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After four years of picture is shown in the new Nike Mercurial FlyLite SuperLock; shinpad. Mercurial FlyLite SuperLock 2018 is not a revolutionary innovation works, in fact it is a revolutionary Mercurial released in 2014; FlyLite Shinpads update version. Compared to the first and the biggest change is in the leg plate surface with a layer of triangular protuberance barbed nail design with elastic shank, can effectively prevent the sliding pads. 1, geometric columnar structure not only can effectively absorb the impact, enhance the permeability. 2, SuperLock design can not only improve the antiskid level, can prevent the shin plate sliding back and forth. 3, leggings board edge thinning using asymptotic design, improve the comfort of wearing. 4, ergonomic design of the shell can best fit your leg contour. The new Nike How you look at Nike'sThe Carolina Panthers continue to strengthen the defense, the team announced local time on Monday, and the former Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Blanton Boykin (Brandon Boykin) signed a 1 year contract. The second Panther defensive t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping eam lack of depth, the arrival of Boykin can contribute to the team in the slot. The 2015 season, only for the Steelers first Boykin 1 times, always can't get the reuse of the team. After joining the Panther, he will be mainly in the five point guard position. At present, the black leopard and the corner guard Josh Norman (Josh Norman) have not yet reached an agreement about the length. The media broke the news that the team may choose a second line player in the draft to complement the lineup depth. Black Panther always wants to be able to find cheap players in the free market with a lower price. To continue to impact the Super Bowl Panthers in the new season, eager to try in the offseason to make up the short board in the squad.The official website of NFL, the Carolina Panthers quarterback Newton back pass, cam training football nest tiger news June 27th four Wei Newton (Cam Newton) - cam since undergoing shoulder surgery in the offseason for the first time passing training. The Carolina Panther has released a video for Newton's recovery. , according to the team's official website, Newton had a personal pass training with the team's chief trainer. He finished 15 passes in 3 different places. The farthest pass reached the distance between 10 lockers. was good and had high expectations, Newton said about the passing training. Obviously, I haven't recovered completely yet, but it feels good to see the ball coming out of my hands. this was the first time in six months for Newton to pass the ball. The second half of last season on his shoulder injury after injured appearances. His plan is to restore the offseason. He received surgery in March when the progress was not as good as expected. Newton's pass exercises let his recovery follow the plan. In the next four weeks he will continue to pass his personal pass training, and he hopes to be ready to practice with the team at the start of the training camp at the end of July. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.local time on Monday, the Baltimore crows announced an agreement with team runner Ray Rice. Subsequently, the NFL spokesman announced that he would impose an indefinite suspension of the competition as a penalty. In July 24th, Les had been banned for 2 games because of violence. On the day before yesterday, TMZ released a video of its wife in the elevator to upgrade the event. in May, the crow had expressed his support for LES, but as the video came out, the team had to change its position. Official NFL said officials had been told that the crow had been informed of the existence of the video but had previously underestimated the severity of the event. No one had seen the video during the investigation. The alliance spokesman also said that the relevant law enforcement departments had not investigated the alliance, including the existence and video content of the video. The video was never open to us. No one had seen the video before today. crow head coach John - Harbert (John Harbaugh) said that after watching the video, the team did not consider how long it was going to make a decision to cut out. The team's contract with Roger will be completely ineffective before he receives a decision from the president of the league, Roger Goodell. Godell has said the alliance will fully resist and punish similar violence. For starters, a 6 game suspension of punishment, punishment include violence, domestic violence and sexual assault. If second mistakes are made, it will be banned for at least 1 years. The previous decision to punish Les is obviously inconsistent with the relevant provisions of the alliance. On the 28 day of 8, the alliance received a letter expressing dissatisfaction with Leslie's punishment. Godell said that the previous ban decision was questioned by the society, questioned the sincerity of the alliance, and questioned the previous commitment. At the same time, it also questions whether the union truly understands the universality and injurious nature of domestic violence. Here, I am willing to take responsibility for our decision and to ensure that our measures can reflect the value of these decisions in the future. I had not been aware of the importance of the problem in time and made a decision too lightly. From now on, we have to do better and we can do better.

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