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Dafydd Botero (David Portnoy) is the founder of popular website Barstool sports. He was arrested in the US on Tuesday, because he protested in the office of NFL, including some of his employees. as I said earlier, Portnoy and his staff sat in the headquarters of New York NFL door, then hand in hand, as for Tom Brady (Tom Brady) support. But it wasn't long before the security and police of the office building appeared, but they refused to leave. then according to Barstool's staff tweet, the people on the spot were arrested. Aigo with little social media to express their support for Brady, while the remaining part seems to Portnow.NFL official website, rob Gelon's injury is not sure whether to fly in cheap nfl jerseys free shipping football nest of the new England patriots tight end rob Gelon Khodorkovsky (Rob Gronkowski) on Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks game by the impact of lead to lung perforation. G Ron koves Ki was the Seahawks safety Earl Thomas (Earl Thomas) holds due to injuries, but both sides said it was a clean tackle, after Thomas also hope Gelon Khodorkovsky return back in the race as soon as possible. but the problem came this week against San Francisco patriots 49 games the team need to go by plane, now can not determine whether Gelon's injury can on the plane. in addition to the lungs, Gelon Khodorkovsky also has a hamstring injury, if he can't attend this week's game, Bennet (Martellus Bennett, Matara) will become the team one tight end. ? The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.According to the NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that the lion from the Panther claim at the quarterback Brad - Kaya (Brad Kaaya). This year the draft males took Chaya, but finally cut him, leaving only 2 quarterbacks in the list of 53 people. The Panther took after him, but on Tuesday announced to abandon callao. 's male quarterback quarterback Matthew Matthew Matthew's performance is somewhat unstable. The male lion chooses another quarterback, just in case, it is understandable.The official website of NFL | Vic: I haven't had time to get it ready | football Smith (Geno Smith) - Keno will at least continue to keep his starting quarterback in this week's position, he will not be a long struggle with in the cold, because the substitute Michael Vick (Michael Vick) in the second half of the game can not exercise his duties. 's last week against San Diego lightning team in the second half of the race completed 19 passes 8 times, won only 47 yards, is an amateur, he admitted that he may not be ready for. Vick told the New York post: I may not be ready yet. But I want to tell you. this is a struggling sub - quarterback that has not shown the substitute state, and should be needed to continue to play the substitute role. Vic admits he should be able to continue in the substitute team. He said, "I was taught to be a man last week, and that is to be ready." Last week left me bitter memories, I can not show, no points, not even help the team to have any improvement. So this week and every week after the season I'm going to make a change and I'll do my best to get ready. There is no in the world. But if Vic has been a bit of a normal performance last week, keno is now likely to be firmly nailed to the bench. But Vic's performance, and the subsequent confession, felt that he really didn't expect to win the competition in the middle of the opportunity - at least so far this season.

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