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The official website of NFL | Steven - Jackson to | cowboy love football veteran runner Steven Jackson (Steven Jackson) has not found a new club after expiring this year's falcons contract with Atlanta. With the gradual opening of training camps, anxious Jackson finally can't sit still. On Thursday, Jackson launched an official twitter account on the Dallas cowboy on Thursday, which was accompanied by a night view of the cowboy stadium AT&. is currently the main position is Cowboys running back by Joseph Randall (Joseph Randle) and Darren Mcfadden (Darren McFadden) two competition, but Jackson seems to think that he is more suitable than the two people to be cowboys. Jackson used to be one of the first class runner in the league. He hit the peak of his career in Saint Louis ram. He created and maintained the team record of the ram's total number of punching yards, and has been selected for three times cheap nfl jerseys free shipping in the professional bowl. However, with the growth of age, the once wild beast Jackson could not avoid being in a state of decline, and no longer contributed to the bright eye after he switched to falcons. So for cowboys, Jackson's active love of love has no practical significance, and now Jackson does not bring much change to cowboys.The official website of NFL | rams wide receiver Austen finally harvest season first touchdown | football Saint Louis - Austen tahon ram receivers (Tavon Austin) in Sunday's game finally finished the season his first touchdown. As one of the most threatened offense players in the 2013 show, Austen has never been able to play his proper strength in the ram. This season, the situation has become even worse. He has never been a pass player in more than 5 times in a single match, and has failed to catch more than 35 yards in a single match. people generally believe that the lack of a good quarterback is the root cause of Austen's depression. At present, the team offensive coordinator Blaine Siketenghaimo (Brain Schottenheimer) are trying to give him more opportunities. For the ram, in addition to the quarterback problem, a further basis is how to play the role of key players. The coaching team will try more to find a way to use Austen. I hope they can find that answer at the end of the season. this season, the rams defeated several teams, in some games only at the last minute work not completed. There are many young and talented players in the defending team of rams. If they have the top 10 defensive teams, if they can improve their offense, they will be expected to play a playoff role next season.July 11th news NFL and NBA give the players different wages, especially the NBA of the rest season, we find this difference is getting bigger and bigger. For example, JJ ratics (J.J.Redick) is a role player, but he is not a superstar, and 76 of Philadelphia's contract is $23 million a year, and the new England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) the average annual income of only $20 million 500 thousand. NBA has fewer players, which is obviously a good reason, but the NFL players still want to express their dissatisfaction. recently had defender Terrence Knighton (Terrance Knightdon) said, NFL players should get more, and he said "Aaron Rodgers on twitter (Aaron Rodgers) compared to their should be better than James (James Harden Harden) take more. The Brady Stephen - Curitiba (Steph Curry) take more. Antonio - Brown (Antonio Brown) than the Mike Conley (Mike Conley) more." thanks for NFL players Knighton expressed dissatisfaction, but on wages may be far off.The official website of NFL, the Titans linebacker regardless of the alliance to commemorate the 9.11, football shoes punishment wo Tennessee Titan's line guard Avery Williamson (Avery Williamson) insisted on playing the special commemorative sneakers in the US time September 11th competition. had warned him that he would be punished if he wore these shoes, but he still insisted on his decision and gained wide support. he told reporters: I did not expect to get the support of so many people, especially when New York and New Jersey Police Federation said they will help me to pay the fine, this means to me too much, this is how I feel I must do what, to represent those who have lost family protection the people who do what, I feel it is my responsibility. Williamson told reporters that in fact the coach and manager of the team were all supporting themselves. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.

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