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The official website of NFL | assiduously tactical receiver Mitchell refused to invite | football rookie reported last week that 41 new players were invited to the first show of the annual NFL players union. This activity is a good publicity opportunity for the rookie. But in the end, only 40 new rookies took part. , according to Boston media reports, the new England patriot took the place of Malcolm Mitchell, the only new Malcolm who didn't participate in the activities. He chose to stay at home to study the tactics manual. always has some nervous atmosphere for the rookie's first show, which is an important activity for the players union and the invited rookie. But at the same time, the team also wants their new talent to learn tactics and enter the state. The players who are invited to play are not allowed to train at the team base while participating in activities, but nothing can prevent a player from choosing to take part in activities instead of studying or training alone. The players union would prefer to invite every invited player to participate in the activities, but Mitchell undoubtedly gave the Patriot a good first impression by paying more atte cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ntion to learning tactics.usually when you are intercepted by the police, you feel panic and fear, and think of what I did wrong? Do I have to receive a ticket? My insurance is going to be done! but if you are a Dallas Cowboys players, maybe you're wrong. recently, Christie Michael, a Dallas cowboy runner, released a photo of herself with a policeman on his Instagram, Christine Michael. It is reported that at that time Michael was stopped by the police at the high speed. "Let me stop just for a picture," Michael said in a message. The photo was released 3 hours before the cowboy started a match against the new England patriots.entered the ninth week, which also meant the regular season was in the second half. The first game will be a civil war in Ohio, Midland, North First Union is currently only four unbeaten team remains one of the Cincinnati tigers (7-0) - Brown Paul will be in the home court Stadium against the same district rivals Cleveland Brown (2-6). The seven win tigers have created the best record of the team's history. Quarterback Andy Dalton last week 2 times by the Steelers steals, but the first 7 games of 1992 yards with 15 touchdowns and 4 interceptions, passer score of 107.6 is still in the forefront of the coalition, according to this trend will create a number of personal occupation career high. Running back two headed monsters, "to seize power" - Giovanni Bernard with a 439 yard lead the team, become excellent substitute Jeremy Hill had 5 touchdowns in the red ball. In addition to the catcher has been playing with US rival AJ- Green feared (46 649), ushered in the 13 year of the outbreak of the first round of the show, produced tight end Taylor everfit and return from injured in two consecutive years of Marvin Jones had more than 300 yards. The defense tigers also usher in a strong tonic - occupation bowl linebacker von TAZ - percfect return back, plus with the league's top defensive tackle keno Atkins (5 sacks), Carlos - Dunlap rushed first-class military (6.5 sacks), with 3 steals leader Steven You Weilei - Kyrgyzstan nielsen. The three line of star players in the tigers defense team would have hoped to give Manzel a "shock education" again. veteran Josh McCain - due to a rib injury last year in the first round to show Jonny Manzel will lead the season starting second. For the tigers, Manzel must be "impressed". At the end of last season, Manzel's first career start was against the tigers. The result was 80 yards and 2 copies were cut off. He was repeatedly mocked by the "counting" gesture made by him after he killed him. Although opponents better than others, but in fact is not flawless, tiger defeated in seven wins the other two North America team crow Steelers difference was less than 7, and the average run tiger opponent can get 5 yards at the bottom of the league. Manzel needs to like at the beginning of the season, and Travis Benjamin (38 - complete with 601 yards) long pass line, tight end Gary barnidge (the 40 A new force suddenly rises. 567 yards) is also a reliable ball point, rookie running back Duke Johnson had 331 yards. Defensive end Brown also need to find ways to bowl occupation Joe Hayden and the main angle dongte - Qiang Wei with concussion of Whitnall may have missed this match.The official website of NFL | Brown Coach: the team needed to supplement over | football Cleveland Brown in this offseason in heavy loss of personnel, including wide receiver Travis Benjamin (Travis Benjamin), Alex Mike (Alex Mack Center), more than the main to his team. Brown also laid off last year not played wide receiver Dwyne Bowie (Dwayne Bowe), leading to veteran Blaine - Hart Ryan (Brian Hartline) has become the current leading outside Brown's take over, such poor outside over lineup also lets the team new coach Hugh Jackson (Hue Jackson) very distressed. Jackson said in an interview: it's clear that we are going to make some articles on the outside. As I have said before, I prefer a fast, fast - moving, sports hand. Brown, executive vice president Brown (Sashi Brown) - csathy also expressed similar views, he admitted that the current team lacks tall and athletic ability strong receivers. But so far they did not have any about over the gains in the free agent market, in March after the pork boom in the past, the free market has no reliable large over. 2013 league ball Mawang Josh Gordon (Josh Gordon) is still in the suspension period, the alliance will be the first in this week to decide whether to lift his suspension. But even if the ban was lifted, not playing Gordon what state geometry is also worrying for more than a year, so Brown will almost certainly take over by the front round draft picks in the draft pick.

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