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even-even football equipment network this summer for Puma is busy, busy is the first release in the history of the most severe evoSPEED SL, followed by the show's evoSPEED and evoPOWER to replace the new color, this period also introduced the German football legend Matthaeus limited King soccer shoes. Jersey also not idle, as Puma's pet, Italy is naturally favored by Puma. This time, Puma launched a very retro means 2016 European cup away to Italy, the details of this shirt together to appreciate it! In recent years, popular in the A gold standard cloth sewn inside the collar in addition to chest prominent throughout the shirt badge, positive symbol Flag of Italy tricolor vertical stripes is this shirt highlights. In my impression, Italy never seemed to have used such a bold design, but it seemed to me a great design. Obviously, the main elements of flag as Jersey, so as to stimulate all the players struggling to win glory for the country. white as the main case, Puma's designers did not forget to use the Italy traditional blue, and at the junction of the two golden edges is an absolutely beautiful shirt!The official website of NFL | packers will tackle Braga contract for 5 years | football Green Bay Packers again to keep the key players in the team, according to the official website of NFL reporter, the packers have and offensive tac cheap nfl jerseys free shipping kle Blaine Braga (Bryan Bulaga) for a period of 5 years, the average annual salary of about $7 million contract agreement. over the past few weeks, the wrapper saw the 25 year old right - cut front as the number one renewal target. The team has previously said to range in the ability to make every effort to meet the requirements of braga. Originally called the hope Braga signed a salary of more than 7 million of the contract, the final packaging work out about retaining braga. According to PFF (ProFootballFocus) showed that the scoring system, the score in the League all Braga tackle sixteenth. Last season, the team's offensive frontline improved obviously, one of the best attacking frontlines in the league. Previously, the packers have announced and took over the Randall Cobb (Randall Cobb) to complete the contract, two free agents as a result the packers have to keep attacking the most important group. Although last season the packers defeat the Seattle Seahawks in the National League finals, but the team is optimistic about the future. We have reason to believe that the packers led by Aaron - Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) will always be a hot candidate for the super bowl.David - Emerson (David Amerson) was expected to be able to build up at NFL because he finished 13 copies of the single season at the University in 2011. but after his career, he only made 2 copies in the 23 start of the red skin of Washington, and made a significant mistake in many games. In the 2015 season, he came from the red leather to the Oakland Raiders. It seems that Emerson has made different changes. He started 12 games and completed 25 passes. Emerson said he thanked himself for the bad habit of playing video games. he told reporters: "if the week now I won't choose to go home after all night playing games, I will go to see my tactics, to watch the video game, this is actually a little change, this is the football game needs every foot of effort, of course before the blow told me I need to do what point in the match on Sunday." Emerson is currently with the Raiders completed a 4 year $38 million 800 thousand contract, which guaranteed payments up to $17 million 500 thousand.Handball | inheriting Olympic sports collection to commemorate the brilliant public auction will be held | hand Association the first captain of the Chinese gymnastics team, Mr. Lu Enchun, raised the torch of the first flame and the Vancouver Olympic torch people.com.cn February 5 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Li Dejin) memory · inheritance of Republic of China 60 years of sports collection auction and capital Sanlao sodality will be held in Beijing property exchange in February 9th. At that time, including the 1986 seventh Gymnastics World Cup trophy, 49 world champion of table tennis racket, the signature of the Olympic torch, the first one in the history of the 1960 Rome Olympic Games tickets more than 20 pieces of precious domestic and international sports collections will be on-site auction, more than half of them for the first time in public collections. the auction and sodality, by the Beijing property rights exchange, capital sports Sanlao (old athletes, coaches, old old sports workers association), China collectors association sports memorabilia collection commission and the Beijing Jiahe International Auction Co., Ltd. jointly organized. The reporter saw in the Jiahe auction companies auction preview site today, to participate in the auction auction are from China's well-known sports world champion, Olympic champion, new and old coaches and sportsworkers years of collection, the domestic sports collection covers various periods of development of sports since the new China established and important historical events. Republic of China witnessed the sport 60 years of journey. Li Xiang, director of the sports souvenir collection Committee of the Chinese collectors association, said the collection was a cultural and artistic collection that had not been hyped. Now antique and calligraphy and painting have been bombed and hyped many times. The collection of Sports Olympic Games belongs to the spiritual collection that covers culture. It can be said that the auction will not only have a unique commemorative significance, but also have a higher collection value. is the trophy of the Seventh World Cup Gymnastics Competition 1986 provided by Lu Enchun, the first gymnast of our country. It witnessed the first time that the world cup gymnastics tournament was held in our country. By the famous female skydiver Hao Jianhua provided 10th anniversary National Day banquet invitation is on the eve of national day in 1959 10th anniversary, he received a Jianhua Chairman Mao, Liu Shaoji, Zhou Enlai, Zhu De, Dong Biwu, Song Qingling and other party and state leaders invited her name and was part of the athletes participating in the 10th anniversary National Day celebration and banquet invitation. The table tennis racket, which is signed by our first table tennis world champion Qiu Zhonghui, has 49 Chinese new table tennis world champions. It has witnessed the brilliant achievements of table tennis in China. at the same time, the first time in the history of the Olympic torch relay the torch of 1936 Berlin Olympic Games torch, then the production quantity is too small and is regarded as the torch of the treasures of the Rome Olympic torch in 1960, when he was chairman of International Olympic Committee signed by Samaranch in 1994 the first session of the world Olympic collection Expo.

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