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The official website of NFL | Alex Smith and chiefs signed 4 year contract | football on Sunday, the Kansas Emirates finally answered their biggest question of the rest of the season - signing a big 4 - year contract with their quarterback. According to the FOX sports reporter Mike from Kansas star to the news: quarterback Alex Smith (Alex Smith) of the total contract value of $68 million for 4 years, of which $45 million is guaranteed. Smith came into contract this season and is expected to earn $7 million 500 thousand. Emirates team manager John d'ors (John Dorsey) said: the big deal for the team to ensure that Smith wore Jersey chief for a longer period of time. And Smith has proved that he can become a leader on the court, he has a lot of unique personal talent, and we want to leave that wealth. has always been a hot topic in Kansas City after leading the emirate into the 2013 playoffs, with Smith's big contract. chief coach of the interview: John and his team to the big deal made a lot of efforts, now they have done well, Al cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ex is a smart guy, a football talent, by members of the group attack recognition, obviously he has the ability to become the legendary quarterback, our team is very happy Alex and progress together. , in February 2013, Smith, 30, was traded from 49 people in San Francisco to Kansas City. Smith was the top champion in 2005. In San Francisco, he started the competition as a rookie. He completed 17593 yards of pass in the first 9 years of his career, and he was copied for 104 times and 70 times.NFL's official website announced that | Falcon safetys was injured again, which will be included in the list of | football injuries to aim at the Atlanta falcons in the playoffs this week, they got a bad news: the team safety William Moore (William Moore) have to say goodbye to this season. Moore was again injured in the victory over New Orleans saints last week. The team judged him to be unable to recover from injury before the end of the season and put him on the list of injuries, which means he has been reimbursed for the season. In a fourteenth week defeat to the Minnesota Vikings, Moore once left early due to a shoulder injury. In addition to the shoulder injury, he was also plagued by the right foot aponeurosis. Last week he injured appearances, but unfortunately was injured again. This time, the injured part is still the shoulder. the hawk's opponent this week will be the Carolina panther, and they can get into the playoffs as long as they win the game. Team defense coordinator Mike - Nolan (Mike Nolan) said: "Moore's situation is very regrettable, he is an important part of our defense system." He was always energetic and devoted. Now, we need to fight in the absence of him, and hope we can find a way to fill the vacancy that he left behind.Green Bay Packers to pay Josh Heaton (Josh Sitton) of the high salary, but they are willing to give the starting left Jiefeng a ca.. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported on Tuesday that the packers agreed to renew the contract with David Bhakti Yari (David Bakhtiari) for 4 years, and the value of the contract could reach up to 51 million 670 thousand dollars. He got a new salary of $12 million a year, making him the top five in the league. , the 2013 four round show, got a quick start in the rookie season, starting out in 47 regular games and only missing 2 games. At the beginning of his career, he showed the character of the blind side protector of the cornerstone level. 25 year old striker JC- Trent packers will renew the 25 year old buck TIA in (JC Tretter) may be a sign of the importance of the target -- on the 30 year old to a new contract before sidon. Barker has the shape and athletic ability to resist the speed pass. In the new contract to keep him in the packers until the 2020 season of the case, the packers can ensure they left Jiefeng rising in the short term will not effect the other team.Williams "explore" transactions may | rugby NFL giants and Bill took over the | official website NFL Meida insider Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported on Monday buffalo Bill gave the Mike Mike Williams (Mike Williams) the right to seek transactions. According to local media reported on Tuesday morning, Eli Manning (Eli Manning) lost their favorite receivers, the New York giants player Victor - Cruz potential (Victor Cruz) after (knee tendon tear). The giant was a little interested in Williams and was willing to discuss at least a deal, according to local media reports on Tuesday morning. has two major stumbling blocks on the deal. Bill inherited 6 years contract for $40 million 500 thousand including a 2015 $5 million 200 thousand deposit, high contract, but only a sixth week as a special teams player, general manager Bill Doug is looking for a matching value of Williams's return to the top over the outside. If he can match the number of his own claims, Doug said, then of course we will entertain him. , we can't imagine that any team can pay more than 6 million dollars and draft power only for a 8 time catch 142 yards, bad temper and long-term personality problems. (after Williams entered the league in 10 years, the pirates got nearly a thousand yards of the pirates in two seasons)

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