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The official website of NFL, the Vikings running back Peterson: ready to play football, wo never doubted the ability of Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) to recover from injuries faster than the ordinary people. the Minnesota Viking told a radio show Friday that he was interested in the next game against Indianapolis's pony. 's training shows that I'm ready to fight, Peterson said. I've been studying tactics already. The Vikings need to make a place in the array to activate Peterson's list of 53. Peterson has been out of array since September 18th, due to a meniscus tear. He returned to training this week. Vikings certainly after the return of Peterson in the ground attack to inject a shot in the arm. The offensive frontlines were 73.4 yards from the Viking field, and the League was at the bottom of the league. Before second weeks of injury, Peterson had only 1.6 yards to push the ball on average. Peterson was originally intended to return to the Green Bay Packer in the sixteenth week. This is not the first time Peterson is expected to return early. Obviously, his ability to recover quickly shows that he and we are not a planet. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with it cheap nfl jerseys free shipping s views and is responsible for its authenticity.Jason - Pierpaolo (Jason Pierre-Paul) will stay in New York for the next few years. NFL official Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), according to people familiar with the news, said the giant had been passing through the formalities with their star for about 4 years. The value of the contract is $62 million, including an astonishing $40 million in security income. , the contract also includes a 20 million dollar signing bonus. He will make 34 million dollars in the next 11 months. He will earn 49 million 500 thousand dollars in the first three years of the contract. The annual salary of the contract is the second highest in the NFL defensive end, second only to his giant team mate Olivier Vernon (Olivier Vernon). "this is where I want to stay," Pierre Paul told the team's official website. "I can't imagine I joined other teams. I'm back for 4 years, and I'm ready to prove that I deserve this contract. " Pierre Paul, 28, lost his right index finger in July 4, 2015 and was seriously injured in the rest of his right hand because of a fireworks accident in July 4, 2015. He went to 8 games in 2015 after his injury in the accident and made 1 escapement. And in the last season he rebounded, winning 7 times to get 3 out of the ball. last season, Pierre and Paul ranked the League thirteenth in the scoring of rugby focus network. He showed stability in anti running and anti biography, and dispelled people's concerns about his hand amputation. quarterback Eli Manning (Eli Manning) career entered old age, the giants won the National League East title hopes in the defense body. Therefore, for them, a big contract for Pierre and Paul is not extravagant.the new England patriots received a good news, the team left Jiefeng Sebastian - Vollmer (Sebastian Vollmer) the ankle injury is not serious, he is expected to moderate after the break in the playoffs regression. Vollmer was injured in the game against New York jets last week, and there was a rumor that he said he would reimburse the season. patriots have been plagued by injuries this season, but everything is going in the right direction. Wide receiver Julian Edelman (Julian Edelman) and Danny Oman (Danny Amendola), Dora security guard Dwyane Mccati (Devin McCourty) and Patrick bell (Patrick Chung), linebacker Jonathan frini (Johnathan Freeny) has a chance to heal in the playoffs start. as Nate Soder (Nate Solder) for the season, had to play left Jiefeng wormer. Patriots have struggled in the offensive this season, and the team's first lineup has become extremely unstable because of the injury. Quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) the number of stress increased gradually. If patriots can beat the Miami dolphins this week, they will become the 1 seed of the United States Union.The official website of NFL | Mustang left knee injury to Credi Jiefeng fear | football season In due to foot injury missed most of season two years later, the Denver Broncos left Jiefeng Ryan creditOn (Ryan Clady) is likely to miss the entire 2015 season. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), according to reports from people familiar with the matter, said he was torn at the knee anterior cruciate ligament in training on Wednesday. The team's official website has shown that he may be reimbursed for the season. This means the quarterback Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) lost his blind side protector. last season, Credi's pass protection showed a significant decline. Although the four players are selected occupation bowl Mustang in the past five years the best offensive players, notably in the Chris - Clark (Chris Clark) instead of him as Zuo Jiefeng's 2013 season Manning scored a single season in the history of the most outstanding data. , once thought to be the best young player in its position, Credi had been selected for the best position twice at the age of 26. But he was troubled by injuries, from the patellar tendon in 2010 to the foot tarses of the foot in 2013. Credi signed a $52 million 500 thousand 5 - year contract in 2013, and he will get $9 million 500 thousand this season. the injuries caused by the greatest impact is the depth and persistence of Mustang, the current team is the transition to the new head coach Gary Kubiak (Gary Kubiak) of the regional open system. in training on Thursday, the two round of this year's San Bly Lo Sambrailo Ty became the top replacement of Credi's position, while Clark continued to stay in the right front position. Kubiak said last season's three round show Michael Schofield (Michael Schofield) was also the two choice for the position of the attack. It is reported that the wild horse also signed free agent Ryan Harris (Ryan) for the team to serve as a replacement for the replacement. Kubiak also need to determine the starting center and left guard candidate, which means that in the adjusted line there will be four new faces. , for the senior quarterback who had difficulty in avoiding the pressure of the season last season, a lack of tacit attack fronts will be a hidden danger.

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