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this week, the Seattle Seahawks activated five quarterback Jeremy Ryan (Jeremy Lane), which will provide some supplement to the team to the injury ravaged the second line-up. Unfortunately, there were bad news from the team at the same time. Reserve center Stephen Schilling (Stephen Schilling) was included in the injured reserve list, which means he has been ahead of the end of the season. At local time on Saturday, the Seahawks will Schilling listed as "difficult", he last week in the second half of the race when a knee injury. At present, the Seahawks backup center will be Patrick - Lewis (Patrick Lewis) as. Last week, the original starting center Marx Unger (Max Unger) for the fourth consecutive week absent because of injury, Lewis Schilling came off the bench after the end. This week, Unger is expected to return as a substitute, Lewis will wait for an opportunity. insider said, this should be in the Seahawks this week will be a defensive end added to the list of 53 national people's congress. But the team eventually choose to join Ryan lineup, which means cornerback Byron Maxwell (By cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ron Maxwell) and security guard Kamm - money Eisner (Cam Chancellor) is likely to continue to miss.The official website of NFL | [] expert perspective observation: the | wild card game defensive football Author: ARodgers, NFL Chinese official web columnist four wild card battle, colorful, in addition to a pony tiger war lost the suspense early, several other almost all fight to the last one, ADO, the following is the analysis of the process of the game I use data with the wild card battle: The Arizona Cardinals 16-27 Carolina Panthers 9: This is the breaking and catching times of Jonathan and Stewart in the game. In fact, it also objectively reflects the success of this game. The Black Panther passed only 198 yards, but they were 188 yards out of the road. The road is in the box with the defensive strategy of defender, by the way can be both offensive attack tactics, the first section of pavement defense is effective, but the second Panthers played some tricks: pavement offensive guard / center pull cover, proximal lateral front cover, transverse cross throw punches the ball attack, the execution of complex the road of offensive tactics let Panther guards can easily run through the front line of defense after the cardinals, want to easily grapple is almost impossible, so the Cardinals lost a lot of tackles and rushed the ball size. Cardinals defensive pavement part this season regular season last season - lost 388 yards, the injury is a very important reason, but no one cares about the playoffs is healthy or not, since the ground defense is the pit, will be focused on combat panther. The second half, the Cardinals managed to stage to resist the Panther road sudden strong, but emphasized Newton guided reading options rushed the ball hit again, because the Cardinals defensive strategy still intended to increase the impact of personnel quarterback, they did not have the energy to take care of Newton, Newton and bull type breakthrough style road the door opened a transparent linnet. 109: This is the game the Cardinals total offensive yardage, low value may in postseason history are very rare. The opening is worried that the Cardinals Lindley had tried to strengthen road attack stage fright challenge panther, but the attack line and running back capacity had to give up. When the attack is not knowing the Cardinals pavement strength, continuous two wave attack after a loss, the Cardinals began to transform the offensive strategy, Lindley began to lead the attack. What is the difference between the excellent quarterback and the ordinary quarterback? The excellent quarterback can find a fleeting opportunity to move quickly. While Lindley at the key battle, and he played a famous peer for speed, and give corresponding Panthers out 4 sacks, 1 times and 11 times the impact made haste to pass (including Charles Johnson's 2 sacks, 1 times and 4 times the impact made haste, let the ball) the red sparrow slightly progress this season pass protection a return to war before liberation. The group has the ability to significantly over the outside after blasting the Panthers defense after the line, but the Panther.Losangeles rams' draft this summer drove off the team's quarterback Nick Fowles (Nick Foles). for Fowles, he got the chance to attack the free market. Finally, Fowles chose the Kansas chieftain instead of always hoping to get his Dallas cowboy. recently told reporters: "when I have time to think about things after I ram you was released, there is always a chance, you just need to respect and care for these opportunities, I choose my rookie coach Reed in the period, we have to keep in touch after I was released and he and I had a lot of communication." Obviously Reed was the main reason for Fowles to make a decision. in fact, Fowles only played 6 matches, 1 wins and 5 defeats under Reed's hands, and completed 6 copies of 5 matches. After Reed left the Philadelphia hawks, Fowles handed out 27 data to 2 times. is now 27 year old Fowles to Alex Smith (Alex Smith) bench.even-even soccer equipment network J1 League Osaka steel Pakistan team (Gamba Osaka gas, clima Osaka) and Desanto Corporation in Japan jointly announced the new season 2015 team league jerseys. Osaka steel Pakistan in 2014 was a great success, before the season as they become the newly promoted J League, after the season in the Carling Cup and Emperor's Cup crown three.

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