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The official website of NFL | America and 49 people before the tiger line Coulthard Weiss signed for 5 years | football Jaguar Jackson this offseason very positive, has won a number of star players in the team, will reinforce the linebacker position. According to relevant sources, Jaguar is about to sign up with the former San Francisco 49 - man line Dan Skuta. The two sides agreed on a 5 - year, $20 million 500 thousand contract. , 29, has finished 5 escapement last season, after having spent 4 seasons in the Cincinnati tigers and only finished 0.5 escapement. After joi cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ning Jaguar, he will be a strong outside guard. He is responsible for passing and covering defense in the defensive tactics of the team. The Jaguar show in the past few days ambition makes all the fans satisfied, they met with the near end Julius - Thomas (Julius Thomas), defensive player Jared - Odd Rick striker (Jared Odrick) and Shaun Parnell (Jermey Parnell Zare Mei) signed. Although the team missed the German - Mccati (Devin McCourty) and Randall Cobb (Randall Cobb), but they still sign the role players at the right price under several. It is foreseeable that the Jaguar offseason is far from over.The New Jersey is black, heavy and elegant. The silver Adidas winning three stripes appear on the side of the body and extend to the sides of the shorts, and the following are the red ball socks. left chest is a beautiful red badge on both sides of the club, with the club motto, "Notre Coeur, Notre Force (our heart, our strength), the chest also show" Red Star 120 (Red 120) ".Coach Bill of the buffalo Rex Ryan (Rex Ryan) obviously for Monday night's loss to the Seattle Seahawks game. in the competition because they lost 3 points, the reason is in the game on the Seattle Seahawks cornerback half of Richard - Sherman (Richard Sherman) the kicker Dan Carpenter (Dan Carpenter) out without penalty by the referee. After the game, Ryan said to Sherman, "you play like a butt." Sherman later said he heard Ryan said to myself these words, and even heard did not affect him, but the Seahawks coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) to sit, Carol said: "I only hope that he can manage his team like this, your own people." , in fact, Ryan is not the only object of Carol's dissatisfaction. He also expressed his dissatisfaction with Carpenter's performance after being hit. He said, "this guy is overdone, making it look worse." but one fact was that after Sherman's impact, Carpenter's knee was really hurt. Carol finally said, "if the referee can blow off the game, see the quarterback's condition, then give the punishment to give it, instead of now." ? COMBTOTALASTSACKFF2017 Regular Season282085.042017 Postseason4220.00Career3092367363.513FRINTYDSAVGLNG2017 Regular Season000002017 Postseason10000Career60000TDPDSTFSTFYDSKB2017 Regular Season002602017 Postseason02000Career01124730Complete Stats ?

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