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San Francisco 49 people rely on the star runner Frank - Gore (Frank Gore) to get back in time, in Sunday night competition to reverse the Philadelphia hawk. Gore has completed the longest 55 yards of his career and completed the first 100 yards of the season. The final 49 to 26-21 win catch up from behind. The eagle of the 3 game winning streak, their first defeat of the season. The 49 attack played well today, in addition to the long distance Gore touchdown catch, quarterback Colin - Capet Nick (Colin Kaepernick) and Steve Johnson (Stevie Johnson) the connection is successful, completed a touchdown. Team kicker Phil Dawson (Phil Dawson) completed three shots, 2 of which were over 46 yards. Finally, Nick Capet of the game 30 passes 17 times, harvest 218 yards with 2 touchdowns, and was sacked 4 times. The hawks all came from the defensive team and the special team today. Darren Paule Adams (Darren Sproles) to complete the occupation career the longest punt return touchdowns: 82 yards. Malcolm - Jenkins (Malcolm Jenkins) finished cutting in the game and returned to 53 yards to score. Brad - Smith (Brad Smith) also blocked 49 people's abandoned kicks, direct completion of the array. Although the team defensive combination unit performance, but quarterback Nick Fowles (Nick Foles) led the offensive team team is not as comprehensive misfiring, three weeks before the same again staged reverse play. The whole game, Fowles's 43 pass only completed 21 times, a total of only 195 yards out, without the array was cut 2 times. this game is the first victory of the 49 people at the new stadium. Data reality, the first half of the 49 people in the number of attack code in the number of 232 yards for 73 yards far ahead, but t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping he score is 13-21 behind. In the second half, Johnson finished the textbook catches, helping the team to counter the score. This is the first half of the season of the 49 in the first half of the season, before the 3 second half of the team lost 3-52 net 49 points. In this game, both sides failed to deal with the foul problem. The 49 people were fined 80 yards from the 10 fouls and were fined 60 yards in the first half. The eagle also fouled 10 times and was fined 70 yards. In the competition, 49 people had two injuries. One is that the first section is about to end, and right winger Anthony Davies (Anthony Davis) injured his left knee. In the third section, the near end front Vernon Davies (Vernon Davis) also brought down the game for a back injury. He had already missed third weeks of competition because of his ankle injury.NFL official website, [04] three star story, old times, perfect supporting football nest October 8th at 4:34 in the afternoon, New York MetLife stadium, a NFL central huge logo packed with all the players, coaches, reporters, and staff, Eli Manning and Philip Rivers, the two great figure did not squeeze into the middle, but hug in an obscure corner of handshake, whisper a lot of. Philip Rivers led the Losangeles lightning won the first win fifth games to move back to the city of angels, and Eli Manning of the New York giants, five defeats! While the other five seat stadium, this figure also dazzling, this is Ben Roethlisberger against the Jaguars steals number, occupation career single game steals record numbers, three star quarterback at the end of the occupation career, like three old men in middle age, in fact, the fate of the rope had them tied together. at the beginning of 1981, former NFL player Archie Manning home ushered in the three sons of Eli; by the end of the year, rugby town Alabama born a baby boy, Philip Rivers; three months later, Lima City, Ohio, the Swiss descendants of Roethlisberger family ushered in the light of the future, Ben Roethlisberger. three people have different ways of rugby, but the common point is that they all love the quarterback. Eli proposal to follow his father into the University of Mississippi, the University for four years and cut down numerous Southeast Division record, almost won the Heisman, because my brother Payton has been in the occupation competition success, Eli became the most popular 2004 draft; the river Rivers across the east coast, in the season became North Carolina's first, in the four seasons and was elected to the the Atlantic Coast Conference Player of the year, a series of trial and competition after graduation, talent market soared; some baby fat Ben Rosli Sberg at the University of Miami in Ohio only played three seasons he decided to join the draft, the reason is this already Dabian Sino US alliance invincible hand, have occupation at maturity. 2004 draft conference we heard that if lightning chose you, would you strike a season? In the face of the press's sharp questions, , Irai Gogo, could not answer that. Cause things from Eli control freakandan father Archie, he hopes his two son Payton into his alma mater University of Mississippi ten years ago, Payton chose to rebel enemy volunteers. Small son finally follow their willingness to enter the rebels into the continuation of the clan, this time, Archie thought: Payton has become a superstar in the pony, to the interests of the family, never let Eli and then joined the Midland team. original title: the year of the shirt has the most of this year The Team Jersey wonderful Leo nessa. AC Milan New Jersey. recently, many European football clubs have shown their new season's shirt. The English Premier League is advocating retro, the Bundesliga team seeks hegemonic, and the Spanish team is rich in imagination, and can even be described as "exotic flowers". most ancient Chelsea: "loyal blue" color design creative inspiration, from the late 1980s and early 90s Chelsea shirt. The release of the New Jersey is in an exciting way. The classic moments of the 5 Chelsea players were clipped into a video called "eternal blue". Chelsea club CEO Ron ·, Guly said: "these classic moments will remain in the hearts of our players and fans forever, which makes our new equipment full of vitality and great." Liverpool: New Jersey is inspired by the century on 60s during the years of success, the legendary coach Shankly claims, Liverpool shirts, shorts and socks, the color changed to red, and the creation of the league and FA Cup champion after leading the club to glory. Captain Gerrard said, "the New Jersey feels like a return to the classic era of Liverpool history, helping me recall the great men in our club history." AC Milan: New Jersey emphasizes the importance of tradition, on behalf of the city of Milan St Georges cross SHIELD BADGE appeared in New Jersey chest, the club from 40s until the beginning of the last century, the Jersey has been wearing the badge, and in the Milan Club Centennial jerseys also have this badge. 's most exotic Leo Nessa: the team belongs to the Spanish low league team. The main color of this shirt is black and white, with a golden edge. Whether from close or far distance, the players wear the suit as they wear a tuxedo. It is understood that the design of the New Jersey is inspired by the tuxedo. On the neckline, even a black tie was printed. Lugo: is located in the Galician Club launched the "beer" - shirt front is printed into beer bubble picture. More funny is that the goalkeeper Jersey printed on the Galician Octopus delicacy - feast. Beer and octopus look quite appetizing. It is understood that the Jersey is designed for a sponsor of a beer company in the club. The most overbearing of Bayern: Bayern new shirt will highlight the red, white and blue color of the club badge with classic design. The famous Jersey after a sentence "Mia San Mia" features. The proud Bayern fans are naturally aware of this Bavaria slang.NFL official network |New Partner:Gatorade| Rugby Gatorade and NFL Establish Partnership in China, Officially Launching the One Pass to Fame Event in Colleges and Universities (May 14, 2016, Beijing) - Gatorade, a sports drink brand of PepsiCo, announced a partnership with the National Football League (NFL) in China and launched the 2016 Gatorade "One Pass to Fame American Football '- Program, thus jointly promoting American football in China. At the press conference, the two parties unveiled the limited edition Gatorade bottle packaging with most recent Super Bowl 50 Champion and legendary NFL star, Peyton Manning, the first NFL player to appear on Gatorade bottles in China. The One Pass to Fame event program chose Beijing International Studies University as the first stop and is expected to cover key colleges and universities in six cities within China this year. Gatorade is the world 's leading sports drink a〉

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