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The return of the main player can enhance confidence in the depth of the giant's side. Stirling - Shepard (Sterling Shepard) fifth weeks lost to lightning sprained ankles, in that game, the giants also lost Odell Beckham (Odell Beckham), Brandon Marshall (Brandon Marshall) and Dwayne Harris (Dwayne Harris), three per season. Shepa is absent from the wild horse, but many reports have shown that he has returned to Wednesday's training. The giants completed only two times over the last week to pass foreign competition, their plan of attack more concentrated in the red ball and line tight end Evan - Engelamu (Evan Engram). Return to Shepard can let them play more attacking the seahawks. center Weiss - Ricci Berg (Weston at Richburg) is still due to a concussion absence of training, he has therefore miss two games, cornerback Eli Appleby (Eli Apple) for personal reasons, the absence of training.Rob - Kowski (Rob Gronkowski) Gelon ready! All star of the new England patriots tight end in pre-season 'patriot Gelon open training after accepted the media interview, he said he was ready for the preparation, is confident he will play Sunday night against the Miami d cheap nfl jerseys free shipping olphins game. "I'm ready," he told the Boston Herald, "I'll get back to play. I'm sure I won't play every attack. No matter what our plan is, I'll go up and play at least. G Ron Kowski in July when it said to be played in 16 games this season, he is the off-season in the recovery period after the surgical repair of the knee. G Ron Kowski's injuries were not repeated in the training camp, which made him confident that he made the Declaration on Monday. In any case, it was the best news for the Patriots that he was able to fight.The official website of NFL, fourth training coaches and referees (Chongqing Railway Station) begin to sign up, football nest in order to support more cities to play rugby football, AI ball company will hold fourth NFL FLAG coaches and referee certification training classes in Chongqing, a famous historical city. The training course is designed to meet the needs of domestic flag football fans, and train more professional teachers in primary and secondary school, flag and football, to expand coaches and referees in the 2017 NFL flag football game. AI ball (Beijing) Rugby Culture Development Co., Ltd. is the only professional sponsor of the Chinese Professional Football League NFL waist flag football match, and is also a partner of NFL play60 project. authority - training qualified students will get the most influential, most authoritative NFL waist flag football coach and referee certification certificate; professionalism -- the training coaching team has rich experience in training and rugby, and combines theory with practice to get professional and authoritative football teaching experience. practicality - the outstanding person has the opportunity to participate in the law enforcement of the NFL Chinese waist flag football match and the popularization and promotion of the waist flag football project. in the morning for the indoor courses, in the afternoon for practical exercises, indoor training at night. students have to prepare sportswear, sneakers and whistles. training time: 16, 17, 18, June 2017, training site: Chongqing gallop Olympic Sports Center registration fee: 4680 yuan /3 days, the cost includes three days and two nights of accommodation and meals. primary and middle school teachers in school are 500 yuan per person on the basis of the certificate of teacher's qualification. all applicants who are enrolled in the training class will provide insurance. registration deadline for June 9th, hurry up the time to sign up! consulting phone: pays attention to the love ball public number to get the link The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.| China squash squash Tour Finals ended Wang Junjie Li Jiaer win ???????????? 6??23????????2013??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????3?????????? China's Squash tour was held in 3 stops in 2013, in Beijing, Suqian and Guangzhou. There were nearly 50 players in the Guangzhou finals. After more than 60 games, Shanghai contestant Wang Junjie won the men's championship, Hongkong's Wang Weicong, Shanghai's Shen Jiaqi respectively male and a runner up third; Hongkong's Li Jiaer won the women's division champion, Shanghai's Lee Dong Jin, Gu Jinyue won a second and third female. in male and female group B game, Nanjing player Xu Tong won the championship, Shanghai contestant Liang Jun won the runner up, Beijing contestant Wang Yan won the third; Jiangsu's Cao Qiumei won the women's group B championship, Shanghai's Duan Siyu, Nanjing's Wu Qiao B won the women's second and third in group B. in the men's group U19 competition, Li Mingzhan won the championship, Bi Qiang won the runner up, Liu Mingxi won third. The tour organizing committee selected the ethics award, Tan Qiang, Gao, male and female athletes won the sportsmanship award, won the award of referees pay seashells. Vice Minister of Ministry of sport two Ball State Sports General Administration of Sports Management Center Jin Hongwen, 2013 Chinese squash tour ended, but this year has just completed a 1/3 squash tournament, then there is the National Junior Squash Championships, the national squash Championships, Asian squash Championships, Asian Games and Asian Youth squash squash tournaments. Jin Hongwen said: this year the national squash team's task is to prepare for the East Asian Games and Asian Youth squash events, get exercise in the two international matches, accumulated experience during the Asian Games next year for squash match, achieved good results in the Asian Games. (Paul)

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