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Jacksonville Jaguars defensive group finally let in recent years accumulated on the field team played a role, and an important member of them is Taierwen linebacker Smith (Telvin Smith). The Jaguar noticed Smith's role and gave him a good return on his performance. The team renewed his contract with Smith for 4 years on Wednesday with a contract worth of $44 million. Smith has been a big threat to most of his opponents with his teammates this season. The data did not well reflect his role, he scored 58 times this season, captured 1 sacks with 3 damage pass 2 steals 1 times forced off the ball 1 touchdowns. But we only need to watch half the game of the Jaguar this season to see that he is the best player on the seven front line in the team. 's expectations for Smith will be much bigger than he had been selected in the fifth round of the 2014 draft. During the war for the Florida State University, he helped the team to win the national championship and was the most captured player in the team in the season. most of the Jaguar's victories this season have been achieved by their brave defensive team. The Jaguar was captured 10 times in cheap nfl jerseys free shipping the last game, and Smith played a great role. In spite of the huge amount of the contract, he deserved it.Green Bay cold as everyone knows, and the Green Bay Packers coach Mike - Mccarthy (Mike McCarthy) does not want the players to withstand the wind after baptism, so he will be the team in the don Hodson center instead of Rambo stadium in yesterday's training arrangement. this is not the packers player too hypocritical, but outside the icy cold, even in the afternoon and head, the temperature less than 0 degrees Fahrenheit (-17 degrees Celsius). But the indoor stadium is only about 22 degrees Fahrenheit (-5 degrees centigrade), but that is the highest temperature that is expected on the day of the game. Judi Nelson (Jordy Nelson): "I can't imagine that it's going to be so cold in the room, at least 0 degrees centigrade." Mccarthy sometimes led the team to feel the low temperature before the cold race, but he didn't do it today, mostly because of the wind. The quarterback Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) is the only player who is absent from today's training, but he is not worried about the low temperature that hinders his recovery from injury. "I don't worry about the cold. In fact, it may help me recover." As for the reason, we don't know. , at the same time, Mccarthy believes that cold is an advantage for packers, after all, Texas is still warmer in Dallas cowboys.The Oakland raider's dream season broke after a match against the Indianapolis pony on Saturday. The raider, the superior quarterback Derek Carle (Derek Carr), suffered a fracture in the fourth leg of the game and was sent off the field this season. The team coach Jack de Rio (Jack Del Rio) pointed out that after the game, Carle is injured right leg fibula position, reported his operation time are arranged on Sunday. injured at the time when the Raiders were 33 to 14 ahead of the game, 2 times, 22 yards of attack, Carle asked for help on the sidelines, then he made a simple check on the court and was taken off the court. 's performance has reached MVP level this season. Carle has completed 3705 yards pass and the 25 passes have been copied for 6 times. That's why the team can win 12 games and 3 losses, and help the team return to the playoffs after 2002. |IOC women and Sports Awards ceremony held in Lausanne | Lei Qing Olympic Day , according to International Olympic Committee June 23rd, this year, International Olympic Committee has been organizing the women's and Sports Awards ceremony on the Olympic Day for second consecutive years. In 2011, the International Olympic Committee women's and Sports Awards held a global award and five intercontinental awards to commend those individuals and organizations that made outstanding contributions to improve the participation of women and young women in sports. ????????????|????????????????????????????????????·????????????????????????????????????·?????????????????????????????????????????????????????|????????????????|???????????? 2011 women and Sports Awards are listed as follows: - world International Olympic Committee Award: tegla · Los Lupe _ (Tegla Loroupe, Kenya) - African International Olympic Committee Award: Lawson · nano dimension · Bronte (Nadouvi Lawson Body , Togo) - International Olympic Committee American Award: women and Sports Committee of the Ecuador Olympic Committee - International Olympic Committee Asia Award: · Kazakhstan Tasmania (Narin nahlin; Hajtass, Jordan) - European International Olympic Committee Award: · Kasabo Gru _ therma; (Sema Kasapoglu, Turkey) - Oceania International Olympic Committee Award: Daphne · Pierre (Australia) 2011 women and sports winners have made great contributions to encourage more women to participate in sports. These women's positions include athletes, sports institutions, managers or leaders, media workers, etc. The award was nominated by the Olympic committees, the International Federation of sports federations and the Inter Continental Association. Finally, the International Olympic Committee women and Sports Committee elected the winners from 46 candidates. President Roger said that the International Olympic Committee women and Sports Awards fully reflect the achievements of the Olympic movement in gender equality. For example, in the past 30 years, the proportion of female athletes in Olympic Games has nearly doubled, from 23% in 1984 Losangeles Olympic Games to nearly 43% in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. We expect the London Olympic Games to maintain this growth trend in 2012. a 〉

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