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The official website of NFL | Ross Lys Berg because of a concussion early departure | football the excellent performance of Ben Ross Lys Berg (Ben Roethlisberger) in Seattle was halted by the concussion of the brain. In this week's game against the Seahawks, Ross Lys Berg in the last 2 minutes of the game because of a concussion early return to the locker room. It is also unable to determine what is offensive led to his injury, but Ross Lys Berg in the game's last attack is a person holding the challenge end zone, who missed the opportunity to reverse the score. is still not sure whether Ross Lys Berg's injury will affect next week's game. The Steelers 6 wins and 5 losses, because the number of players has suffered injuries this season and the team. Before the injury, Ross Lys Berg passed the ball 456 yards, but was copied 2 times. He completed several passes in the game, Weiss Mata - Bryant (Martavis Bryant) and Marcus (Markus Wheaton) benefit. the next two weeks, the Steelers will have against Indianapolis pony and Cincinnati tigers. The team's goal is to fight for a wild card, this stage of the compet cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ition results will largely determine the Steelers at the end of the season.The super bowl is the Pearl of the NFL's crown. Now it seems that the alliance found their queen to bring the crown. The NFL Alliance announced that the famous pop star Katie Perry (Katy Perry) will take part in the forty-ninth session of the Super Bowl midfield performance in February 1st next year. The site is held at Feinikesi University, Arizona, at that time. The news was announced by the league during the Dallas cowboy game against the New York giants on Sunday, when Perry himself confirmed the news on twitter. she wrote, "yes! I started trying to create some good innovative performances! " has appeared in the Super Bowl in recent years. The most famous actors are chili peppers, Bruno Mars Mars, Bruno, Madonna and so on, while super stars Prince and Beyonce choose to watch this feast as an audience. Perry has 3 large stage performance experiences. In the past year, she had 10 songs on the top of TOP40. In 2008, Perry launched the album "One of the Boys", which topped the list of music in over thirty countries, and won the US billboard in 2012. The annual female and American music awards are the most popular female singer awards. In January 26, 2014, Perry attended the fifty-sixth session of the Grammy Awards. what do you want to say? Come and watch the show!The official website of NFL | spurs become Raiders moved to Sanantonio rugby | maximum resistance Sanantonio is the site of the Spurs. As one of the most successful NBA teams in the past 20 years, if the Spurs are against the Raiders to move to Sanantonio, the migration plan is likely to fail. at present, NFL team Oakland Raiders are very interested in moving the team to Sanantonio. Mark Davies, who is the boss of the NFL team, has had a preliminary contact with Sanantonio. The The San Antonio Express-News reported that the Sanantonio Spurs would oppose the move because they thought that if the Raiders moved to Sanantonio, they would cause huge losses to the team's economy. "San" They believe that the competitive market for another professional team, including sponsorship, Jersey sales and ticket sales, will be affected. For a city with a small market, there is a sense of this concern. One of the more obvious solutions to is that if the Raiders move to Sanantonio, the Spurs want to be one of the controlling owners of the Raiders. But it's hard to believe that Davies (the boss of the Raider) will agree to this request. The Spurs' objection will push Sanantonio into a dilemma. If the Raiders really move to Sanantonio, it will be a good news for Sanantonio. The raider's lease on the Oakland stadium is due to expire after the end of the season, and the team is also very keen to move to a new stadium. The popularity of a NFL team to a city is a great promotion, and it is more precious to the small city of Sanantonio. But the Spurs have always been the master of the team, and the team has just won fifth NBA Championships, and their way of playing is recognized by all walks of life. at present, the Spurs have not yet made any substantive moves against the Raiders. But even after the Raiders really moved to Sanantonio, believe that these two teams will not get along very well.Chicago bear continues to take over the veteran. Victor Cruz (Victor Cruz), a former New York giant, has agreed to sign a contract with the bear team. Since in mid February by the giant cut since Cruz got the bears, Jacksonville Jaguars and Baltimore crow's attention, but he just met with the bear's face. He could not leave from the giant scenery throughout the off-season has let him brood on even at this week, he also said to the radio program data in last season's own decline because the giant management intends to destroy their season. Cruz is a bear's offseason signed fourth well-known in this year to take over. Before they signed former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Marcus Wylton (Markus Wheaton), the former Tennessee wide receiver Ken DELL Titan Wright (Kendall Wright) and Cruz's former teammate Reuben Randall (Rueben Randle). They will strengthen the position that has already owned the Kevin - White (Kevin White) and Cameron - Meredith (Cameron Meredith). Cruz's strong position in the bear team is still an unknown number, which will be determined by a fierce competition in the training camp. But his entry to the bear team could give him a chance to rewrite his career after suffering a lot of injuries.

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