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looks like the Dallas cowboy team has a new Thanksgiving tradition: they wore a blue jersey in the Thanksgiving day competition for second years, which is the only time the cowboy had been wearing the blue shirt at home for the two time. usually, the Cowboys will wear white shirts in the home match. According to the cowboy official website, the reason for changing the Jersey is that the team manager Tex Schramm doesn't want the fans to be tired of the white shirts that they must wear every week. if the cowboy chooses to wear blue at home, the team must wear white so that the two sides can make up a blue and white landscape. And if the Cowboys wear white, they can choose the dark shirt at will, whether it is the red of the Kansas City Chiefs or the green of the Philadelphia hawks.The official website of NFL | Atlanta falcons player: we know Norman | football Carolina Black Panther's Josh Norman (Josh Norman) is now the league's undisputed best corner guard. It is also known that he likes to talk trash to his opponents before and during matches, such as the dispute between Odell and the New York giants who took the Odell Beckham Jr. last week. Beckham wa cheap nfl jerseys free shipping s banned from after the match. Norman was fined 26000 dollars, and the Atlanta Falcon players who were going to face the challenge of the Black Panther revealed their understanding of Norman before. falcons linebacker Obrien Schofield (O'Brien Schofield) said: "we've had his loss, he had crossed our area before the game, and then we who are warming up, our linebacker coach asked him to leave at that time, Norman slowly to the coach, then he looked at our coach then, slowly walk, this is obviously a hint. believes the alliance won't let it happen again in Atlanta.sports field of those in desperate situations reversed the score, this story has long talked about us, so the story in the football field is the "whistle lore", on the basketball court is the "buzzer", while the American football game, has "Hail Mary (AVE Marie)". The full name of Hail Mary is Hail Mary pass. The literal translation is "Wanfu Marie pass", which means a long pass thrown by the quarterback when it's difficult to win in rugby match. Only by the successful catch of the external contact and array, can be called "Wanfu Marie". is usually ave Marie is close to the end of the state in the game, gambling make attempt to attack, so once completed it will turn the tide. The word first appeared in the 1930s of ancient times, when it was used to describe the cooperation between Elmer Layden and Jim Crowley in the four knights of University of Notre Dame football team. The original "Hail Marie" refers to the tactics and performance of a successful variety of desperate circumstances, but with the passage of time, the word has become specialized to describe "at the end of the game before the end of the first half, the team offensive position far away from each other in case of a long distance, low success rate of passing attack". Because of the small probability of tactical success has a "divine manifestation" feeling, so called "Hail Marie" religious sense of the name. This word has been limited to the competitions of the University of Notre Dame and some other Catholic universities for decades. really "Hail Marie" this word is widely known, is after the 1975 playoffs the Dallas cowboys and the Minnesota Vikings game was spread, so this game before the end of the hail Marie, dubbed the "The Original Hail Mary" in the name of. In December 28th 1975, the Minnesota Vikings met the Dallas cowboys at the stadium in the stadium. The two sides went through a tough fight, and the Vikings took a 14 - 10 lead at the end of the game. The clock was only 1 minutes and 50 seconds left, and the cowboy team finally got the chance to launch the last wave at 15 yards. The attack was not going well at the beginning, and the cowboy still didn't push the 20 - yard line for a minute. just cowboy fans have started to despair, the miracle began: first in the 4 file 17 codes, Rodger Staubach and Drew Pearson pass over the connection is successful, not only to get the first file, will also be cowboys offensive position advancing to the midline, the game with 37 seconds left. Staubach in the first tranche of the next, fast running back Preston Pearson threw a short pass to the center of the field, but did not catch the running back. At the start of the second clock is only 32 seconds, Staubach stand again in the shotgun formation after the kick-off after.The official website of NFL | Oakland Raiders cut cloth | football quarterback Shao unexpectedly, the Oakland Raiders cut off the quarterback Matt Shao (Matt Schaub). Oakland Raiders last offseason sent a six round pick by Shao cloth, but the 33 year old veteran quarterback in before the start of the season to lose his starting position, rookie quarterback Drake Carle (Derek Carr) to become the first. Shaw became more dispensable after the Raiders signed the quarterback Christian - Pound (Christian Ponder) last week. Pound and the other quarterback Matt Mike Gehlaut Hussein (Matt McGloin) are competing for the position of the two quarterback behind Carle. The Raiders can make up $5 million 500 thousand in salary cap space after cutting off Shao cloth. the last pre-season in tendinitis is the result of poor performance by Carle and Shao cloth from the starting position of one of the reasons. However, NFL's official website last offseason reported Shao cloth arm strength no longer have the strength of NFL. many veteran quarterback still have many opportunities to stay in the battle after a sharp decline in performance. If a young quarterback team needs a cheap veteran quarterback as a tutor, Shao can continue to play the role of this role. Otherwise, the veteran who has been in the League for 11 years can only retire.

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