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The official website of NFL, Jaguar veteran offensive tackle Brandon Albert, retired football nest tiger news August 1st Brandon Albert left the Jacksonville Jaguars Jiefeng (Branden Albert) announced his retirement. Albert had a strange offseason, he was traded to the Miami dolphins jaguars, then he miss the team's off-season training in order to seek a new contract, now he decided to retire. , in most training sessions till now, Albert has been training with the starting line-up, which made his retirement decision even more strange. There is no doubt that now the biggest burden falls on the rookie offensive tackle cam Robinson (Cam Robinson) on the body, he may be the first team in the new season left Jiefeng. has been making attacking frontlines in the era of former manager Dave - Caldwell (Dave Caldwell). After the first round of the show, Luke Joeckel (Luke Jockel) failed to meet expectations, and the team hoped Albert would play a transitional role for Robinson after joining the team. If Robinson can reach the expectation, quarterback Blake bottos (Blake Bortles) don't have to worry about anyone from the blind side knocked him down. , 32, was selec cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ted by Albert in the career bowl in 2013 and 2015. He started 118 games in 9 seasons for the chief of Kansas City chieftain and the dolphins. Now that he will not play games for the Jaguar, tiger to regain America exchange dolphins in 2018 seventh round pick. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | chief of the injuries, the 4 main race against time | football The game was the first time the chief of Kansas City did not have a serious injury in the game this season, causing the player to retire. Although the team has not seen new injuries for the time being, several important main forces are still struggling with the injury. They need to race with time to try to catch up with the new England patriots this weekend. In the first list of injuries announced by this week, the situation of 4 major players has not improved for the time being. Safety Eric Berri (Eric Berry) last week because of an ankle injury lack of war, until today still unable to attend training. An ankle injury running back Jamal Charles (Jamaal Charles), knee and ankle injuries are Weitanba line - Harry (Tamba Hali) and groin injury cornerback Sean Smith (Sean Smith) is a very small amount of training, the team is still in the observation of their health status. Of the 3, Charles was out of war last week. There are 2 players on the list of injuries that deserve our attention. Ran Wei De Anthony - Thomas (De Anthony Thomas) has a hamstring injury, Joe - McNight (Joe McKnight) of Achilles tendon discomfort. The team had expected new rookie Thomas to provide more help for the team's attack, and the result was a injury that had not made a record of the season. The completion of the 6 play, McKnight ball, a total of 64 yards, and scored 2 touchdowns, 3 data team leader.Slide STYLE| football NFL website | Griffin 3 World Washington Red - skinned quarterback Robert Griffin III (Robert GriffinIII) stood in the locker room to answer the reporter's 5 question about his slider. He replied in a funny angry expression, "I have answered it once again and again. I just finished the slippery shovel third times. coach Jay Gruden was also asked about Griffin's elegant slipping technique. His answer is: can't Griffin slip a shovel? Griffin's self - protection, or the lack of slippery shovel training, has become a hot topic. On Wednesday, Griffin said he was too many on line on Monday night against Cleveland Brown. This intensity makes me understand what I should do. It's just second pre season games for me, but I can't do that. Griffin repeated the answer to the successful shovel. In the match against Brown, Griffin used the action of third times, but his skill was not very graceful. Even when he got up, he got a little limp. It was obvious that the shovel had hurt himself. But Griffin said he was a little crippled after the game, because the knee was caught by two players. Granger said that I understood my quarterback and had doubts about his predicament. I understand that it is very difficult for such a high speed running to complete the perfect sliding tackle and to face the approaching capture. But I never taught her the skill of a slippery shovel, because many athletes learned to slide when they were children. Griffin himself also said I was a newcomer on the shovel. I never trained a slider, although I played baseball. He said he had played baseball, and it should have been more natural, and maybe he needed more training. The question of is when and where to give Griffin some special shovel training. The New York jets had asked Rex - Ruian (Rex Ryan) to teach the Mark - Sanchez (Mark Sanchez) slippery shovel, perhaps this was an idea. But I don't know if it makes sense. When he runs too fast, all happened very quickly, and the other quarterback face completely different, sometimes not nature is very normal, but maybe this is a chance for me to teach him slippery skills, not today not tomorrow but one day in the future. Groton said it was an interesting thing to practice his shovel: I was almost killed at the time, and that was why I was now a little lame. At the same time, he reiterated Griffin's value, so he needed to protect his health in the next 16 pre - season games. Griffin's right knee has been operated on 2 times.NBA star private car once a year NBA all star in addition to enjoy the wonderful game, all the stars of the car is certainly worth a visit. Kobe, who has the highest annual NBA salary in the 2014-2015 season, can get $23 million 500 thousand. It's perfect for these professional players to buy any luxury cars. Its ?

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