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Two playoff victory against Karlsruhe, let the burger still maintained since the 1963-64 Bundesliga season since the first perfect attendance record, the new ball collar after the slogan "Nur der HSV (Hamburg only)" proud to display the great achievement, only the Hamburg Bundesliga team is the only full time.19 years ago, Tom - Cruise and Renee - Zellweger starred in the sports agent theme "Jerry Maguire" was the way Oscar become fashionable for a time, in the ceremony of the film not only help Tom handsome and Renee broaden the career path, Tom Cruise plays Jerry - Magway, is a real thing to deal with customers' man. Not only focus on one player, this trait also allows people to meet an unknown world of sports brokers. until March this year, the famous American action movie star Dwayne Johnson plays football news spread like wildfire, so that thousands of fans crazy. Until the new "players" (Ballers), but the fans shou cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ted down, looking for Johnson Johnson was in the play dolphin charge into the enemy ranks, as a player of transition football broker. But as the story goes, people began gradually to Johnson as Spencer - Moore Stella spirits up. When people were tired of watching movies and TV series such as players, coaches and so on, they suddenly realized that we had been so familiar with the occupation of "Rugby broker". this article will bring you together, the mysterious "Rugby broker". 1, how do players choose brokers? is like everyone needs a car, every occupation football players are in need of a broker. when we need a lawyer, a nanny, a chef, a psychologist, and so on, of course, we need to do it yourself. On the contrary, sports agents will make an investigation of players who are interested in it as they do before scouting. Then they will recommend themselves as an insurance salesman, and move players with abilities, experience, qualifications, charisma and future plans. Compared to those famous top brokers, the junior broker must also serve customers to follow around more than 800, after all the registered agent, can compete for customers about 2000 or so, not to show sincerity, how to succeed. After the signing of the , the employment became a two-way choice, and in a week, both sides could give up hand in hand with each other. What is the job responsibility of 2 and rugby brokers? complex answer: to assist sports organizations in developing and dealing with daily affairs, and to transfer players, performances, competitions, assets management, daily affairs, investment and all sports matters. simple answer: eat and drink the size of the whole bag. due to the NFL salary management hard salary cap, the management team in the face of "stingy", the broker can not only to grasp every penny for the increase of the contract protected part, and reasonable choice of the length of contract, and other sports is not just long enough big contract. Brokers need to have strong legal knowledge and awareness, which is why some universities have studied law and become a sports broker after graduation. Most players in college to maintain good habits live frugally, into the post 〉Will alshen Geoffrey (Alshon Jeffery) enter the free agent market? , the Chicago bear, will be a free player on Thursday, and he has been linked with every team in the league. But the possibility that he will stay in the bear team is increasing. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that the bears and Geoffrey's agents had a "positive meeting" on Saturday, and both sides were very willing to let Geoffrey stay in the bear team. prior to the Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown (Antonio Brown) just got a 4 year salary reached $17 million contract, which makes him the highest paid League wide receiver. Geoffrey will be looking forward to his next contract price contract to brown. Geoffrey, who said on Thursday that he wanted to sign a competitive team, said, "whatever the next step is, I'm ready." I'm looking forward to joining a team that clearly needs to take over and will give me the best chance to win the championship now. " last season the bear team was only 3 - 13 and had a big problem in the quarterback and other places, and they did not have the championship competition. but, after having enough positive meetings and offering a big contract, they may change Geoffrey's idea.even-even soccer equipment network the German Football League will enter the 2017-18 season with a new look. The bundesflag was launched in 2003, and this time it will be modified to make it easier to digitize. The Second Division League will get its own mark for the first time.

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