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The official website of NFL |49 who took over Clubb Terry may leave | football San Francisco 49 main player Michael Crabtree Michael Crabtree has been underperforming this season, the data are not satisfactory, and the playing time is also limited. The position of the top player in the team has been replaced. And he will become a free player after the season. In a regular interview this Wednesday, a reporter asked if Clubb Terry would return to 49 people next season. He looked depressed. He said, "let's see, I don't want to talk about this now. Clubb Terry returned from injury this season, and his competitive state was in a great decline. He couldn't get rid of the defender on the court, and the ability to get rid of the ball was almost zero. Only 6 matches in 15 games were over 50 yards. The 49 person coach Jim Harbert (Jim Harbaugh) once highly praised Clubb Terry's catching skills, and they all won in the history of NFL, but Clubb Terry has slapped Harbert on the slap face this season. Sluggish performance, more serious injuries not low-key personality, let it may not return to Crabtree 49 team.NFL official website, 201 cheap nfl jerseys free shipping 6 inventory NFL what are the big news? In rugby wo 2016 is about to go to the past. Let's look back. What are the memorable events in NFL in 2016? January 13th - return to Losangeles in 21 years after the ram! 2015 season is not over, and the 21 - year - long ram in Saint Louis can't wait to announce the news. Back to the city of angels in Losangeles, RAM changes in more than a few letters on the badge for so simple, in what may be the most developed occupation Sports City in the world, they need to prove that: in addition to the Lakers, clippers, Dodge Ram, angel, up to the city of LA worth! February 8th - the wild horse won the fiftieth super bowl over the Panther, and von Miller took MVP! The fiftieth super bowl, the top seed of the United States union of Denver wild horse in San Francisco to the top seed of the top seed of the Carolina panther. This game is full of gimmicks: Fiftieth Super Bowls; top seed against United League of nations; draft pick Payton - Manning and Newton - cam show champion showdown; best offensive and defensive battle 2011 strongest; Olympic champion Newton and cam when the second von Miller showdown, etc....... eventually Denver Mustang defeated the Carolina panther with a high quality defense 24-10. Defense team's core von Miller has been playing Super Bowl MVP by virtue of his excellent performance. but the point is: the two teams in the new season have not been able to move into the playoffs. Especially the wild horse, the last time the defending champion failed to enter the playoffs was in 2003... February 8th, the Seahawks running back Sean Lynch - Beast horse announced his retirement! dare to grab the page with the super bowl, and this is what Mr. Lin has done. Others called teacher Lin retired he really made a turn in social account pending shoes photos. There is only one expression, half a word. well, the epinephrine beast that is injected every week in Seattle has retired, as always cool. March 7th - the legendary quarterback Payton Manning announced his retirement! March 9th - Megatron Kelvin Johnson announced his retirement! Payton - Manning, probably the greatest quarterback in the history of the Union; Kelvin Johnson, may be the greatest takeover in the history of the alliance. Two already 〉even-even soccer equipment net news Italy Naples club to launch a new 2015-16 team season second away in a summer friendly with Portugal FC Oporto before the game, the new shirt mainly in red, club's iconic blue in detail part. close cut and blue turtleneck Jersey Kappa inherited the traditional Italian style, New Jersey Kappa provides Naples with innovative performance and incomparable comfort, new lightweight fabric also has the ductility, air permeability and comfort, fabric stitching external reduces friction damage on the skin. The side also joined the laser hole.The official website of NFL levy is one of the most underrated players in the league football on Wednesday announced the Detroit lions and the main squad linebacker de Andrew levy (DeAndre Levy) signed a long-term contract, one of the most successful team to retain the excellent defensive player. Levi is one of the most underrated players in the league. He is not popular. Many fans who don't care about lion even do not know him. But he has been concerned by experts for several years, and has grown into the league's first-class all-around line guardian. levy value not only stick to grapple and steals captured and killed the low-end data, following one by one analysis. In the first four years of entering the league, Levi had no brilliant performance. The turning point appeared in the 2013 season, and this year he broke out. First of all, it showed an amazing growth in the cover defense, 6 times a single season, and a single season covering the defensive score in all 4-3 outside third. At the end of the run, he showed the same performance. The single season contributed 31 times to stop and stop, and the 8.8% cut off rate was in the same position fifth. In the 2014 season, levy state strive for further improvement, in the end to show the anti run dominance, 14.1% super high anti run stop rate in all 4-3 outside linebacker first, anti run stop is also in the same position of the highest score. also rushed in on levy is also a master, now this type can fully linebacker to play the third quite popular in the NBA draft, in recent years during the various brick house often called the lip position players value is on the decline, this is a mistake.

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