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The official website of NFL | Dalton treated without surgery in the playoffs is expected to return | football The Cincinnati tigers got a good news on Monday. team manager Malvin Lewis (Marvin Lewis) told reporters that quarterback Andy Dalton (Andy Dalton) did not need to operate the fractured right thumb. Dalton will not play in the next game against 49 people in San Francisco, and the team will watch the injury every week to decide whether Dalton will be able to play. according to NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that Dalton is expected to return to play in the playoffs, but it depends on his recovery speed. Dalton believes it is possible to return to the seventeenth week, but the recovery time of the fracture is difficult to predict. is still uncertain when Dalton's recovery time is uncertain. The two grade quarterback quarterback AJ- Macallan (AJ McCarron) will finish her career first. He was playing off the bench after the ball for 280 yards and 2 touchdowns, but there are two deadly steals. tigers in the American League North to two games ahead of Pittsburgh Steelers, they should try to beat San Francisco 49 people, Denver Broncos and Baltimor cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e crow to get the first round of the playoffs bye opportunity. The next game Macallan is expected to become the first to win the University of Alabama quarterback since 1987. Dalton's injury has cast a shadow over his best season. His performance has convinced the tigers that they can end the embarrassing history of the playoffs. For Dalton, the recovery process must go all in to ensure that he can return in the playoffs, but the news on Monday made people have a glimmer of hope for him to return to the stadium in January.The official website of NFL | Raiders chief Rick won the first victory of the season | football Beijing time on November 21st, the 2014 NFL regular season in week twelfth Thursday night game lead in the war, 0 wins and 10 losses Oakland Raiders in the home court against the rival the Kansas City Chiefs, the final by virtue of Tevez - Murray ran Wei (Latavius Murray) in the first half of the two touchdowns in the team and excellent performance in the fourth quarter of the epoch-making, raid their chief's first win of the season, after a lapse of a year and finally win. the United States has been affected by cold air and snowstorm in the near future, and the temperature in 50 states is lower than the same period in history, even in Hawaii. Oakland has also been affected, the scene is not a small rain increase of no small difficulty for both sides. Although the team success is bad, but Oakland fans still maintained a high enthusiasm, not only the court and they also create All seats are occupied., the atmosphere of terror. Raiders start morale is prosperous, to let the Emirates for two consecutive strikeouts (THREE & OUT), the first section of the middle, Raiders with two third to promote the transition of the chiefs in the red zone, Murray ball to the left around the completed touchdown 7:0, it is worth mentioning that this is the chiefs for the first time this season to allow other rushing touchdowns. Since then, both sides have not built their own attacks, and after two discarded kicks, they enter the second section. festival began soon staged a wonderful scene: the Raiders began to attack on the 10 yard line after the ball, Murray dodged unexpectedly from the middle break out of breath bolted to Emirates 90 yard touchdown completion end, 14:0! The chief of the attack once again failed, they 5 times before the attack to punt end. The Raiders in the form of a good time, their punt returner, Denali Moore (Denarius Moore) to send a gift: the ball may be due to slippery, Moore did not take steady punt the ball players Emirates team riders arrived in my arms. But the Sheikh didn't hold the opportunity, just hit a free kick, 14:3. As the rain went on, Murray, the hero of the raider, met with a head collision and hit the ball in a return attack. Although the ball was still taken by the Raiders, Murray had to return to the lounge for a concussion check and he never returned to the game. At the end of the half, the Raiders took a surprise lead. It is absolutely for the Emirates not afford to lose a game, but may be trapped in bad weather, to pass as they are still difficult to find a breakthrough, only reluctantly to punt, and the Raiders are step by step steadily, once again hit a free kick 17:3. Finally, the chiefs of the kickoff return hand Neal - Davies (Knile Davis) began to counterattack horn for the team to attack the 40 yard line, he greatly enhance the morale of the team back from the end, quarterback Arrakis Smith in the rain decreased (Ale〉The function, the new kit is equipped with Puma's most advanced technology, dryCELL moisture management technology breathable mesh fabric and Puma can help players in the field play the best level.The official website of NFL | Bill confirmed that the manager and coach will remain | football Rex Ryan (Rex Ryan) didn't succeed in the first season of buffalo Bill, but the team is still willing to give him more opportunities. Local time Wednesday, Bill officially announced that Ryan and general manager Doug (Doug Whaley) - wells will remain in the next season. in this season is the last game of the case, Bill's record of 7 wins and 8 losses, the team is still looking forward to victory over the New York jets, to get 50%. It is worth mentioning that Bill had expected Ryan to make the team a top defense team in the League to hit the playoffs. But the reality is that Bill's defense is not going back and back, and the performance of the team has been more disappointing than the team last season. made the right choice at the offensive side of the offensive compared to the defense. Bill abandoned the first round of quarterback EJ Manuel (EJ Manuel), enabled Taylor de Taylor (Tyrod Taylor) effect. Next season, Ryan and his Bill will face a bigger challenge. To stay here, the team needs a breakthrough.

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