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The official website of NFL, the 2016 NFL season playoffs wild card game, Steelers Rugby forward dolphins @ wo 2016 wild card game playoff dolphins @ Steelers broadcast address "" AP second wild card game will be carried out in the two history of the team, the Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Stadium against the Miami dolphins visiting. This is the fourth game between the two teams in the playoffs and the first playoffs since the 1985 season. ???????????????????????????45-28?????????????19?????? In the previous 3 playoffs, the dolphin won 2 victories, and in all the history of the two teams had also been tied to 13-13. Pittsburgh Steelers third consecutive playoff season in the playoffs, they have achieved 34 victories, and Dallas Cowboys tied NFL history first. The main Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown successfully catch the ball 106 times, to lead the American League division. He also joined Malvin Harrison with the hall of fame, and became the second player in NFL's history to succeed more than 100 times in a 4 consecutive season. Brown has taken 481 times since 2013, and there is no one that can receive more than he has in the four season. The Steelers staff neat playoffs, trident attack is powerful enough to make the defense appalled any team. Miami has been the cheap nfl jerseys free shipping first to play in the playoffs since 2008, with a record of 20 - 20 in the playoffs. The dolphin's biggest discovery this season is two grade runner Jay Ajay, who broke out this season and took the number of 1272 yards of the road. The start of the season and he is in the home court victory over the outbreak of dolphin Steelers game, he scored 204 yards and 2 rushing touchdowns. He had a total of more than 200 yards in three games this season, Equing the NFL record of more than 200 yards of the single season. Dolphins quarterback Ryan Hill in Tanzania playoff comeback remain in doubt, but the habit of the Miami dolphins came to warm the cold Pittsburgh, do not know can play a few power. broadcasting platform: sina sports Tencent video PPTV sports Iqiyi sports NFL Chinese website commentator: Zhang Yun The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | Raiders rushed from hand AL East - Smith was suspended for a year | football The results showed that the Oakland Raiders didn't change his game for the Aldon Smith for the whole season. according to NFL official website reporter Rand Gatlin (Rand Getlin) reported that, because of the violation of the alliance drug abuse regulations, the famous pass player was banned by NFL for a year. Smith, who was involved in an accident in August, was accused of driving and escaping, drunk driving and destroying public affairs. The arrest led him to be cut off for 49 people in San Francisco for four seasons. The ban is a great setback for the Raiders. They made great progress under the leadership of the new commander Jack Del Rio (Jack Del Rio). Recently, the general manager Reggie McKinsey (Reggie McKenzie) revealed that Smith in the team's long-term plan. It is not known whether he will reexamine the theory or not. Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), a NFL official, reported on Tuesday that the Raiders plan to keep him in the team during Smith's ban. The Raiders were expected to eventually be banned in the final Smith, especially considering that this was the third time that he had been arrested on a wine drive. He signed a contract with a large bonus, worth $8 million, on the same day with the Raiders on the same day. Smith made a total of 530 stalls for the Raiders, and he gave Del Rio one of the best combinations of the league's pass. Smith and misogynist star Lille Mike Chong military card (Khalil Mack) to get 62 times after 9 quarterback sacks and 8 quarterback impact. After facing the Detroit lions, Tennessee Titans and Kansas City Chiefs, the Raiders were likely to achieve 7 wins and 5 defeats before entering the final stage of the season. but it may be difficult to continue such a performance after losing Smith. The defensive line in Justin Tucker (Justin Tuck) has been a mess because of injury for the season, unless like ray - ray - Armstrong (Ray-Ray Armstrong) and Benson Mayowa (Benson Mayowa) these players can also offer world-class performance, Raiders defensive attack may need to adjust. The more interesting part of the story of is whether the Raiders will give Smith a long-term contract. They have some time to think about this problem, but considering his strong performance at the beginning of this season and the fact that he was relatively calm after his last arrest, once Smith ended the ban, the Raiders wanted him to continue to play. Some of the players who are in trouble will be very good.The official website of NFL | safetys Roman Harper return to the old main New Orleans Saints Football | safetys Roman Harper (Roman Harper) signed a contract with the New Orleans saints, which he and his old master reunion. In the saints he chose the professional bowl twice and won a Super Bowl champion. Harper has been taking part in the team training on Tuesday with the saints. Running Tim - Heltava (Tim Hightower) posted a picture of him and Harper in the dressing room on twitter. fought for 10 years in the League for the Carolina panther in the last two seasons. He signed a contract with the Panther for 2 years worth $4 million 500 thousand, including a $1 million 500 thousand signature bonus, to start all 32 regular games for the Panther. He has made 4 copies of his most career in the 2014 season, but he did not get a copy last season. Before joined the Panther, Harper played for the saints for the first eight seasons. He was the two round of the saints in 2006. He started in the super bowl of the saints' 31-17 victory over the Indianapolis pony and selected the professional bowl in 2009 and 2010. Harper got 17 kills during the time of the saints, which was the most defensive defender at that stage, and he also made 14 attempts to drop the ball, which ranked seventh in the defensive defenders.The shuttlecock match | in Shuttlecock Association shuttlecock |[graphic] in Guangdong Province in the first national fitness games ??????????????????????????????????????????????2????5????3????????????23??????|??????3????????????????|????|????? Author: Wang Zhong Xia Shengquan photography report

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