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Handball | Liu Peng: to accelerate the development of social sports instructors fitness | hand Association Cleveland Guangzhou on 15 December, (reporter cable) stressed that the State Sports Minister Liu Peng in Guangzhou on 15 trips to Guangzhou Sports University at the national level social sports instructor training courses, social sports instructors are an important force of the national fitness, and local government should intensify training, promote fitness and better development. On the morning of 15, Liu Peng attended the national class social sports instructor training class held in Guangzhou Sports University. A total of 117 students from four provinces in Fujian, Hainan, Guangxi and Guangdong participated in this period of training. watched Luo Xinghua professor of Guangzhou Institute for students of exercise prescription after the talks, Liu Peng first affirmed the important role of social sports instructors, he said to the students, as a mass sports publicity, mentor, organizer, maintenance, social sports instructors active at the grassroots level, constitute a part of our national fitness activities system coverage. it is understood that China's current regular exercise (three times a week to participate in the exercise, every half an hour or more, medium intens cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ity) population is 28.2%, but at present our country about 400 thousand social sports instructors, including national social sports instructors only more than 3500. Liu Peng said: 400 thousand, the proportion of social sports instructors in 1 billion 300 million population is much larger than that in developed countries. Therefore, we need to expand the team of social sports instructors, and we need great efforts to grasp the basic short board of national fitness. Liu Peng pointed out that now the domestic training in accordance with the classification system to promote the development of social sports instructors, national social sports instructor training and examination and approval by the State Sports General Administration designated qualified units, plus the provincial, city and county one or two, three social sports instructors constitute the whole system. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? he said that all levels of social sports instructors in the implementation of the three elements of the national fitness sports organizations and sports activities of the two block play a greater role, through your services, the dissemination of knowledge of science and health to the masses, improve our scientific fitness level, and bring more people into sports exercise.NFL's official website, Jerry Jones is not worried about football, wo cowboy backup quarterback problem , the Dallas cowboy training camp in USA on Sunday showed good performance in all aspects, which made the general manager Jerry Jerry (Jerry Jones) do not worry too much about the problem of the backup quarterback. Jones said in an interview: "I insist on using the veteran quarterback. If we can see this excellent performance, it will be reassuring. We can have more time to deal with some problems. is currently the cowboy backup quarterback Karen Moore (Kellen Moore) ankle surgery need 3-4 months of absence, the Cowboys had to rely on two young backup quarterback, Darko Prescott (Dak Prescott) and Jiameier showers (Jameill Showers) - two, completed 22 of 16 outstanding performance in training on Sunday. if the two young sub - quarterback can ensure their own state, it might not be necessary for the cowboy to find the old quarterback in the free market.The official website of NFL, research shows that this year's preseason concussion numbers fell, football nest NFL reported to team owners on Tuesday that the number of concussions was reduced during the pre - season. at the annual fall conference showed the results of the preseason concussion. According to the study, the number of concussions has fallen from 83 times last year to 71 times this year. The greatest decline in was the concussion of the brain during training. The data have fallen for two years in a row. in 2014, there were 42 concussions in the training. The number dropped to 29 last year, and this year was the 26. The number of concussions that occurred in in the pre season match was also reduced. 54 times last year, the largest in 5 years. This year this number is 45. , according to NFL, reduced the number of concussions caused by the crash of helmet and helmet, but the number of concussions caused by the shoulder impact on the helmet increased. No increase in the number of team owners knees were told in the preseason torn anterior cruciate ligament, last year the number of drop knee medial collateral ligament injury this year average return. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | rose bowl can only be used as a team's home court | football now 2 teams are seriously considering the possibility of moving to Losangeles in the 2015 season, the Oakland Raiders and the Saint Louis rams. However, according to the current situation in Losangeles, there is only one team that can be played at the rose bowl as a temporary stadium. due to the rose bowl where the government of Pasadena in recent years promulgated by the provisions on the field allows attendance, to ensure that the stadium facilities are enough to make a NFL team in this game can be temporary, but if there are 2 consecutive years for this course will be a temporary home court probably cannot meet. Some people in NFL believe that having 2 teams at the same time in Losangeles is ideal because they can share and share the risks and achievements of the development and construction of the golf course. But in the case of the current situation, one of the teams may have to be selected, or perhaps one of the teams will go to the Losangeles stadium. now, Raiders and rams are not in the next season to renew their current home court. Because the annual lease is miserable for two clubs. The two teams mentioned in their February report that they were interested in moving in 2015, and it is revealed that they are seeking solutions with alliances, relevant gymnasiums and the government finance committee, so that they can establish franchise in Losangeles.

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