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The official website of NFL | Beckham was tortured leg injury throughout the season! | football , if we still need to find a surprise for the New York giants to take the lead in Odell Beckham (Odell Beckham) season, it is that he has suffered two thigh muscle tearing all season. Beckham said: "I have never been in a completely healthy state this season. I can only try to manage my body well, and exert the level that I can exert myself to. It is reported that two torn muscles were used to support the semitendinosus muscle and abdominal muscles, the first tear occurred last year in the camp, and second lacerations occurred immediately after just a few weeks after the two tear to some extent affect the play Beckham's early season. To this end, Beckham will have to concentrate on his season, so that at the start of next season without injury was a drag. Although has missed four games, Beckham is still the main competitor of the best attacking player this season. The award will be announced on Monday morning in Beijing.The official website of NFL | ray Weiss: very excited to return to the playoffs | football The playoffs are not new to the new England patriot Daryl ray Weiss (Darrelle Revis). last week cheap nfl jerseys free shipping enjoy the bye week, the Patriots will be on Saturday against Baltimore crow. Although he didn't take part in the fierce confrontation between any crow and the Patriots in recent years, ray Weiss was familiar with his opponents, and he knew how hard the game would be. They were very explosive, Lives said. They have a good attack, and that's what our defense team really has to pay attention to. Lives may occasionally mark has 14 years of career wide receiver Steve Smith (Steve Smith Sr.). Although already 35 years old, Smith in the first year of the surrender of a crow effect of regular season data very beautiful, receiving yards over 1000 yards and scored 6 touchdowns. In the last week against Pittsburgh Steelers wild card game, Smith made 5 receptions for 101 yards. His age was only on paper, but still strong, Lives said. He is very strong. He has a good physical confrontation. He is very fast. He is very skillful. He has all the conditions you want to take over. He is one of the strongest players in the league, and he still can complete the large number of attacks. I used to mark him, there have been some great showdown between us. This man is a can create an impact player, he is a big player. 's confrontation between ray Weiss and Smith is not more important than the potential confrontation on Saturday. When patriots face a winning goal, many may expect Lives and second line defenders to limit the crows. But that's not what makes ray Weiss worried now. I'm just trying to play out what I've been doing every week and try to get ready, Lives said. I won't try to pay attention to too much or how important this game is. Just do the same thing, come on and finish the same quality defense.Handball |2012 London Olympic Games sixth times Coordination Committee meeting held in London | hand Association Luca according to International Olympic Committee website reported by Denis - Oswald (Denis Oswald) chairman of International Olympic Committee (IOC) 2012 London Olympic Games Coordination Committee will be held this week held a meeting in London, since this is the 2005 London Olympic bid, the Coordination Committee sixth visit to the British capital. The 3 day meeting will be opened in July 6, 2010 and end in July 8th. During the meeting, members of the committee will visit the Olympic venues and listen to the report of the 2012 London Olympic Organizing Committee (LOCOG) on the progress of the Olympic Games. stadiums and customer service At present, is only 2 years away from the opening of the Olympic Games. The preparatory work of the 2012 London Olympic Games has entered a critical stage, that is, it has entered the stage of trial operation. From next year, the London Olympic Organizing Committee will use 1 and a half years to test its own plan so as to ensure that the Olympic Committee can cope with all the severe challenges facing the host Olympic Games. For this reason, the committee will inspect some venues to understand the progress of venue construction, and test the services provided by OCOG for different customer groups, including athletes, National Olympic committees, media, international sports federations, and the wide audience. London 2012 Olympic Organizing Committee in July 6, 2005, London was elected the host city of the thirtieth Olympic Games at the 117th International Olympic Committee conference in Singapore. London won 54 of the 104 votes, and finally won in the fourth round. In the process of voting, London faces fierce competition from 4 other candidate cities: Paris, New York, Moscow and Madrid. In 2012, there were 26 competitions in the London Olympic Games, which are expected to attract 10500 athletes. (show)The official website of NFL | ram ran Weigeerli identified the absence of the first week of | football game injury recovery uncertainty that may appear in doubt, and on Saturday, running back Todd (Todd Gurley) - Karli was formally identified in the first week of the game will not be available. Saint Louis coach Geoff - Fisher RAM (Jeff Fisher) announced the first round of the show will run against the Seattle Seahawks who missed the new season opener. 's decision is not surprising, and the team has been very careful about the restoration of the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee. The height of 6 feet 1 inches, 227 pounds, Karli is not in any NFL game out of action. It is still unknowable when the goats let him play his first show. As for the in a game of running back Fisher to the lineup, Trey Mason (Tre Mason) the appearance may be more optimistic about the second grade, the running back hamstring shortly before the injured in training. Terre was in good condition, Fisher said on Saturday. He had two courses of treatment today, and he did a good job. So we'll see what he's going to do next week. if Mason is unable to play, Benny Kang Ninghan (Benny Cunningham) will probably start in this game.

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