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even-even soccer equipment network the 2016 European Cup will undoubtedly get it from where the designers make us appreciate the beauty. Attracting the attention of each participating country, this group of poster designed by the Studio - JQ design room deserves our attention. by showing the tournament in those bright colors, this group of posters from this new angle slightly. By modifying each of the 2016 European Cup Home shirts, the designer is closely connected to everything in a minimalist approach. This is a triumph of pure designer. Besides the poster designed for each team, there is also a poster designe cheap nfl jerseys free shipping d for a particular field, as you have seen below. They are Studio - the original link:Jay - Howard (Jaye Howard) found a new owner. the former Kansas chief defender has signed a 1 year contract with the Chicago bear. Howard was cut off by the chief 2 weeks ago. The chief is still paying about 2 million 500 thousand dollars. Howard, a 28 year old, was put in a list of injuries in December after his hips injury in the mid - season of last season. In the 4 season he played for the chief, he had 7.5 escapement and 122 grappling. At present, bears defensive attack and last season generally stays the same, by Kim - Hicks (Akiem Hicks) and Eddie Goldman (Eddie Goldman) in. If Howard has recovered from his injury, he should be the first defensive end of the new season.'s Atlanta falcons poor playing game against Indianapolis Colts lost offensive firepower important group, ran Wei De Venta - Freeman (Devonta Freeman) due to a concussion halfway. , the sixth ranked runner in the league is also unable to play in the next match, and coach Quin Dan confirmed that Freeman will not play against Minnesota Vikings. Freeman all week did not participate in the training, which makes rookie tweng - Coleman (Tevin Coleman) may precede the same rookie running back Ward Trent (Terron Ward) to get a lot of chance to punch the ball. falcons got eighth games of the season in the first half of the season, but when Freeman scored 43 yards after 3 shots, Coleman and Ward could rush out 2.6 yards each time after concussion. Coleman lacked the explosive force of Freeman and his ball off eventually led to the loss of the team. falcons are confident of Coleman's rebound in the next match, but the Falcon offensive team is no longer like the team who won the first 6 wins and 1 losses by running and attacking. The falcons who have lost three games are in urgent need of the defender's position in the Vikings' excellent defensive front seven people to help the team stop losing.[Photo] Hubei | Bowling bowling tournament Ren Zhenyu won in July Kham. 7 the evening of Sept. 25, July Hubei bowling tournament held in Kham, Hubei University, bowling competition results arc player Ren Zhenyu 870 points to win the 845 player Geng Xianguang won the second UFO, UFO 811 won the third player Qi Xianguo, flying saucer player Zhang Ping won the fourth to 810, with 800 flying saucer player Ceng Zhiyong won the fifth player, flying saucer Wang Minghui won the sixth to 791.

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