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Dallas cowboys are still watching the team quarterback Toni Romo (Tony Romo) of the injury, they are also unable to determine whether by appearances in this week's game. Coach Jason Garrett (Jason Garrett) told reporters that the team will continue to monitor by the physical condition, then announced he will be classified as "doubt". The team had hoped that Luo Mo could gradually increase the proportion of training, but in training on Friday local time, Luo Mo was still absent from a lot of training. This week the cowboy's opponent is the Arizona Cardinals, the team needs the star players to lead the offensive team against the enemies. Gareth said: "we will always observe and evaluate his situation, maybe we need to make a decision before the match. I want him to do something in today's training and we have about 48 hours to see if he will be able to recover enough to play. If he missed the game , backup quarterback Weedon (Brandon Weeden) - Brighton will start the game. Gareth said, has been in the first training and Vuitton, his cowboy characteristics is very suitable for the offense.The official website of NFL | Brown for new uniforms: change is no cheap nfl jerseys free shipping t only | Rugby Jersey Cleveland Brown is looking forward to new changes to bring more victory to the team. Brown won the Super Bowl last time or in 1964, when he wore a white shirt and an orange helmet. Although winning has nothing to do with fashion, Brown has changed the shape of the New Jersey. team speech: I personally like tradition, this change is to let us see the traditional traces on the Jersey, but with new changes. I like this new set of shirts and I believe everyone will like it. team president said: fans will tell us whether they like or don't like it. We hope that most fans like the new uniforms. We hope that the New Jersey is linked to tradition, which is what we are going to do an old team and has a long history. One is the last Super Bowl champion. It is irresistible. The two strong teams will fight against this strong competition in the first half of this year's NFL regular season. In the past ten years the two teams battle record, wins over the Seattle Seahawks Green Bay Packers, but in recent years the Seahawks team constantly upgraded to open to see, this year the war still has a lot of suspense. 1976 to 1981 years, the Seahawks and the packers have met 3 times, 3 times is the packers win. In 1984, NFL has been among the ranks of the teams of the Seattle Seahawks inroads into the packers home court, 30:24 to win the first victory of the two warring. Since then, the Seahawks in 1987 and 1990 won two games, the two teams will refresh the record to 3:3. On 1998, the packers under coach Mike - Holmgren (Mike Holmgren) to defeat the Seattle Seahawks under the leadership of 31:10, advancing to the super bowl. After the game, coach Mike Holmgren left to join the Green Bay Packers, the Seattle seahawks. The following year, the 1999 season, the Seahawks 27:7 away win over the packers. In 2003, the two teams met again as the National League team. This time, the packers initiative multiple touchdowns, with a 35:13 win over the seahawks. In 2005, the main Seahawks did not play, the packers defeated the Seahawks again an easy job to do. This year, was known as Favre (Favre) last year, and he also played two games of the season. The 2006 season in a blizzard and in the game, the packers lost 24:34 seahawks. Alexander ran Wei Sean (Shaun Alexander) ran for 200 yards, and Matt Favre (Matt Hasselbeck) to record 6 steals. In 2008, Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) first appearance will lead the packers to 27:17 away win over the Seahawks, the following year season to 48:10 more firmly suppressed the seahawks. last season, the Green Bay Packers defeat the Seahawks home court. The two teams have fouled frequently, and they are not sure about the rhythm of the attack. The opening game of the season, the two teams will meet again, and Rodgers led the packers Werwilson led the Seahawks, in the end is a powerhouse or defending champion will be better? Let's wait and see. Beijing time 8:30 on September 5th, the official website of NFL Chinese live throughout the 2014 season opener NFL Green Bay Packers VS Seattle Seahawks please pay attention Beijing time 8:30 on September 5th, NFL's official website Chinese live 2014 NFL season opener of the Green Bay Packers VS Seattle Seahawks, please pay attention.31 year old cornerback Leon Holzer (Leon Hall) is currently the biggest free player market cornerback, but puzzling is that the free agent market has opened more than a month, Holzer has not been able to find a new club, visit the Dallas cowboys and the Arizona Cardinals have failed to reach an agreement, this can not help but let people guess the reason. The day before the media Dave Lafamu (Dave Lapham) said that at the end of the season, Holzer soon after receiving back surgery to repair his injured intervertebral disc, which may be the main reason for other teams on the sidelines of the. in addition to the back injury, Holzer has also been twice suffering from a rupture of the Achilles tendon, combined with the age of 31, will inevitably be in the free market. But Holzer last season in Cincinnati tigers well, in the case of combat injuries proved that he is still a good angle of groove guard, can still occupy a space for one person in the league. It is reported that in addition to the cowboy and the cardinals, also intends to present in the dolphin, dolphin former tiger defense second tier coach, he is likely to play a key role in the recruitment process, also have the intention to provide the contract. At present, the reason why dolphins haven't made substantial progress is that Holzer's asking price is relatively high. Holzer hopes to win the last big contract for his career.

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