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According to informed sources revealed to ESPN , the Indianapolis Colts owner Jim irsay (Jim Irsay) had intended to let led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won Super Bowl champion Jon Gruden (Jon Gruden) served as the team coach, but the latter refused the chase. still hopes to continue to be a commentator because of the restrictions on Teaching in the NFL labor agreement. , according to multiple reports, also met with Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning), hoping that he would be interested in joining the team management. But it was unlikely that Manning would agree to yel. "I don't know anything," Groton denied having had a discussion with yel, and said, "I don't know anything. I told people I cheap nfl jerseys free shipping wouldn't teach. I'm a commentary. I'm not a coach. " People familiar with the matter said he had previously rejected the intention of the 49 and Losangeles rams in San Francisco. yelling's intentional Groton again proved his feeling for the team. The team recently said that yel eel was "very dissatisfied" with the 8 - 8 consecutive playoffs missed in the 8 - 8 consecutive season of the season. still plans to let the current manager Chuck Pagano continue to teach next season, although he is interested in Groton.According to , 49 people in San Francisco are not currently active in trading Colin Capet (Colin Kaepernick) unless there is a suitable price. not only that, 49 people have already paid Capet Nick $12 million in April 1st revenue, at least when Capet Nick will appear in the list of 49 people, it seems that this price can also let Capet stay at ease to Nick competition starting position. reported that Denver Mustang, New York jets and Cleveland Brown were interested in getting Capet Nick, but the 49 was a 2 round of draft. The wild horse had previously communicated with Capet's broker, but the discussion on the restructure of the contract amount was not recognized by 49 people. now looks like Capet's possibility of leaving 49 people is getting smaller and smaller, although his agent has been trying to find a chance for a deal.| female handball World Championships division 4 hand ready | everything is money | hand Association In December 2nd, was informed by the organizing committee that the layout of the 4 divisions of the World Championships was basically completed, and that the competition area was divided into one school. The comparison was simply diverse. There was no uniform design style, and there was still 2 days to start. It is the landscape layout of the 4 parts of the world championships.Paxton - Lynch (Paxton Lynch) lost in the competition for the first quarterback in Denver's wild horse last week. And on Saturday, he was worried about the possibility that he might be out for some time. but the wild horse fans don't have to worry about it. According to the team coach Vance Joseph (Vance Joseph) said that Lynch is not right. "he's bruised on his shoulders, nothing serious," Joseph said after the Mustang's 20-17 win over Green Bay Packer's pre - season. "We have two weeks to get everyone back to health. It will be a long two weeks, so we still have time. I'm not too worried. " Lynch fell to the ground after being hit in the third quarter of the game and soon left the game. Kell Sloat (Kyle Sloter) play instead of him and the 7 ball 4 times successfully gained 49 yards and 1 touchdowns. Lynch did not return, but as Joseph said, he had two weeks to recover and resumed his quarterback duties in the first week of the game.

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