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Beijing time February 24th, the Dallas Ranger team officially announced that in order to commemorate the death of the team founder Tang Carter, the lone Rangers will wear a special jersey in the remaining season. A commemorative badge of "Mr.C" is printed on the shirt. Tang - Carter, a big boss of the lone chivalrous team in -1996 1980, still had a small share of the team in his life. He is one of the most influential people in the history of the solo team. Tang - Carter and his wife Linda Jo are the favorite of Dallas. He is deeply loved by the players, coaches and team staff. He is called "Mr.C". Carter's iconic white cowboy hat was part of the original Logo of the solo team. , "the whole Lone Ranger family is devastated by the death of Mr. Carter." Mark, Cuban, the boss of the lone ranger, said after his death. "Since he founded the team in 1980, he and his wife Mrs.Carter are the guiding lights of the team. Mr.C is very important for Dallas's single man and the city of Dallas, and we express our condolences to the Mrs.Carter and the Carter family. " The solo team will hold a memorial ceremony in the game against the walkers at home next week.The official website of NFL | Megatron resurfaces, will form a terrorist group of two people | rugby and the Tate so far this season, NFL's official website on the Detroit lions wide receiver Kelvin Johnson (Calvin Johnson) injury has been 87 times, and now we can finally declare cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Megatron back! Johnson told reporters on Wednesday that he will take part in this weekend's competition with Miami dolphins, and coach Jim Caldwell (Jim Caldwell) also confirmed this statement. Johnson took part in the team training on Wednesday the real thing, he said: now the feeling and reflected in the training level is very satisfactory, you can return to the 100% state really great, this is the first time I feel so full of go in the middle of the season, cornerback who has to beware. the match between the lions and the dolphins on Sunday will be the two team that is recognized as the best two teams in the league. Despite the lack of Johnson the lion attack group performance is not satisfactory, but this summer from the free agent market introduction of another receiver Gordon Tate (Golden Tate) will undoubtedly prove their value. With the comeback of Johnson, the two of them will obviously become the most lethal combination in the league.The official website of NFL thirty-six meter Rugby Football hide a dagger behind a smile Play Action is a fake running tactic, which corresponds to Draw, a false transmission tactic. Draw is an American football field on the hide a dagger behind a smile. The biggest feature is widely used, and can be learned without teacher. The smile is a beautiful human face, saying the fist not smiling man, was able to hide a dagger behind a smile to become a hundred test of sorts. Because he hit the most common weakness of human nature. in the Draw tactics, Shi is the offensive team, with defensive side is set, we first talk about how the total defense group. The attack group discharged the partial pass form, after the opening of the ball pretended to pass the ball attack, the defender first judged to be a pass attack, the first target stared at the external contact. Then, the quarterback handed the ball to the running back, because most defenders retreated to the backcourt pass mark, defensive front running back to break through. This is the core of hide a dagger behind a smile to hide my smile, running back the desire to attack, let the line guards feel that they are harmless, no offensive threat, as long as we can stop. When the opponent neglect, then with a powerful explosive force to break through the defense, the other be caught off guard. The defender specifically which aspects of a loophole? The general defense group is divided into the front (Front) and the second line (Secondary). The second tier includes safetys and corner guard, is mainly responsible for the interception attack; attack and defense is divided into the front line of defense attack guard, is mainly responsible for the impact of quarterback and linebacker intercepted a ground offensive is the core position, anti impact, anti running quarterback job will participate in execution. When the judge for the ground offensive, defensive group will all offensive players ran to the ball, formed encirclement, opponents have nowhere to hide. When the judge for the passing attack, safety after disarming far-reaching route, cornerback mark receivers, defensive front impact quarterback, linebacker and defensive formation according to the judgment is marking, keep area or raid. In the defensive formation, the most complex of the work is the line guard, the other positions are very clear, the tactics will lure the line guard to make the wrong judgment. attack group array, general discharge 4 ball point, after leaving only a quarterback and a running back, this defense group at least to arrange more than 5 people were at the remaining few people facing 7 attackers can not account for what is cheap. When the Center kicked off and the ball quarterback step back, look around to find the ball, must make Tingbei vote can not eat, your heart the feeling of loss four gu. Several external contacts were killed at the fastest speed to the array, attracting defense. Running guard at any time with the quarterback, to make a pass protection, in fact, it is not necessary to protect him. However, the defender sees this state, basically acquiesce him as a blocker and ignore his threat as a running guard. After 2 seconds, the relay runs 10 yards, and both the line guard and the second line defender are taken away from the front line.The official website of NFL | Seahawks General Manager: defensive end Bennet on the current contract with | football Michael - Bennet (Michael Bennett) still wants a raise. the Seattle Seahawks ball impact hand choose not to participate in the current voluntary training to hope the team can to give him a contract. General manager John - Schneider (John Schneider) said on Wednesday that he felt Bennet was not satisfied with his $32 million $4 contract that he had signed in 2014. I didn't have the impression that he was satisfied with the contract, Schneider said. But I think he realized it was a team sport and I'm sure he saw some teammates with a year left. His contract is two years left. We have some people to worry about to become free players after the end of next season. According to a report in the and the players left on his contract for more than a year of negotiations, the Seahawks want to fix receiver Doug - Baldwin (Doug Baldwin), near end Luke - Wilson (Luke Willson) and kicker Steven hauska (Steven Hauschka) contract. Bennet last offseason choose a strike to seek a new contract, but failed. He took part in compulsory training, but said he had considered complete training. But Schneider is not worried that this will happen this year. Bennet in the last season for the first time in the bowl and the occupation is a key member of the Seahawks defensive attack the ruling class, but in two years with the contract situation he may also raise the target can not be achieved.

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