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The official website of NFL | bears consider trading Cutler to draft the Mario tower | Rugby Marcus - Mario Kobita (Marcus Mariota) may be the biggest change in the next show. The former Oregon star is almost in touch with the first half of the team, so is the Chicago bear team the most urgent one? according to the latest news, the bear team may consider trading up to the seventh draft to ensure the first round of the election to Mario Kobita. Reporter Jason Cole (Jason Cole) said: Mario tower will bring great traction to Chicago, many people in Chicago think that Mario tower will be the answer the team wants, so Jay Cutler has become the most urgent thing. but who would want to have Cutler's big contract? A few months ago, there were reports that Tennessee Titan was interested in the deal because Cutler's University was in Tennessee. For coach Titan, he needs a strong arm of the quarterback, Cutler has a very good arm, but his passing and to protect the ball so we have nothing to say. though Titan once expressed his wish to choose Mario Kobita in the second place, maybe it's a smoke bomb. After waiting for a deal with Cutler, we will know all the answers.NFL official website, NFL regular season ninth week strength ranking, football nest Over half of the season, each team has to sta cheap nfl jerseys free shipping rt counting the points. In addition, China's double 11 is the United States' veterans' day, to commemorate the war ceasefire and the soldiers who have given up their freedom for the freedom of the country. Any freedom is hard to come and pay tribute to all the soldiers! No national boundaries! weekly top 12 power list does not represent what the playoffs ranking problem, because we all know that even third Spanish American teams can easily beat the US top. And this has happened. first Patriots (7-1) for two consecutive weeks first team not because the holiday week is affected, but 7 wins and 1 patriots are still not out of the big news last week of trading. We'll see the defensive coordinator Matt Patricia layout after the Jamie Collins next week. Remember when Chandler Jones was traded, he called Bill Belichick to thank you for not trading himself to a rotten team? Don't look at Brown. It's you. Yes, that Collins did not make that call. second cowboys (7-1) Dallas trains have no signs of stopping. The cowboy is the only team in the league that has a greater proportion of running than passing the ball, which seems to deviate from the concept of rugby today. And you know what? The face of Brown still hasn't changed. The Cowboys chose 42 run ball chose only 28 passes, I believe that Sunday's Jason Garrett will still face the implementation of this policy. Some people also see how Ezekiel Elliott only pushed 92 yards. But he all reached 5.1. almost forgot, he also completed 2 touchdowns. Third ( = 1) chief (6-2) - Mamma Mia, invincible ah! But who is the big guy? Which is the only team that has 2-0 of the civil war, and who is the big guy. Emirates this season has completed a raid on the lightning and the double play. But 5 points did not take the Jaguar into the field of vision, because it was the right victory. The chieftain did not rely on Alex Smith (the field was not activated), Jamaal Charles (the field was not activated), Spencer Ware (the field was not activated), Jeremy Maclin (the first half injury) and Travis Kelce (the fourth quarter was expelled) won the game. I hope Kelce can stop complaining about the penalty for the connection program. fourth (= 1〉Kansas City News has a transfer, injuries, escapement, copying and car accidents, and the news of the Kansas City Chiefs in August can't stop. According to the East Wisconsin news reports, the chief bus earlier encountered traffic accident in small teams have been prepared in advance. The name, Check Inn Hotel is the last round against the Green Bay Packers preseason preparations. The local WBAY news broadcast "the accident occurred at 3 p.m. local time, near the University Avenue of Wisconsin." The team was heading to a local hotel at a speed of 30 mph. police said: "the bus was toward the north, into a cross road was another bus hit, with three children and two adults in the car, the children did not hurt, because one was sent to the hospital head slightly laceration." Fortunately, no one was seriously injured, but another unfortunate incident happened three weeks ago on the Emirates. The star running back Jamal Charles (Jamaal Charles) and safety Eric Berry (Eric Berry) two people were injured because of the absence of both the first three preseason games and did not appear in the training on Thursday. the bad news did not stop, in August 15th, the team with the best receivers, veteran Dwyne (Dwayne Bowe) - black because the regular season use drug charges were barred from the first week, and the best offensive team right tackle Donald Steven Xun (Donald Stephenson) by use of stimulant drugs are the first 4 Games of NFL prosecutors are prohibited from participating in the regular season. All the negative effects of are displayed in front of coach Andy Andy. The quarterback team was killed 5 times in last week's game, and lost 2 games in. They all lost a lot. With the car accident on Wednesday, it was worse for the team, and what Reed could do was to spend it quickly and forget it.The Wuhan international water polo | festival in Nanchang province for the first time | touted open test point (reporter Li Yong) in 2014, China Wuhan international crossing the Yangtze River held a test competition in Nanchang, Jiangxi on Sunday. More than 200 swimmers in Jiangxi participated in the 400 meter breaststroke test. the annual Wuhan Festival, have come from around the country and the world swimming enthusiasts to participate, they must also pass a test in order to participate in the team composition. But this time in Nanchang set up a separate test match, which in the festival is the first time in history. Nanchang Winter Swimming Association Secretary long Liu introduced the more than 200 people to participate in the test results is also wrong, nearly ten results in less than eight minutes, dozens of people results in less than nine minutes, they will form a team to participate in the July 16th the festival. The Festival Organizing Committee official said, in the Nanchang open test is a useful attempt to further expand the influence of the crossing section, the future will be in Hefei, Changsha and other places to set up such test points, let the festival this brand more popular.

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