in normal operation, to replace Coleman Lynch he gave Ma Sean (Marshawn Lynch) open circuit performance is also good. When it comes to offensive coordinator Tom - Wednesday Kaibo: "Coleman was injured in the warm-up before the game, we have no ready. I told Turbin to let him sit down and think, 'what are we going to do', obviously this is a chance, and that Turbin also took the challenge and finished it well. " Let the veteran Grieg - Jones in the trial when the Seahawks Tuesday, but the effect is not ideal, still feel that the current temporary Turbin guard or serve as a good choice. And he himself said, "I just want to win. I want to do my best to help the team win. I'm a part of the team and I don't have to complain if the team needs me in the next few weeks as a whole. " Coleman is expected to take at least 4-6 weeks after a cheap nfl jerseys free shipping fracture of his foot. Because Turbin as a full-time full health, so the Seahawks also can not use a lot of their usual double running back tactics. Although Percy HARVIN (Percy Harvin) traded to the New York jets, Seahawks because in this year there are 2 draft wide receiver Paul Richardson (Paul Richardson) and Kevin Norwood (Kevin Norwood), there are more opportunities to participate in the attack. But due to the lack of the traditional health, will force the Seahawks more let Lynch alone in the backcourt ball of the red.tiger news June 24th on Friday to discuss the quarterback Drake Carle (Derek Carr) the renewal of the press conference, Oakland Raiders general manager Reggie McKinsey (Reggie McKenzie) call the day "big day". McKinsey also said he would now focus on more important renewals in the future. Carle said in a statement that it is important for him to build a contract in a way that can help the Raiders, so that it can help the Raiders to retain other players. McKinsey said Carle's contract renewal did this. "the bottom line is that we can keep the players we need to stay at the right time," McKinsey said. "Carle's contract makes it possible for us to do that. We will start the other renewal work immediately. " joined the Lille Raiders linebacker card Mike in the 2014 draft and Carle (Khalil Mack) and right guard Gabriel Jackson (Gabe Jackson) is expected to be the next two players renewed. The team choose to perform Mike's 2018 contract option, and if in the next offseason before signing a new contract to Jackson will become the free player.for salary cap reasons cut safetys Nate Alan (Nate Allen) two days later, the Oakland Raiders with a salary cap on a more lucrative contract to re sign him. signed a contract of 4 years and 23 million dollars with Alan last year. He secured a $4 million 900 thousand income next season. If he was still in the Raiders on Wednesday, he would get the money. But the details of the contract have not been announced. in the second round of the 2010 draft, Alan, who was selected by the Philadelphia hawks in the first round of the first season of the season, only played 5 games after the tear of the medial collateral ligament of the first season, and the first 3 games. Alan, a 28 year old, was put in a short list of short-term injuries, and then came up from tenth to thirteenth weeks and was finally put in the list of injuries. He has made 1 copies of the season, 2 passes and 11 grappling. in the tour guard Charles Woodson (Charles Woodson) announced his retirement and two other safety Larry Asante (Larry Asante) and Taylor Maes (Taylor Mays) will be a free agent after the Raiders defense is the second this offseason concern.In the base of | Games champion softball coach Song Qiuyuan: unremittingly final harvest Xinhua Dalian September 8th sports special telegram (reporter Cai Yongjun, public soldier) the first time to win the National Games Jiangsu Women Softball Team Coach Song Qiuyuan 8, said that winning the championship in the Twelfth National Games is the team's persistent results for many years. he said at a news conference after the match, the players in the team in the growth, mature, opponents are very strong, in addition to the other team Guangdong have got the National Games champion, Guangdong team won the runner up, only the Jiangsu team is the best third games, so this can stick to the end, is how many years of unremittingly results, has made great progress, thanks to the team. and Song Qiuyuan attended the Jiangsu team after the conference, Wang Lan said that the Jiangsu team and the Sichuan team to win the same level, is the Jiangsu team to seize the last chance, although we got the gold medal, but there are still many deficiencies, the Sichuan team and big sisters sports spirit worthy of our study, we have further growth space, hope to be able to achieve better results. runner up Sichuan softball coach Liu Yaming said the team's best efforts, the last possible bad luck a little lost the gold medal, but the players did well in the competition. Li Chunxia, the old man, said he was satisfied with the result. , it is worth mentioning that Jiangsu team is a team that early practiced combination of sports and education. The players are all students of Nanjing University of Technology. They are training and living in school, and each semester's learning tasks must be completed. Song Qiuyuan believes that this form is good for team members, avoiding monotonous training every day. Combination of sports and education is good for athletes' professional quality and comprehensive quality. At present, more than 20 people have graduated and get their degrees. These players generally reflect great benefits. (finished)

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