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Beijing time on Friday November 18th at 9:30 in the morning, NFL eleventh weeks of the regular season competition has opened, the Super Bowl runner up last season against the Carolina Panthers in the home court, with division rival New Orleans saints. The two teams last fought in the sixth week of this season, when the black leopard 38:41 was not the saints. At present, the Panther is 3 - 6, with 2 - 3 at home, while the saints are 4 - 5, with 2 to 2 away. The saints first held the ball. As for the game, Drew four Brees Drew Brees was captured and dropped by the black leopard defensive end Mario Edison (Mario Addison). The Panthers took the ball right on the 32 yards of the saints half court. The Panther took over outside TED (Ted Ginn Jr.) gene at the ball to the goal line before the 1 yard line, but quarterback cam - Newton (Cam Newton) was sacked, kicker Graham Janot (Graham Gano) to debut hit the 32 yard free kick, Panther 3:0 opener. After the saints through a series of punches the ball and pass into the red Panther attack, the final kicker will Lutz (Wil Lutz) hit a 27 yard free kick, helping the team to tie 3:3. entered the second section, and the cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Panther took over Kelvin Benjamin (Kelvin Benjamin) to finish the 19 yards, but then the team had to abandon the kick. Then the two sides alternately punt, saints ball, Drew - Bracey in this half 20 yards passing by the Panthers halfback Kurt Coleman (Kurt Coleman) steals. The Panthers took the opportunity to win the touchdown front Greg Olsen (Greg Olsen) 10 yards to the scoring line, and runner Jonathan Stewart (Jonathan Stewart) scored 1 yards to the ball, and the Black Panther 10:3 took the lead. The saints in the 1 yard line three out, again Panther ball, fullback Mike Tolbert (Mike Tolbert) with 17 yards short, kicker Graham ganor hit a 49 yard free kick, the Panthers have led 13:3. Less than three minutes left in the first half , Drew Bracey took over the Michael pass first found outside the Thomas (Michael Thomas) for 16 yards, followed by a continuous short running back Mark - Ingram (Mark Ingram), respectively, with 22 yards and 15 yards. Dramatically, kicker will Lutz (Wil Lutz) 38 yard free kick shot Vernon - Butler (Vernon Butler) - Jikeli Dangxia, Luke (Luke Kuechly) received the ball, and 88 return yards touchdown return. You know, last week the saints had lost the game because they were blocked by additional points and were hit 2 points back to the attack. However, the referee decided that the leopard James Brad Berry (James Bradberry) was back in the course of the attack.New York jet's special service team has done badly this season. In the match against the New York giants last week, the opponent returned to the attack Dwayne Harris (Dwayne Harris) to complete the 80 yard back attack. It also revealed two problems: the 1. team's discarded kicker and the submachine were bad. The 2. teams have misarranged special service tactics. in addition, the jet's special service team was blown 3 fouls throughout the game, including one offside start, one offside and one hit kicker. At present, the team's Secret Service Coordinator is Bobby April. He said in an interview that the team would have changed in this match with Tennessee Titan this week. "We need to change, we might use a number of different players this week," said . The jet opportunity used some players in the offensive and defensive teams to help the special team. According to the ESPN statistics, the jet's special service team is expected to score only thirtieth in the league.On the second day of , Dave, Dave Gettleman, the new New York general manager, began to transform the team. He sacked Mark Ross, a vice president who worked for many years (Marc Ross), and gave up the right cutting edge Bobby Hart (Bobby Hart). Gethmann, Ross was previously the vice president of the giant's responsible player evaluation. He has been the deputy general manager of Jerry Rees (Jerry Reese) and participated in the general manager's job interview. "I had worked with Mark when I was on the team," Gethmann said in a statement. "I respect him very much, and I think he's very good at work. Obviously, we have a different direction in the future, but that does not mean that this will make the decision much easier. " Ross joined the giant in May 2007, his eleventh season in the team and the fifth season for vice president. He was the giant's head of the University scout before becoming Vice President. , the right - Cross - forward Hart, who started 7 games this season, was given up because of the over-the-counter reasons. There are reports that he has told the coaching team that he is not going to fight against Washington's red skin season. The coaching staff that he influenced Eric Flowers, the first left Jiefeng (Ereck Flowers) also said he will not play this game. Two people have packed their bags and wait for the end of the season. in the seventh round of the 2015 draft, Hart once told the media that he was the best right in the League before the start of the season. It is clear that this is not the case.Clif Browns rookie quarterback Jonny Manzel (Johnny Manziel) Sunday early end. The team announced that Brown, Manzel injured in Sunday's loss to the Carolina Panthers hamstring game. He was injured after being captured by the line guard Luke Kuchili (Luke Kuechly) on the side of the leopard team, and did not return to the field. Another quarterback Blaine Hoyer (Brian Hoyer) replaced the last 2 minutes of the first half, but did not perform well. Manzel finished only 32 yards before the injury, but launched a 10 - gear 55 - yard attack, and the Brown team finally spliced the 43 - yard shot with 3 points. Brown decided the last week to start their first round of the rookie quarterback in the last 3 games, but it was only 2 games back to the original.

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