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tiger July 23rd news Losangeles ram has changed the coaching team, but Eric - Dixon (Eric Dickerson) has not changed a bit. The ram legend last season, coach Geoff said publicly that Fisher (Jeff Fisher) should be fired, then he was forbidden to ram the sidelines. ram now ushered in the new coach Sean McVeigh (Sean McVay), but Dixon is still the quarterback position for some advice. "for me, I will be appointed at the beginning of the season when the first Sean (Sean Mannion) - man ion," Dixon said on Friday. "I've been saying that since last year. You picked him up in the draft. Where was he - where did he go to college? He played well at the Oregon State University, when he played in a professional style attack team. He's a big guy with a strong arm. " Dixon then said: "when you win, the situation when Fisher is not supposed to happen should never happen." I think when you use the Sean man ion when the greater the chance of winning. I think even this year should use Sean as the first man ion." is hard to understand what Dixon's expectations for the goats are. The goats were out of the last season's coaching team, employing the red skin in Washington to make the quarterbac cheap nfl jerseys free shipping k Kirk - Cousins (Kirk Cousins) the League top level coach. Last season Jared gove (Jared Goff) although the growth rate is slow, but has also experienced a offseason training and got his teammates praise. In addition, in the game only through man ion occupation ball 13 times. last season if Dixon proposed the first man ion may be some truth, because it is not clear whether Goff is ready to play the game but the occupation, apparently as the rams in quarterback position no one available. But now unless gove undermined by injury, there is no reason for the ram man ion as a starter. now, Dixon's speech sounds just to attract attention, and it works.The official website of NFL | drive! The old driver to take you to see the 50 live video Super Bowl football | the biggest event in North America, the NFL super bowl, is about to be put on. NFL super bowl is not only a game, it contains sports, culture, entertainment and even political elements, just like the American version of the Spring Festival Gala. How do you watch this super bowl? this year, the Super Bowl competition time is: the first day of February 8th, 7:30 in the morning. The fiftieth Super Bowl will be broadcast live by the Chinese official website of NFL, the local television stations and the major network platforms. NFL Chinese official website live: address local television stations: Beijing sports channel, Shanghai star sports channel, Guangdong sports channel, Fujian sports channel, Xinjiang sports health channel, Hubei channel, Henan news channel, Tianjin sports channel, Jiangsu sports channel, a new visual HD Channel (SiTV); new media: Sina, Tencent, PPTV, music vision, Iqiyi, 100 sight, 1905 film network, Ali sports / Youku network answers to common questions: what is NFL American professional rugby league (NFL), founded in 1920, is known as one of the best businesses in the United States. NFL, with its excellent organizational structure, core value and innovation strategy, will push sports competition to the highest level, so it has been praised by all walks of life. NFL has 32 teams throughout the United States, and is divided into two Consortium: American Football Conference or AFC, or the National Federation (National Football Conference, referred to as NFC or League of Nations). Each Federation has 16 teams, divided into 4 division areas: the East, the south, the West and the north. what is a super bowl? super bowl is NFL's annual championship, and AFC and NFC two major league champions compete for the final final. The super bowl is usually held on the first Sunday of February, and it is also called super bowl Sunday. The two teams in this year's final are the Denver wild horse and the Carolina panther. 's forty-ninth Super Bowl was seen with a total of 114 million 400 thousand viewers, with a close viewing rate of nearly the recent training of Cincinnati tigers, their backup quarterback AJ AJ (AJ McCarron) played a lot of leader training role, and the coach team thought it could become the first quarterback. , according to the commentaries on the scene, Macallan has enough ability to become the first quarterback. After that, Wallace Wallace Berry, a defensive player from tigers, praised Macallan's outstanding performance in training. (Wallace Gilberry) report also pointed out that Macallan showed the top pocket mobile level in training. It seems that his presence threatens the first episode of Andy Dalton (Andy Dalton). is for Macallan praise just to urge Dalton to perform better, the total contract value of Dalton and tiger is $96 million, may be extended to 2020, and he is the core of the past 5 years, every season he can lead the team to the playoffs, although the first round is eliminated.Minnesota Viking Blaine Brian Robison recently agreed to rebuild the contract. He accepted the salary cut in the 2017 season and extended it to the 2018 season. but Robinson no longer plans to sign another contract with the Vikings or other teams. "I really think it's time to retire after that two years after the contract," Robinson said in an interview. ??????????????????????????????쨤???|2?...???????????????쨢???????????????????????????????????????????????? Robinson has devoted 10 years of occupation career for the Vikings, he is currently popular for their Viking potency time longest player. He performed well last season and scored 7.5 hits. But this summer he will compete with Daniel Hunter (Danielle Hunter), who ranked first in 12.5 games last season. But no matter how the competition results, the Vikings have enough personnel in the defensive front position. They have Iverson Griffen on the other side. It seems that they don't need to worry too much about rotation until next year, Everson Griffen.

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