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Wednesday is Brady's birthday, the door finally deflated from walk out of the shadow in the quarterback for him the most common place to go (training patriot) celebrated his birthday. How does celebrate the birthday of a rich and handsome rich man (except for a ban)? What about the happy birthday song from the fans? training camp in the Brady on Wednesday morning to hear the fans as he sang the birthday song. For the in August 2016 has been 39 year old Tang God, is the explosion, he has been playing in the oldest player in the League in. Only a few players in the 2015 season is bigger than Brady, kicker Adam Vinatieri kicker Matt Bryant (43) (40), kicker Phil Dawson (40), quarterback Matt Hasselbeck (40), tight end / long open player Mike Leach (39), punter Shane Lechler (39) Peyton Manning (39), quarterback and defensive back Charles Woodson (39). not only that, everyone is looking cheap nfl jerseys free shipping forward to Brady at the age of 39 can play 12 games in the league. Historically, the age of 39 is not a good age for the quarterback. But the play too great, even in the last year at the age of 38, we also believe that he can hit a MVP season for the Patriots dynasty. in a word, Brady is the miracle of rugby sports medicine. The only one that slows his speed is the four game of stupidity. The official website of NFL | San Francisco 49 players and their cars are | football If the to define the team has a number of luxury cars, if not the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco more than 49 people, this is a very interesting thing to see how many wonderful luxury cars in the NFL player in the home. started together these figures, 49 people took over Stephen - Jones (Stevie Johnson) need to race hard if he wants with his teammates, this is his car Chevrolet caprice. maybe Jones should ask Patrick - Wells (Patrick Wills) to borrow one, including this amazing Aston Martin DB9. or this BMW 745Li maybe Jones could buy a Mercedes Benz CL63 AMG with a professional bowl line guard. if I were Jones, I would ask the price of the wild horse. if you don't see it, Frank - Siegel (Frank Gore) might be able to take this car Rolls-Royce to Jones until he can play so far. or this terrible Land Rover, especially when Jones agreed to put up the masonry. or Jones promised to catch more balls and protect the president of the marthati. Colin Capet looks like the best man for Jones's car, as long as he doesn't drop the ball. if Jones is his good friend, maybe the Jaguar is good. you all know that we can't go far alone. Without Capet Nick, Jones needs to understand that.The official website of NFL | Bill Weiss Peeler ran the season football | fear of clavicle fracture at the end of the close match of buffalo Bill against Minnesota Vikings, Bill's star runner CJ C.J. (C.J. Spiller) clavicle fracture was taken off. According to CBS NFL sports network insider Jason La Kanfula reported that Peeler will undergo surgery of clavicle fracture on Monday. Canfora also reported that his injury is likely to make Peeler's season reimbursed. is undoubtedly the most lethal for Peeler. For those who seldom miss the match, Bill did not perform well this season. Most of them are in the secret service group, and they share the ball with Fred Jackson (Fred Jackson). For him to renew his contract with the team, the injury could lead to a deal. also, the main runner Fred Jackson was forced to leave the field because of a groin injury in the game. Bill's final 17 to 16 victory over the vikings.Desanto Corporation of Japan to join J Tokyo league team FC (FC Tokyo, FC Tokyo) jointly announced the team's 2018 season the new away shirt, "Knight loyalty (Knight of loyalty)" as the design concept, the designer to fashion the graphical representation of Knight's armor, the introduction of UMBRO's innovative technology can also provide more comfortable experience for players in the fierce competition. The design of graphics and introduced the latest technology of "Ice Blast" technology, through the collar after axillary increase cooling special patch controlling water, and fast cooling function. The special section line on the Jersey also absorbs sweat. The evaporation of the fabric surface will promote the diffusion of fibers, contact with sunlight, promote sweat evaporation, absorb heat from evaporating sweat, and inhibit the rise of temperature inside clothes. The level of fine grain

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