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Beijing time on November 21st, the Seattle Seahawks home court against Atlanta falcons. Although the Falcon was generally good, but needed a victory for the Seahawks will not take the initiative to do in the home court. ???????????? Play a falcon quickly enter the state, even if one does not rely on external Julio - Jones, is to promote the smooth. Push to the Seahawks cornerback Jeremy half, Lynn made the mistake of illegal interference pass directly to the area before the Falcon came to array code. Running back Coleman rushing touchdowns tweng opener, Falcon 7-0 leading! the next round of attack, only two gear, Russell - Wilson's pass by Falcon Desmond - trurvan to complete the copy! This gift, of course, will not easily miss the Falcon, run with the red zone to the seahawks. third attack, Mohamed took over the outer row of Falcon Thanou, which deliver the goods, the right end raw Seahawks cornerback Coleman catch touchdowns, though the Seahawks safety Earl Thomas was on hand to also of no avail. In addition, the Falcon 14-0 leads. Offensive ideas Seahawks remain unchanged, still rely on Russell Werwilson for short distance Paul Richardson, then Locket won the first cheap nfl jerseys free shipping attack in the lateral side. Mike Davies, who was just promoted from the training list, also had a bright eye. Mike - Davies is brisk, but still have to see Jimmy within the region. Jimmy - Graham formed a one - to - one line with the falcons, even though it was disturbed or stabilized. The Seahawks to catch the score 7-14. then began the first Falcon last attack, Matt Ryan's pass and defensive foul pulled people offset each other, to play three attack, receiver Hardy almost completed a large number of code in advance, but in the hands of the ball by the Seahawks cornerback damage. At the end of the first game, Atlanta Falcon 14-7 leads! In section second of to the Seahawks cratered. Russell Werwilson was sacked after dropping the ball, falcons defensive end Adrian clyburn picked up the ball - complete return touchdown, Falcon 21-7 lead! The back to the Seahawks advance or rely on running back Mike Davies and Jimmy Graham - tight end. The brilliant performance of Wilson in the red area failed to turn into an array, and eventually only three points were taken by Walsh. but the falcons answered the attack and went wrong! The Seahawks hold a live ball, began to attack directly from the red Falcon in the region. However, to get a first attack after the Seahawks after three completely insurmountable Falcon defense group. The final selection of four gear Werwilson ran to the outside of a fight, see no defense, originally prepared.The official website of NFL | Panthers quarterback Newton initiative for failure to embrace responsibility | football ?????????????????10:28???????????????????????????????-????Cam Newton?????????3??????????????????? In the match, Newton had only 4 yards to get the 151 time, and 35.7% pass rate (28 pass 10) and 39.4 quarterback score were all his career low. In addition, Newton also had two turnovers in the game, and he had been copied in 5 consecutive games. After the game, Newton took the initiative to take on the responsibility of failure: I knew I had a lot of balls that I didn't pass. It's no wonder that others blame myself. But in fact, the failure of the defeat should not be entirely responsible for Newton, the attack group was more chaotic, and the receiver had missed several of the balls that should be caught. When talking about whether he was tired of doing too much work, Newton said, obviously, I didn't do much enough because the team lost. , of course, Newton also has many highlights in his performance today. Today, his wonderful fishing jump has won the only touchdown for the team, but for the top players, only relying on one or two performances can't help the team win.The official website of NFL | occupation bowl will change the width and the number of suspended | football goal , another year's professional bowl competition is about to start in the desert city Feinikesi this weekend. In this year's competition, the League will introduce two rules. first, the width of the ball will change from the original 18 feet to 14 feet. Now 18 feet 6 inches wide from the last century since the establishment of the 20s alliance had not changed, and the League also in recent years to a proposal to let the kick has become more challenging, including in pre-season 1 additional separate ball position from the original to the 2 yard line back to the 15 yard line, results in the trial in 33 games there have been a total of 8 missed, and in 2013 the entire season, additional points only 5 times missed. , in addition, the number of pause will also change. The two teams in this match can get two suspension opportunities in each session, instead of three times in the past half court. If a team is not used or suspended for only one time in the first quarter or the third quarter, they will add a pause chance in second or fourth.The official website of NFL | Addie RESINES do not care about the ankle injury to play football | The rookie season, Addie Rey (Eddie Lacy), has been unable to get rid of the ankle injury. And recently he didn't seem to want an ankle injury to affect his game. said, "it's not something to think about. It's gone away." Looking back on 2013, Rey was injured in the fourteenth week of the wrapper's competition, and then he had to be absent from training to cure his injuries. has had ankle injury again in the second week of the season, but it didn't take long for him to play the next game of the team and complete the 46 yards to advance the 41 yards to catch the ball. Lei Xi said: obviously I'm not affected by my foot injury, I can contribute a lot of good run ball. but this season is different from the 2013 season, the packers have a healthy Aaron - Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers), the team bench is sufficient, so Rethy need to be injured but not as fast as his rookie season.

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