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even-even soccer equipment network Club of Stuttgart Germany officially launched the 2015-16 season of the new team, and two home court Away Jersey, Jersey new season theme "R ckkehrer (return)", around the chest full of red ring back in Jersey, in addition to the classic white shirt and red and black home court. Two jersey. The club announced in 2014 to re enable used in 1949 to 1994 between the badge, the retro logo also appeared in all new jersey. Away Jersey is red, the chest ring is wine red, collar and cuffs have wine red decoration. The red and white flag on the collar is the 1893 theme graffiti, below is the slogan "Jung und Wild (young and wild)", and the embroidery letter "VFB" is the abbreviation of the club name. second Jersey is black, this is the cheap nfl jerseys free shipping first time in the history of the club in Jersey City into the Stuttgart elements. The red ring of the chest is still an essential element. Black and yellow are the colors of Stuttgart and Baden - tenberg, and the players' names and numbers are also yellow. lead in red and white flag hanging on the club badge and the badge of Baden wvrttemberg and Stuttgart City, under the slogan "Tradition und Leidenschaft (tradition and passion)" emphasizes the value of Stuttgart's powerful view. The number "1893" of the post - collar embroidery is the year of the club's establishment.NFL's official website announced that the main | Cardinals running back Ellington | football season Arizona Cardinals last month just lost their quarterback Carson Palmer (Carson Palmer), the key time when playoff sprint, now lost the main running back Andre - Ellington (Andre Ellington). ESPN - Adam Schefter (Adam Schefter) reported that the Cardinals coach Bruce (Bruce Arians) on Sunday in the victory over the Kansas City Chiefs said, the team will take the main running back Ellington in the season ending injury reserve list, Ellington was diagnosed. Dynamic hernia. Ellington was absent from injury in the first game of the season, and recently has also been affected by a number of injuries to the foot, hip and so on. Ellington this season with 660 yards and 395 yards receiving data, and scored 5 touchdowns. On Sunday against the chiefs of the game, the Cardinals just from the training squad signed running back Keweien - Williams (Kerwynn Williams) shine, 19 red ball scored 100 yards, leading the team to punch the ball list.The registration of the 2015NFL NFL football game has been officially registered. All teams and players who want to participate in the related events can click on the registration link for the registration. due to the limited number of competition teams, some age groups will be very fast and are not displayed on the registration page. In order to get more opportunities to participate with many teams and players, we can increase the waiting places. Applicants can click here to download the registration form, fill them in and send them to via mail to apply for the waiting places. Our staff will contact the team according to the mail and try to arrange the competition. The candidate still uses the first - to - first - come principle, and the interested team will send the enrolment mail as soon as possible to ensure the opportunity to participate in the competitionrecently signed off Atlanta Falcon guard Jack Lynn (Jack Lynn), in order to make room for them, and Weinuku soma - Wei (Soma Vainuku) termination. Lynn attended the mini Boot Camp Camp last month. He played 41 games in University of Minnesota in the past four years. During the past 215 games, he got 215 tackles, 3 tackles and 4 forced balls. Derek - Coleman (Derrick as Coleman) to join the first, Weinuku may have to sit a bench. Coleman in the past three seasons the Seahawks played 31 games in 2015 for hit and run by the Seahawks termination hasn't played the game.

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