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The official website of NFL | won the $820 thousand indemnity pirates cheerleading team | Rugby recently, the cheerleaders of Tampa Bay pirates won the team's claim for $825000. before the pirates cheerleaders door - Pierre (Manouchcar Pierre-Val) nosker prosecution team from May last year to start every game just paid cheerleaders every 100 dollars, in addition to training without any pay, and a small amount of fees and other activities to pay for cheerleading overhead. The indictment was done by Pierre and 93 other cheerleaders. According to TMZ reported that the prosecution claims Pierre is $660 thousand, the actual received $820 thousand payment, including $264000 to pay legal fees, cheerleaders won the remaining 560 thousand dollars, equivalent to every girl can get 6000 dollars in compensation. Pierre has been a cheerleader for pirates from the 2012 season, usually a full-time nurse.Baltimore tight end Denis Crow - pita ( cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Dennis Pitta) in the past two seasons have been plagued by injuries, but he for the upcoming season is still full of confidence. Pita said: "I feel very good, but now is still in accordance with the procedures. I know very well about my recovery and I am confident that I will return to the game in the new season. The 2012 season is pita peak, at that time he was regarded as the most beautiful medium catch ability of proximal Feng excellent. However, he had only 7 appearances in the next 2 seasons. Next month, pita is about 30 years old, the next season he will take full security 4 million salary. The team, will continue to give pita recovery time. in the draft, the crow picked up the near end Marx - Williams (Maxx Williams), which is expected to be the first to start in the rookie season. If not timely return the pita, another tight end will be Crockett - Gil Moore crow (Crockett Gillmore). Pita said: "I'll try to return to the stadium. Injury is part of the game and you have to try to do the best. "this week Oakland Raiders upset victory over 49 people in San Francisco, they used a secret weapon in the game: left Jiefeng Donald Paine (Donald Penn). During the competition, the Raiders faced a chance to reach the 3 yard line. They put Paine as a legitimate pick up player. Then he caught the pass from Derek Carle (Derek Carr) to complete the touchdown. is from Paine Raiders fans, he said to help the Raiders score is the biggest dream of his life. After touchdown, Paine jump on the stands, and the fans love to celebrate. After the game, Paine said: "since I was born, I was the Raiders fans, for me, is the dream of being able to jump on the stands. I did it today, although it was really hard to jump up, but the dream was great. Everyone has come to congratulate me. It's an important day of my life. " During the period of in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers effect, Paine also have done the ball up front. Interestingly, the opponent was also 49. Raiders coach Toni sparano (Tony Sparano) said: "we often let Paine ball in training, he never had. So in the game, we are full of confidence in him. "The official website of NFL and | patriots running back Lewis two | football running Duhem - Lewis (Dion Lewis) did well in the first season of the new England patriots. Team boss Bill Biliqieke (Bill Belichick) to ensure that the smart running back in the team to stay for two years. NFL official network reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), according to the sources of information, the patriot and Lewis renewed the contract to the 2017 season. The value of the contract could reach $5 million, including $2 million 600 thousand in basic income and a potential bonuses of nearly $2 million. Lewis also got a $600 thousand signature bonus. Lewis signed a future player contract with the Patriots at the end of last year, which he had missed two seasons before. His fibula fracture resulted in the season's reimbursement in August 2013. While the 2014 season he was wandering in the team, did not get the opportunity to play the entire season. As usual, when other teams don't reuse him, Biliqieke huiyanshizhu. In the first three games, , who was good at avoiding opponents, was difficult to defend in the patriot's attack system. He was facing each other linebacker dislocation advantage patriot gained over the past few years running back Sean Wolin (Shane Vereen) the ability to better -- according to the current pace of the season Lewis has 950 yards receiving yards, is two times the highest data occupation career volin. is close to the end of his NFL career. Lewis is now finding the perfect new team for himself. Now he has got a new contract to make sure he can stay in the team later. And the Patriots used a cheap price to lock up a good offensive player again.

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