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even-even soccer equipment network Royal American League club Salt Lake City official announced the team's 2017 season new Adidas Jersey, New Jersey continues the traditional white road club, longitudinal textured Jersey has brought a strong positive subtle sense of detail. right shirt sleeve cuffs with blue line embroidered with the slogan "RSL AS ONE (Royal Salt Lake City as one)", are printed with the exclusive club shirt sleeves navy blue, red and yellow color alliance armband. Jersey back below the neckline, with the club mascot, wearing the crown of the lion (Leo the Lion) head.The official website of NFL | Bill lost to poor offensive pirate dolphins win | football Titan Beijing time on August 24th, the 2014 season NFL season ended the contest, the following is a comprehensive report in three games. Tampa Bay pirates 27-14 buffalo Bill The focus of the game was that Bill's two - grade quarterback EJ- Manuel (EJ Manuel) had a bad performance and was booed by the fans. In the first half of the competition, when faced with the pirate's first defensive team, Manuel's first attack team, led by Bill, was ineffective. The total advance was only 82 yards, and the first attack was 6 times, and it was closed by zero. Bill in the first half offensive group had 2 turnovers to hand over the ba cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ll to help the pirates score, 1 of which is Manuel captured the pirates to kill the ball, defensive tackle Clinton Macdonald (Clinton McDonald) to snatch the ball away return touchdown. Until the second half substitute face defense when Manuel started heroics, passing 10 times 10 times 131 yards and successful pre-season games since Bill's first touchdown. The game Manuel 28 passes 19 successful 1 passes by 1 steals away the ball, 198 yards and 1 touchdowns. The pirate side, starting quarterback Josh McKoen (Josh McCown) play smoothly, although affected by the line of the poor, he was still 16 times the ball 13 times successfully gained 112 yards and 1 touchdowns, completing the ball up front is the first round of this year's show external (Mike Evans) - Mike Evans. Tennessee Titan 24-17 Atlanta falcons the two sides of the game starting four quarterback showed sharp, Matt Falcon Ryan (Matt Ryan) 23 passes 18 success and 224 yards respectively pass found wide receiver Julio Jones (Julio Jones) and German (Devin Hester) - Hester completed a touchdown. Jack Rock - the Titan (Jake Locker) 17 passes 12 times successfully gained 188 yards and 1 touchdowns. The first half of the game was the 17-10 lead of the falcons. From the second half of the game, Titan's second wave attack began, and their backup quarterback, this year's rookie Zach Mai ten Berg (Zack Mettenberger) took the offensive and led Titan to complete the reversal. He succeeded in passing 19 passes 11 times and won 148 yards, although he did not have a pass, but his performance was the basis for Titan's score. With 5 minutes and 45 seconds left in the game, Bishop Bishop Sankey finished 3 yards, and then completed 2 points additional point conversion, which helped the Titans to get a super score. The Falcon at this time still have a chance, but the backup quarterback Sean Lunfuli (Sean Renfree) in leading the offensive group advancing to the 4 yard line after the Titans face 4 file 2 code failed to pass.| handball national team suffered delayed laying cold-shoulder treatment | home court stadium training | hand Association Luca nineteenth World Women's Handball Championship preliminaries will be in December 5th four City in Jiangsu Province, which kicks off at the same time, Changzhou is as Chinese team concern home court. Because of the two rework in the stadium, the laying of the stadium was not completed so far, causing the Chinese team to be unable to train properly. It is reported that , occupy opportune host team - China team advance in November 26th came to Changzhou City, hoping to help the home court will advance into the venue, but the embarrassment of the Chinese team did not receive preferential treatment, only a day in the adjacent gym training. Home court was cold-shoulder treatment what sorts? It is reported that the Changzhou Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium was reworked for two times because of the inner ground glue, which has not been completed so far, causing the Chinese team to be unable to train properly. is only three days away from the opening match, and the other teams of China's team have arrived in Changzhou, demanding that the team of adaptive training will bring severe tests to the competition area. (Paul)The official website of NFL | Losangeles is getting closer to the NFL| football NFL finally stepped out to set up one or two teams for Losangeles. The theme of has been very hot during the pre-season match. When a team has contract conflicts in the field of debt problems, everything is different. According to the Losangeles Times newspaper records, NFL executive vice president of Eric Grumman (Eric Gubman) is the new task allocation venues development, construction, Losangeles team; alliance investment funds and other key strategic initiatives. Times newspaper reporter Sam (Sam Farmer) - French Moore said, the Grumman mind for at least 10 years in Losangeles, there is no NFL team. The time newspaper kept in touch with him about whether there would be a team coming to Losangeles, and the answer was: I think it's feasible. There are some building sites, many sites can be applied, and the attention is enough. is currently Saint Louis rams, San Diego lightning and Oakland Raiders every year to sign the lease contract, let one of the team moved to Losangeles will not have a big problem. And the three teams are all connected to Losangeles. The lightning team was basically the NFL team in the southern California, while the rams and the Raiders were not young in Losangeles. many of the Losangeles stadium proposals are coming, and the AEG stadium is planning to build a rugby field in the city of Losangeles. And now the best plan is to build an independent stadium and a new team for the alliance. The League may negotiate with the owner of the stadium to allow 2 teams to use the stadium, a NFL team, a single sport team. The story of NFL in Losangeles is still at a slow and steady speed. The owners of the team may prefer to use the Losangeles stadium as a way to reduce debts and get a city support with lots of fans. So the biggest obstacle for a team to come to Losangeles is the owner of the team, not the economic profit. anyway, at least NFL's Western Show will go on in 2015.

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