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patriot quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) of the schedule for the Achilles tendon injury has produced some changes in his weekly press conference held this week to Saturday. At this meeting, he apologized to the attack coordinator, Josh Macdaniels (Josh McDaniels). "my first thing to say is that I apologized to Josh for the move in Buffalo last week." Brady said, "I know the coaches are working hard, and we can get such achievements. So I want to make it clear here. " The also said that their usual and live mode is not so fierce Macdaniels last week. "a lot of people believe that we don't have a good relationship, but the opposite is true." Brady said, "I don't feel very well this week, and now I cheap nfl jerseys free shipping 'm finally going to say it. He knows how much I love him. " 10-2's Patriots will face 5-7 of the Miami dolphins this week.The official website of NFL | Seahawks defensive coordinator Quinn teams favored | football Seattle Seahawks coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) said the team has been on the team's defensive coordinator Dan Quinn (Dan Quinn) is interested in, want to become the coach of the team next season. reported many news reports on Monday. There are mainly three Quinn teams. They are New York jets, San Francisco 49 people and Atlanta falcons. Of course, they all have their own coaches on Monday. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????쨰??????? The 44 year old Quinn in the past two seasons with the Seahawks defensive group played a very high level, he is in the original Seahawks defensive coordinator Gus Bradley (Gus Bradley) to become the Jacksonville Jaguars coach after he took office, to join the Seahawks before Quinn played for University of the 2011 draft show, the cowboy team with the number ninth sign did not choose Watt JJ-. Now Watt has become the most feared defensive player in the League (almost one of them can be removed). Has the cowboy team regretted the choice of the year? cowboy coach Jason Garrett (Jason Garrett) responded, "no, then choose Tyrone Smith (Tyron Smith) the decision is correct, we want to choose a base class players at that time, we think Smith is a great player, left tackle the iconic characters. Of course, we appreciate Watt too. It took a lot of time to study and evaluate him before the draft. " This is not a "choice of Greg - Auden, Kevin - miss Durant" mistakes, because Smith is also very good, occupation career only 1 games without a starter, second team in the last year, this offseason is to get the reward team out of 8 years 98 million price contract renewal. didn't know whether Smith and Watt could play a wonderful match in the fifth week's civil war of Dezhou, and whether the Smith and Watt could play a good match.the time after Monday's game, Eli Manning (Eli Manning) is the head coach Mcadoo (Ben McAdoo) criticism. The outside world has speculated that such criticism would lead to the estrangement of the quarterback and the manager. Manning himself said he didn't care for the coach's criticism of his remarks. He also said that players need to learn to accept criticism so that they can survive in the alliance. in fact, Mcadoo's criticism of Manning is very serious, and he thinks Manning's quarterback tactics are very careless and casual. Mcadoo is nothing wrong, but don't forget that Manning has always been able to survive in such a complex market in New York, and so far has his law of existence. But then Manning needs to show something to help the team, or the New York giants will go farther and farther.

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